Sunday, June 27, 2010

Big Jim's to do list.

I have finally gotten back around to finishing up my Defiler. I should have finished pics up within the next 48 hours.

I need to finish converting and photograph the other 4 Chosen Chaos Marines.

I must go have a gallon of paint mixed up for the base color of the Realm of Battle board.

Gotta go pick up some greenstuff to finish some Space Wolf conversions for a hobby update on the Space Wolves blog, this week.

I also must go through the Soul Reapers mini-dex 5.1 email feedback that has come in. Some really varied views of my little project. So expect a post with excerpts from those emails later in the week. If anyone else has any feedback feel free to send it to me.

I also have 4 more Chaos Predators that need building for the Soul Reapers Armory. Two if these will be Mauler pattern Predator conversions.

Finally I need to work on enhancing the bases of the early Soul Reapers with cork rocks. This looks to be quite intensive, but at least it's only about a third of the miniatures that need the treatment.



  1. The Defiler is looking great, Jim!


  2. That is all you have to do? LOL
    Here I thought the list would be longer. LOL.
    That actually is a pretty intense list for one week.
    My lists would for a week would be:
    Assemble five miniatures...maybe...LOL

  3. Thanks Brent.

    Mags, you are crazy if you think that is all I have to do! lol Smart Arse!

    This is a list of things I will be tacking in the immediate future.