Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Independent Characters Podcast

I mentioned this podcast briefly in my 200th post, but I think they deserve much more than a footnote of a mention.

If you are a follower of mine, I hope you took my advice and are listening to and enjoying the Independent Characters podcast already, if you are not listening go do it now!

The hosts Carl and Geoff do a great job at making the show different. I totally feel like one of the group when listening to the show, they tend to put forth the same general attitude that my gaming friends have had for decades.

The banter between the guys is great too, it is a really enjoyable aspect of the show.

I find myself constantly commenting out loud while listening, something I rarely do with podcasts. The guys really convey the attitude of what I would call the masses of average miniature wargamers out there, like no other show ever has!

They are quickly becoming one of my favorite Podcasts!

I am really glad I found the Independent Characters, and must give a shout out to Jay and Bill from the Gamers Lounge for introducing me to the show!

I think one of the greatest things for me about the show is that they are local in the San Fransisco Bay Area! They have also given little old me and Galaxy in Flames a couple o' shout outs!

Plus both Carl and Geoff have expressed interest playing against the Soul Reapers in their Mini-dex form! Get ready boys "What you gonna do when Warlord Krüg and the Soul Reapers run wild on you!" lol (Mags, I promise pics and maybe even video from these games!)

So head on over and check out the Independent Characters podcast.


  1. Wow, there are just so many podcasts out there... I'm starting to feel overwhelmed!

    I'll add this to my list and give them a listen. Thanks for pointing them out. :)

  2. Thanks for the awesome comments Big Jim. We're glad we resonate so strongly with ya!