Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Soul Reapers mini-dex version 5.1 is available for download

For the past 15 months my gaming group and I have been busily working on and playtesting the homebrew fandex for my DIY Chaos Space Marines the Soul Reapers. It has been one heck of a journey, with plenty of ups and downs. We started this project as a way to have a unique enemy force to use in our campaigns (which I usually run) but it has snowballed outta control into a living breathing element within our group.

Here on Galaxy in Flames we have been in open playtesting for the last seven months, and have had a great time doing it. The feedback I have gotten from the GiF community hs been invaluable. Without your input I feel that many little things may have slid through the cracks.

For those of you new to Galaxy in Flames or the project in general, here is a quote from the introduction to give you a little background.

The Soul Reapers are my custom Chaos Space Marines Warhost. I have always wanted a truly unique Chaos Marines force that worships no particular deity over another, representing the best the Dark Gods have to offer. The Soul Reapers are just that, they are true believers; serving the pantheon of Chaos, gaining greater glory for them all.

The Soul Reapers are the last sane remnants of the World Eaters Seventeenth Great Company. They abandoned their Legion shortly after their arrival into the Eye of Terror. It was upon the daemon world of Tekerak that they learned of the artifacts of Salmora. There are twelve artifacts that when gathered together the Dark Gods are compelled to do the bidding of the bearer.

They have been on a quest to find the Artifacts of Salmora for almost ten millennia. They are in possession of five and are closing in on obtaining a sixth Artifact. The Soul Reapers believe that once their Warlord has possession of all twelve artifacts that they can reunite the Legions then finally crush the weakling Imperium of mankind once and for all.

The Soul Reapers Mini-Dex is a supplement for 5th edition Warhammer 40,000 and the Codex Chaos Space Marines produced by Games Workshop. Both are available from the Games Workshop website.

The Soul Reapers Mini-dex Version 5.1

Download Here

It's still a work in progress and is lacking a lot of the background/fluff entries listed in the table of contents. This is the final playtest version of the project, the next update will be the finalized Codex Soul Reapers.

This version does contain more background material than any other version; it also contains updated units, stats, special rules and points values collected from feedback during the last 5 months of playtesting.

This is the final playtest version: nothing new will enter the mini-dex, and nothing will leave it, from this point forward. Changes may be made to units but they are in the book to stay; any further updates will be Blog based.

My focus will be playtesting, finishing up the final miniatures, background and getting pics to Menzies for the final cover art.

I'd like to give public thanks to my playtesters from around the globe representing 4 different countries; Rob (bobanator), Kevin, Greg, Joaquin, Dan (shortstack), Corry and the two Joe's for getting us this far. I hope that you guys will stick around for the final round of playtesting.

I'd like to give a big shout outs to my buddies Magilla Gurilla of Table Top War fame for all the editing help, and Menzies and all the hard work he's put into the Soul Reapers Artwork!

If you look at the mini-dex please let me know what you think; all feedback and comments are welcome.


  1. This version is much improved over the first rendition. In addition, I really like the fact that it actually feels like a complete codex.

  2. Thanks bud, I put a lot of work in it to get to this point. I am glad you like it!


  3. All we need now are pictures of your awesome models, both fully finished and painted, and WIP, and your entire Soul Reapers army, in the Minidex and then truly the circle will be complete! ;)

  4. Seriously, just I just skimmed over you codex and methinks you've made a tad over balanced, I like the idea but all you've pretty much done is mash all the good stuff from vanilla space marines and chaos marines and then had a field day with they're stats and equipment. After reading this I wouldn't even think about letting an openent use these rules in a game against me.....would be unfair to say the least

  5. @the whales balls

    So its ok for matt ward to do the same thing , and call it "offical" , yet you have a problem for a fan written (well written in my Opinion) dex that ?

    Why dont you point out what you Dont think is balanced and post as positive suggestions instead of trolling ?