Monday, June 21, 2010

How I use Lesser Daemons

I normally avoid talking tactics, but the use of lesser daemons was brought up in the comments of this post.

First off I would suggest checking out the great write up on lesser Daemons by Old School Terminator from Dark Future Games.

For me the first thing I like lesser daemons for is a cheap way to get more scoring bodies into a Chaos Space Marine army. I can get a solid unit of eight scoring bodies for 104 points, or a cheap unit of five for 65 points.

The second thing I use them for is supporting my Chaos Space Marines in assault; even if the marines are engaged the turn the daemons show up. Summoned daemons from the Chaos Space Marine codex may assault the turn they arrive, this makes them awesome!

The third thing I use them for is speed bumping deathstar units. Having a problem with thunderhammer stormshield Terminators? Systematically feed them lesser daemon squads; as they have an invulnerable save and are fearless, it may not be great a great save but you will make some. Nothing is more frustrating for your opponent than having 200+ points of killiness from his army tied up by a hundred points of lesser daemons.

They are also good at going to ground on objectives late in the game; this greatly improves their survivability.

None of this is new or innovative, but it is how and why I use lesser daemons.



  1. Even though I have resisted fielding any lesser daemons to this point, the fact that they can assault on the turn they arrive makes them very intriguing.
    The one problem with them in assault is the fact they can make you susceptible to feel no pain wounds.

  2. That is part of the reason I usually use them to support Chaos Marines, but nothing is perfect!

  3. Excellent run-down. They're also great at suddenly changing the focus of the battle, being able to come in at whatever icon you need them at, allowing you to make a one-unit attack the enemy discounted suddenly much more dangerous or reinforce your own defenses somewhere, something you can't do with the "more efficient" bare CSMs.

  4. Great point Sons! That's an easily overlooked benefit of the lesser Daemons.

  5. Thanks for the link Jim, the LDs are great for versitility which has been the theme of my CSM lists lately. They are very flexible in terms of being allowed to drop onto an objective near you troops, while the troops handle business or they provide a great speedbump to nasty assault units - allowing those zerks to get the charge off and turn the game and of course as a nasty suprise to those who would assault a "simple CSM unit" I like them and when I field them, other CSM players laugh, until they notice what I have done. The further the 5th edition codexes go toward flexibility, the more I like the lessers ... not to mention having more than 2-3 scoring units as Chaos! Great write up Jim!

  6. No Prob Matey, your post was quality as is the rest of the Chaos tactica series.

    I'm finding the LD's more and more useful now that I am not using cult troops.

  7. I love the ungor as a lessor daemon. Great idea.

  8. Yeah.. me too Jcroxford, when I first saw him it looked like he was holding a brush.

  9. Spear into brush...hmm, that's a great idea! I may have to make a "painting imp" or something as a workstation mascot/"helper"...