Friday, June 25, 2010

Realm of Battle board project part 1

My long time followers will know I won a Real of Battle board from my local GW back in December. I am now trying to decided on a theme for the board. I am unsure whether to make it a verdant flocked greenish brown to match the balance of my terrain or if I want to do it an arid desert like wasteland. I have flocked felt mats for both already purchased ages ago from Monday Knight Productions.

So I really have a tough choice to make as either would service my gaming and terrain just fine. Although I would have to make or purchase a larger variety of desert terrain, as more than half of my existing stuff it small scale for Flames of War.

I did find the TerranScapes line of terrain yesterday from a post on TKE's blog Mind War FTW. There desert Buttes are fantastic looking!

A desert wasteland would be a great excuse to get a bunch!

Plus B.smove did a fantastic series of posts on A Gentleman's Ones, when he did his arid wasteland RoBB. I think it turned out very nice with a depth of color I have not seen before on a RoBB.

The only issue I have with a flocked verdant board is determining how hard it will be to keep the flock on the plastic beast during transport.

Ah, hell I just convinced myself to do the desert wasteland while typing this post! If you have a valid nifty idea or reason you think I should do the Verdant board by all means tell me!



  1. A desert wasteland would certainly be less likely to drop its flock everywhere during transport ... and if you've done the green verdant planet look for a while, they're a great alternative!

  2. Funny thing, I love desert or waste land terrain; but I hate the desert...
    ...then again, so would you if you spent 10 years in deserts here and abroad.

    I think a nice jungle terrain would look nice. Especially since Battlefield Architect has such wonderful jungle think the color scheme of the Soul Reapers would look good in that setting.... bad you decided!

  3. Thanks for the comments!

    Mags, my green flocked mat works just fine for the ground in a jungle setting. Besides, I'd hate to waste the kool features on the RoBB covering it up with jungle.

    In the future I will have to do some jungle terrain for my 28's cause I have tons for my 15's.

    I'm thinking I'll need to do some Joshua and Yucca trees for the wasteland table! Maybe even 29 Palm trees too. ;-)

    Semper Fi, buddy!

  4. 29 Palms doesn't have a tree! That is a false propaganda created by a fascist regime. LOL!

    Actually, 29 Palms has a lot of Joshua Trees; however, if you counted every tree out there, I am pretty sure there are less than 29 Palm Trees! LOL!

  5. As for the Board, I do have to agree that the features they have presented on the board itself lends it to a less lush environment.

    As you know, I really do like desert terrain. However, for you army, with their background, I would think the darker martian terrain from Terranscapes would be perfect.

  6. When I lived in 29 Palms in the Early 80's there were 29 Palms at the city limits. LOL

    Yeah, lots of Joshua trees.

    We'll see what I come up with for a final color for the board.