Thursday, November 4, 2010

Soul Reapers Cataphract Terminators entry: Mini-dex replacement unit entry

Here is my take on Chaos Terminators. This entry is done in the same spirit as what I did with the Praetorian and Vulture unit entries.

I have put a lot effort in to make these viscous warriors stand out as a unique unit worthy of their Elite status. Cataphract Terminators are the hammer of the Soul Reapers.

Cataphract Terminator Squad………………109 points

Same stats as the Chaos Terminator entry in the Chaos Space Marine codex.

• 2 Cataphract Terminators
• 1 Centurion

Unit Type:
• Infantry

• Terminator Armor
• Twin-linked Bolter
• Power Weapon

Special Rules:
• Fear is for the Weak
• No Matter the Odds
• Counter Attack

Dedicated Transport:
• If the squad numbers 5 or less models they may select a Land Raider as a dedicated transport.

• May include up to 7 additional Cataphract Terminators: +33 points per model.
• One model may take an Icon:
• Personal Icon………………….5pts
• Icon of Perpetual War……….15pts
• Any model may replace their twin-linked bolter with the following:
• Combi-weapon…………..5pts
• Any model may replace their power weapon with one of the following:
• Single lightning claw……..5pts
• Power Fist……………….10pts
• Chainfist………………….15pts
• Any model may replace their twin-linked bolter and power weapon for a pair of Lightning Claws for 10pts per model.
• The squad may upgrade their bolt weapons to use Warp Infused Ammunition for 10 points per model. (If this option is chosen then all models with twin-linked bolters and combi-weapons must purchase the upgrade.)
• One may replace their twin-linked bolter with one of the following: (If there are 8 or more models in the squad they may take a second weapon from the list.)
• Heavy Flamer………….....5pts
• Reaper Autocannon…….20pts
• The Centurion may replace his power weapon with the following:
• Chaos Rune Weapon…………...5pts

No Matter the Odds: Cataphracts automatically pass all tests to regroup. Usually squads that regroup cannot move and count as moving, but these restrictions do not apply to units with this rule. If a sweeping advance catches any Cataphract unit they are not destroyed and will continue to fight as normal. If this happens the unit is subject to the No Retreat rule.

Warp infused Ammunition: These bolter rounds have been charged with pure warp energies, which make them dangerous to use, but their ability to penetrate armor outweighs any risk. These rounds are only effective within Rapid Fire range, any shots over 12 inches use their normal AP value. The AP value of the bolt weapons is 2 instead of the normal 5; in addition any 6’s scored on the “to wound” roll will negate any Invulnerable saves that the target may have. All shooting from a weapon with this ammo is subject to the "Gets Hot" except these rounds are extremely volatile and suffer damage on a roll of a 1 or a 2.


  1. Looks pretty good. Some more options, some fewer options, a little bump for CA, looks about right. I might bump them to 33 or 34 each since they get an ATSKNF equivalent, but might be OK as is.

    The 6 to ignore inv. saves is also only within 12", right? Might want to spell that out, or maybe just include a weapon profile with both fire modes listed.

    Also, can they buy a LR even if the squad is too big to fit?

  2. Thanks for the feedback.

    I struggle a long time over the points cost, you are probably right it should be 33 like a Wolf Guard.

    The Ignore Invul saves is within 12 inches. I think I made it a bit clearer now.

    Thanks for the catch on the Land Raider, I fixed the entry.


  3. Solid Entry.
    I really like the drawbacks to some of their more spectacular abilities.
    To me it ties in with their story and the fact that they are using the stuff of the warp and chaos without fully embracing it.
    On the points, yea, I think Sons is right, 33 is about right.

  4. Thanks for the feedback Mags.

    I have amended the points in the entry from 32 to 33 points each.


  5. I am amazed at how fast you are pumping out some fantabulous looking figs, Jim. Awesome work!

  6. It's good to see that things are getting back on track, Jim. I too am amazed at how quickly you pump these out. I probably take three times as long to paint a miniature and they only look half as good( I'm over-estimating my abilities there)

  7. I appreciate the comments.


  8. I have one question and one wish. First up, counter-attack on terminator armor? Feels odd to me, what's the thought behind that? Feels like Terminator armor implies slow and steady (relentless after all) while counter-attack feels fast and aggressive (with fangs!).

    I wish terminators could take heavy bolters as their special weapon. Heavy 3 would be interesting. Heck, so would plasma. You'd think they could carry weapons the smaller devastators/and the like squads can carry. See, just a wish in general:)

    Nice and solid entry. Awesome stuff!

  9. Thanks for the honest feedback Flekkzo.

    Don’t think of them jumping up and actually charging their foes, think of it more like this; these Veterans of ten millennia of war can read their opponents actions, because of this are extremely dangerous even when on the defense. They meet their enemy with a fusillade of attacks as they get stuck in.

    Originally I had written a rule that gave them +1 Initiative on any turn that they receive an assault, but dropped it for the ease of the counter attack USR.

    I almost brought back the concepts of Frag Harnesses and the Plasma Blaster from second ed.


  10. "warp ammo" is (without hyperbole) the most relevant, interesting, and compelling house rule I've seen... well... since Killzone, but maybe even then.