Monday, June 7, 2010

2010 tourney scene second list

As a follow up to last nights post here is the more radical Chaos Space Marine list I was thinking about using. It has two suicide deepstriking, melta armed units to cause havoc in the enemy backfield. It also give Abaddon a fearless Possessed bodyguard to ride in the Land Raider with him.

HQ (275pts)

Krüg the Beheader (counts as Abaddon) 275

Elite (287pts)

3 Terminators (D/S Termicide) 105

7 Possessed Marines 182
(in Raider with Abby)

Troops (644pts)

10 Chaos Space Marines 270
2 melta guns and icon of chaos glory
Aspiring Champion with power fist
Rhino, extra armor

10 Chaos Space Marines 270
2 melta guns and icon of chaos glory
Aspiring Champion with power fist
Rhino, extra armor

8 Lesser Daemons 104pts

Fast Attack (120pts)

5 Raptors (D/S Raptorcide) 120
2-melta guns

Heavy Support (520pts)

2 Obliterators 150

Predator 130
LC sponsons

Land Raider 240
extra armor, dozer blade

Total points 1846

I do understand that not using the Icons of the Gods decreases the power level of the Chaos Space Marine list, but I am trying to stick to the Soul Reapers background as much as possible.


  1. I like this one too. The main change I would suggest would be to swap the Raptors for another termicide unit, for several reasons.

    -you want the most out of that initial shot, esp. as survival after the DS is questionable in either case, so 3 Combi-melta > 2 melta.

    -where survival is possible, 3 termies are often more survivable than 5 PA guys

    -termies better in assault

    -termies can come down via icons, raptors can't.

    Again, would consider possession on the LR. Most tourney's aren't too heavy on terrain anyways.

  2. I like this list more than the previous one. I would have to agree that unless you have to have a unit in each FOC slot that a second set of Terminators might be a better bet.
    In addition, I would go with possession on the LR as it gives you a greater chance of dropping off Abaddon and his meat shield in combat.
    Additionally, I like the fact that with the possessed, Abaddon doesn't lose his fearless ability.

  3. I agree a second Termicide squad is probably best, but I was trying to keep the suicide squads melta toting. The second termicide squad I can take will be combi-plasma, cause that is how they are modeled.

    I'll upgrade the LR to possession and take a 9th lesser daemon with the points left over.