Sunday, June 13, 2010

Preview copies of the Soul Reapers mini-dex 5.1 out for proofreading

As promised I have sent preview copies of the 5.1 mini-dex to those who offered to proofread it. I am hoping the feedback will be good, so I can post it up this week for general release.

I'd like to give a big shout out to my buddy Magilla Gurilla of Table Top War fame, for helping me smooth out the background. Plus I cannot forget Menzies and all the hard work he's put into the Soul Reapers Artwork! Thanks guys you help has been invaluable!

Oh yeah, Hell Riders are in; thanks for the votes and input!

Units included in this final playtest edition are as follows:

Soul Reaper Marines
Reaver Marines
Soul Reaper Bikers
Eradicator Marines
Apostles of Malevolence
Harbingers of Malice
Exalted Champions
Soul Reapers Possessed
Onslaught Dreadnought
Chaos Drop Pod
Testudo Rhino
Predator Mauler
Hell Riders
Warlord Krüg
Usurper Bodyguard
Chariot of the Gods
Xusia the Master of Malevolence
Titus the Butcher
Eris the Seeker
Forge Lord
Vorenous the Raptor
Summoned Gore Daemons
Rage Zombies

Nothing new will enter the mini-dex, and nothing will leave it. Changes may be made to units but they are in the book to stay; any further updates will be Blog based.

As my focus will be finishing up the final miniatures, background and getting pics to Menzies for the final cover art.

Again I would like to thank all of you for the support over the last year while I have worked on this project.


  1. Send me a copy to read mate, did you get the resin bits?

  2. Yes, I just got 'em outta the post! Thanks Dee!

    I'll forward you the link.




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