Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chaos Combi-Plasma Tutorial

Here is the method I use to make Combi-Plasmas for my Chaos Terminators.

Start off with a twin linked bolter arm.

Carefully shave off one of the bolter barrels and cut out the portion of the bolter shown in the red section. It should look like this when done.

Then take a standard space marine Plasma pistol and cut it at the area marked in red. It's about three plasma coils back.

Once this cut is made you must carefully sand away about a third of the width of the pistol from the back. I use an emery board for this part. when you are finished it should look like this.

The test fit the pieces and file more if needed.

Once you have a good fit glue the two parts together and fill the cracks with greenstuff when dry.


  1. Thank you, thank you.
    While I like to field a take all comers list, I am currently engaged in a campaign against my good buddy Snake-Eyes and I need to add a bit more plasma to make eliminating his puppets of the Emperor a bit easier. I can now order some plasma pistols and get to work modifying my Chaos Terminators.
    While this makes me very happy, I am sure Snake-Eyes will have less that friendly words for you helpful advice. :-)

  2. I am more than happy that I could be of service, to your endeavors defeating the slaves of the Corpse God.

    The Combi-Plasma is my go to option for my Chaos Terminators. Loyalist Terminators hate these guys!


  3. Nice conversion job mate! I like its simplicity and ease of execution.

  4. This is, simply, an elegant conversion. (High praise if you know me...) I'd been contemplating something similar, but I think your design is smoother and easier that what I was considering. I like!

  5. Thanks for the feedback! I am glad you guys like the conversion tutorial.

    I always attempt to keep things as simple as possible, for my conversion work.


  6. Just saw this, and thanks! I will be doing this for a couple of my marines!!!