Friday, June 18, 2010

Soul Reapers Chosen Chaos Marines conversions

Here are my first two converted Chosen Chaos Marines, the icon bearer and melta dude. I got a set of the FW Zerker heads and WE shoulder armor from Derina, thanks again; I obviously took of the 'bunny ears' and I think the helmets look very slick with out them! I will be covering up the planet part of the WE logo on all the shoulders.

I feel a new list coming on so I can use these Viscous looking Bastards!


  1. Yeah, I must agree, color me very pleased!

    Thanks for the comment!


  2. Oh yes, suitably feirce, and without the "silly bits" that I often find polluting GW models of all ranges, such as the bunny ears.

    Really Good job man.

  3. What!?!? No love for the bunny ears!
    Actually, while I do not mind the bunny ears all that much, I do find them a pain in the rear to pack.

    As for the models, I really like them. For the Power Weapons, I am hoping you are going to use the Power Claw and Power Sword from the Possessed I think they would both fit in with your current concept.

  4. Thanks for the comments guys!

    Mag's I've never been a huge fan of horns or head dressed on sci-fi helmets. Sometimes it looks good in the artwork, but really sucks in miniature execution.

    I am converting the powerfist outta an old 2nd ed Imp version. with spikes busting out of it like the little horns on the icon bearer.


  5. The berzerker heads without the bunny ears look fantastic! Great modelling work sir!

  6. Thanks Mate, you are a gentleman and a scholar!

  7. Excellent work, they look SO much better without the ears.. I am a big advocate of the 'bunny ears look crap' campaign, I wrote these stories a while back..

    The enemy were out there somewhere, he knew it. "Gunnery sergeant, any sight of the enemy?" Said Major Tom. "Nope sorry sir they're clearly using those ruins ahead for cover, cant get a bead on them sir!"
    "Ah! Wait a moment sir!" said the Gunnery Sergeant. "There, I can see what looks to be a giant pair of wings bobbing along behind that crater!"
    "Excellent! Good work Gunnery Sergeant, aim for those wings! Range 100m. No wind. Fire!"
    The guns fired, followed by an explosion.
    "Great! Target destroyed! Thank goodness those marines wear those helmets!" said Major Tom, before brushing some dust from his lapel.


    Drax the Despoiler was a vision of hell. Clad head to toe in deep red armour, brass ornamental skulls and the skinned and melted faces of foes who had dared to cross him. In his hand he carried a giant chain axe, the size of a small child, its metal surface covered in gore. His other hand carried an ornamental plasma pistol, forged when the Emporer himself bestrode the galaxy. For ten thousand years Drax had fought the lackies of the Emporer, killing them without mercy and taking their skulls as offerings for the Blood Throne. Entire worlds had fallen before him.

    This was the site witnessed by Dave the guardsman as he entered the room. Doing what any rational minded person would do when confronted with such a horror, dave dropped his lasgun, turned on the spot and ran.

    With a howl of anger, Drax gave chase and ran after dave across the room. However, as he ran out of the door, he forgot that his helmet had giant appendages which caught on the door frame wrenching his head backwards, breaking his neck and killing him instantly.

  8. Hahaha, those stories are great! Thanks for sharing them and for the comments too!