Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Warp Wraith: final Soul Reapers unit entry

This is a tank that the Soul Reapers used in my gaming groups Sarmation Sector campaign a few years back. I've been corresponding with my buddy Sean who has been recovering from a close call with an RPG in Afghanistan; he suggested to add this into the min-dex as it was a fun option during the campaign.

The Warp Wraith tank is built on the refitted chassis of the seventeenths old Whirlwinds. While they are still viable saturation weapons their actual use is to create confusion and panic in the ranks of the enemy.

The Warheads contain a powerful Hallucinogen that causes the most horrific visions imaginable; pulled straight from the nightmares of its target.

Warp Wraith 105 Points

BS-4 FA-11 SA-11 RA-10

Unit Composition:
• 1 Warp Wraith

Unit Type:
• Vehicle (Tank)

• Wraith Launchers
• Smoke launchers
• Searchlight
• May take any of the following:
• Dozer blade…………………….5pts
• Extra armor…………………15pts
• Daemonic possession…..…20pts
• Dirge caster……………….……5pts

• May take one of the following:
• Pintle heavy bolter……...........10pts
• Pintle twin linked bolter………..5pts

Wraith Launcher: The dual mounted Launchers mounted on the Warp Wraith fire a fusillade of explosive cluster missiles that contain toxins that will drive their targets temporarily insane with fear.

Range: 12-48 Strength: 5 AP: 5 Type: Barrage 4, Small Blast, No Pinning, Ignores cover, Hallucinogen

Due to the latent effects if the Hallucinogens any unit hit by the Wraith Launchers will become subject to the night fighting rules on its next turn, so will only be able to spot and fire at targets 2D6x3 inches away. In addition they must pass a leadership test at -2 or roll on the following chart:

Wraith Launcher Hallucinogen Chart

1 Over There: the unit must immediately fall back.
2-3 Dazed and Confused: the unit may make no actions in their next turn.
4-5 It’s Inside of Me: D3 models must make armor saves or be removed as casualties.
6 Get ‘Em: the unit must shoot at the nearest friendly unit in their next shooting phase.


  1. Oh, those insidious Ordos...

    So, four shots, S5 AP4 ignores cover...if take casualties take pinning test, then if take enough casualties take Morale test, then take extra Ld test and be under night fight too? Ick.

    May want to specify what order that extra Ld check goes in, ie before normal morale/pinning, after, etc. Does a unit that's already falling back or pinned need to check, and if so does the new result override (ie pinned but go ahead and shoot?).

    Assuming that it's blast and not large blast being 4 shots, but should specify.

    Normal night fight is 2d6x3 inches.

    Get'em should probably be nearest unit friend or foe.

    For general use I'd suggest renaming Utter Panic and Fear Stricken - can use same effects, but renaming to something like Over there! and Pretty Colors! would avoid arguments about Fearless.

    I'd say blast 4 is about the same as one large blast, but with combining the best worlds of both WW missiles (5/4 and ignore cover) as well as the extra effects I would think it would be even more expensive than you have it - without the hallucinogen/night fight effects I would say the 95 is about right, but with them I think 105 or even 110 or more would be closer to the mark, especially since with a little luck with the blast markers you could have multiple units rolling on the chart.

  2. I like this. The Hallucinogen rules match its use perfectly. Though the leadership, night fighting and then the hallucinogen on top of that seems a bit cumbersome in the spectrum of dice rolling for your opponent. I'm actually not understanding how night fighting is being brought into it.

  3. That's a clever ruleset and dynamic. At -2, I fear that my Orks (and/or IG) might suffer tremendously at the hands of this beast.
    Very cool.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Sons, It should be AP5 and under the type it should say no pinning, totally my fault on the retype. There are enough things going on with the missiles pinning is just too much.

    Also the points should be 105, man this cold medicine is messing with my head.

    How are the names now, those better?

    Lantz, the night fighting is due to the latent effects of the Hallucinogens. Imagine being stricken with visions not knowing what is real or not.

    B.smoove, thanks mate, that is the idea and the minus two means that it might even affect Marines!

  5. Looks good. At 105 with AP5 and being a non-pinning barrage it feels appropriate.