Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Soul Reapers Revival: the plan

I decided that since I am starting from scratch I need to plan out how I am going to build and paint the new army.

First off thank you to everyone that has sent their donated models I have received about a third of the miniatures so far. Just in as I am typing this, thanks to Dave Taylor for the donation of two Rhinos, I appreciate the included note too!

So back to the Plan. I figure it is best to have a general idea for a list when doing this. So here is the first 2000 points of the new army.

HQ (220pts)
Xusia 220

Elites (265pts)
5 Cataphract Terminators Squad 265
2 combi-melta’s, Reaper AC, Warp Ammo, chainfist
Centurion with Icon of Perpetual War

Troops (927pts)
8 Soul Reaper Legionary Squad 248pts
2 melta guns, 1 power weapon, Icon of Perpetual War
Centurion with power fist
Rhino dozer blade

8 Soul Reaper Legionary Squad 248pts
2 plasma guns, 1 power weapon, Icon of Perpetual War
Centurion with power weapon
Rhino dozer blade

8 Reaver Marines 281pts
1 melta gun, 1 heavy flamer, 1 power weapon, Icon of Perpetual War
Centurion with power fist
Testudo Rhino

6 Gore Daemons 150pts

Fast Attack (286pts)
6 Soul Reaper Bikers 286pts
2 melta guns, power weapon, Icon of Perpetual War, Infernal Assault Bike
Centurion with power fist

Heavy Support (300pts)
2 Obliterators 150pts

2 Obliterators 150pts

I am currently working on the Cataphract Terminator and the Melta Legionary squads.

I also have started converting the FW Lord Zhufor into Warlord Krüg the Beheader. I have done the greenstuff work on the lower body and will be working on the torso and arms tonight. The only gaming bugbear with Krüg is that he is really only field-able at 2500+ points due to the his cost combined with the obligatory Usurper Bodyguard. That is until I amass enough Terminators to do a Reaper-Wing!

Upward and onward!

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