Monday, June 7, 2010

The Beheader transforms into a counts as Abaddon

As I move forward with my conversion of the new and improved Krüg the Beheader, based on the Lord Zufor model from Forge World. I am giving my original Krüg a makeover to transform him into a suitable counts as Abaddon for my tournament excursions.

Here is the mock up of Krüg before I work my green stuff magic on him; the right lower arm and daemon weapon are from the limited ed Archaon on foot from WFB.

I think the pose suits a Warlord quite nicely. The body language feels like he's saying "your next!"


  1. Brilliant -- this is an awesome counts-as conversion! Definitely a "next!" pose!

  2. 1. Kudos on the pose, it looks great and and certainly looks the part to be a counts-as Archaon with his aura of command.
    2. Kudos on having the guts to chop up an Archaon on foot mini! :D

  3. Shoot yeah! That's about as "NEXT!" as it gets!

  4. Thanks for the feedback guys!

    I will begin the greenstuff work tonight.

    Elasar, not much in the way of guts, the part was a separate bit and I still have one or two more complete models in the blister!


  5. Excellent!
    I am definitely going to have to send you those bits... :-)
    The model really does look great. I like the weapon, that is very nice and the reversal of weapons is what give it that "special" touch.

  6. Yeah, I'll bang all of the wrinkles out with this conversion; so by the time I do your Talon it should be really slick!

    The main reason for the weapons reversal on mine was the chosen daemon weapon.


  7. There's something delightfully casual about that power claw's pose. I think it's more like he's saying "You are next.. or you.. really you're all dead so what do I care?"




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