Saturday, March 13, 2010

Terminator Squad Crixis and a tourney challenge list

Here is my converted Combi-plasma Terminator squad; as with all the rest of my Chaos Marines the horns had to go. So I decided to go with a Grey Knight style conversion.

I have been issued a challenge by a few of the local gamers to take an unmarked Chaos Marine force to a tourney. I walked in on a discussion about the uselessness of the non-cult choices from the codex CSM in the competitive scene. While I agree a non-cult army is not optimized toward winning, they can be competitive if run correctly.

So here is the 2000 point list I came up with. It is kind of an all or nothing list, it will probably win big or lose big. The walking terminators relying on DS is a big gamble, but it can be mitigated with the icons; the bikes can also help get them in a good location.

Chaos Lord 150
Bike, combi-melta, power weapon, melta bomb

Daemon Prince 130

4 Terminators with 3 combi-melta, Reaper AC, Chainfist, Icon of chaos glory

4 Terminators with 3 combi-plasma, Heavy Flamer, powerfist, Icon of chaos glory

10 Chaos Space Marines with 2 melta guns and icon of chaos glory
Aspiring Champion with power fist
Rhino, extra armor

10 Chaos Space Marines with 2 melta guns and icon of chaos glory
Aspiring Champion with power fist
Rhino, extra armor

10 Chaos Space Marines with 1 Plasma gun, Lascannon and icon of chaos glory
Aspiring Champion with power weapon and combi-plasma
Rhino, extra armor

Fast attack
6 Chaos Bikers with 2 meltaguns and icon of chaos glory
Aspiring Champion with power fist

Heavy Support
2 Obliterators

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  1. If i might be honest... that list looks like it needs a summoned GD...

    The de-horned Terms look nice. I have to agree with your choice - cmon, chaos don't exactly live for sex (except Slaanesh) so why are they so horny?

  2. Jim, despite the fact that I play Cult Chaos Space Marines, this is one list I think will do quite well. I do not actually think it will be a big win or big lose army. It is very solid with a nice mix of anti-tank and anti-monstrous creature. With enough Space Marines and bolt guns to get rid of heavy troop armies.
    While you do have that pesky problem with breaking and running, the Icon should help alleviate the worst of that....
    ...I am interested to see this army and its battle reports.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Herald, for the same 130 points I could get second DP, the GD without wings for it's cost does not interest me.

    Mags, you are probably right but I have a tendency to DS the terminators near the juiciest target possible. Which means not being within range of an icon quite often.


  4. How did you do the plasma combi conversions?

    As Im starting up a Death Guard army with Blight Shells.

  5. Dee, I'll be putting up a Combi-plasma tutorial this week. I plan on shooting the photos tomorrow while I am off of work.

    So keep an eye out!


  6. Nice list, but I have one suggestion. That is to swap the two Heavy Weapon terminators. Combi-meltas are almost always going to want to be "close", so I think the Heavy Flamer is the better compliment. Conversely, the combi-plasma have the choice to stay back, so the RAC compliments that better.

    IMHO, of course. ;-)

  7. MJ, thanks for the input. That is a pretty good idea and I'll take it under consideration.




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