Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tales from the Soapbox: I've had it!

I am sick and tired of dealing with the douches that have been coming in the shop to play for the last three weeks. First off there is not an official points value for games of 40k. If you enjoy gimping yourself playing 1500 point games by all means do so. But keep your darned opinion to yourself when I am playing a game against my buddy. Who the hell do you think you are to tell me how to have fun in my games? If you don't like my unit choices keep it to your darned self, I don't care that Possessed Marines are not considered good. They work for me, so STHU! Oh, yeah hows your ego since my sub-par footsloggin' Blood Claws and Sky Claws kicked your teeth in?

I don't understand what goes through the minds of these guys. How the hell do these misanthropes function in the real world? How the heck did these guys procreate, I don't get it they have zero social skills. By the way you are poor roll models for you sons guys, you behavior is reprehensible.

I really hope these guys crawl back under the rock from whence they came very soon. Because if they don't I will not be playing 40k at the shop or regularly any more. As the guys in the my normal group have real life issues that have been keeping us from gaming. Let me take this opportunity to send out a prayer for my two friends who are deployed in Afghanistan. Keep you heads down boyos and make it home safe and intact.

Back to the rant, I have been neglecting my Flames of War buddies because I have been having so much fun with 40k for the last 9 months. In fact it was douches like these guys that pushed me and the rest of the guys to FOW in the first place. There is 99% less douche-baggery with the ex-40k guys who play FOW because it is a much tighter game system.

Right now my schedule only gives me time to focus and game one system right now. So if these guys persist in ruining both nights I can make it down, 40K will go on the back burner for a while and FOW will take it's place.

Now this won't kill my 40K painting, but it will slow it down. The sad thing is I am in a painting mood, but if I do head back to FOW I need to update my army for 9 months of sporadic gaming and neglecting my purchases.

Thanks for taking the time to read my rant, I'll keep you guys updated.


  1. Are you doing pick up games? If so that is why you are running into this. With the internet and You Tube everyone thinks they are an expert. I only game with new players or long time club buddies

  2. I am doing a few pick up games, when I don't have someone I know around to play with. In general I avoid pick up games with people I have not seen gaming. I am done doing pick up games with non-buddies or new guys. I don't mind at all helping new guys learn how to play.

    Last week the guys buddy that I played tonight tore my list to shreds as an observer while I was playing my friend.

    I was trying to be nice tonight by giving this guy a game, but within 15 mins he was telling me how sub-par my Blood Claws were and bashing them for footsloggin'.

    I decided to soldier on an finish the game as I didn't wanna seem like a poor sport. I crushed his Cantor/Khan list cause he decided to crash his hammer Khan Command squad biker unit into my anvil of 12 Claws, with a Wolf Guard and Wolf Priest. I Jawsed Cantor the next turn.

    He was demoralized and almost quit the game cause his uber unit got beat by what he thought was a sub-par unit.

    Then he went on a tyrate about how the game breaks above 1500 points. Which was weird because I had given him the option of playing 1750, 1850 and 2000 points as I had lists pre-made at those levels; he jumped at the opportunity to play 2000 points.

    Overall this was just a bad couple of outings to the shop. The problem is these guys are old friend of the owners so there is no action for me to take other than stop going in without prearranging a game. If I am going to prearrange my games I'd rather play on my nice terrain at home and throw back a few beers.

    The bottom line is I got home nd needed to blow off a little steam.


  3. It's not just our hobby that's suffering from it, unpleasant behaviour is commonplace everywhere. I'm not sure what the cause is, but being a jackass/being obnoxious/uncaring/impolite is some sort of "badge of honour" for people. It's almost like the people you do your best to avoid on internet forums have appeared in everyday life - maybe that's the problem, people are now acting in "real life" like they used to behind anonymity on the internet.

    I've noticed generally that our hobby does attract people with dubious social skills - I think for a lot of them procreation is the last thing on their minds... ;)

    Good on you for not reacting to him - better to let off steam in your own personal sanctuary (i.e. here) than stooping to their level - much respect for that.

  4. i must admit, i run the local club in aberystwyth (its a real place in Wales for those who arnt from the UK)and recently literally since the start of the new year) i have had to deal with some real wankers!

    they come to club, mouth off about the game and how only duel lash, the blood angels or some other army will only ever win yak yak yak...

    the action i have taken is to charge them more entry then everyone else. that way they usually decide on their own not to attend.

    Its unfortunatly the internet and its various forums. Forums i suppose are supposed to be a good thing because they allow freedom of expression. unfortunatly a significant minority waste this freedom by bickering and ego flouncing!

    that is why i turned to a blog. on blogs people leave you nice constructive comments. on blogs you can post up your work and exploits without have some douche bag telling you that you shouldnt have taken that unit because its rubbish! on blogs you can learn lots of new things without aving to trawl through pages and pages or useless mindless comments!

    my apologies for hijacking your blob for my mini rant...but your comments have sparked me off too! also my condolences for your bad experiences! hang tough and crush those mouth breathers one at a time!

  5. I feel your pain chief. Honestly, this is one of the reasons I don't game "in public" except on a very rare occasion (Sasquatch sightings are more frequent). It's too bad because foot traffic in the LGS is a primary factor in keeping the hobby going.

  6. Think about this. Hiding away will hide yourself away from people like me as well. I really rather play you with whatever list I've concockted up and have fun than have to deal with random peoples insecurities. I really
    hope that you have had good experiences in pick up games too.

    And yes, the guy acted poorly, for whatever reason, and I am sure Kantor was embarressed by that (+1A aura, that is a nifty HQ:)).

    Also, wolf claws hit *hard*, and one will know that from reading the codex instead of the interwebs…

    Speaking of wolf claws, I've started light work on an Imperial Fists codex (for fun) and am trying to come up with a way to make scouts more viable, just like BCs are, but not copy them.

  7. I feel your pain man. At our local shop we have one of those guys, who feels the need to comment on/interfere with other people's games. Dude, think what you want, but that's their game - they can figure out rules, moves, lists, who won, etc. all by themselves, they're big kids. If they WANT your advice, they can ask for it.

    "There is 99% less douche-baggery with the ex-40k guys who play FOW because it is a much tighter game system." I don't think I'd agree with that. I think there's less douche-baggery because the guys playing aren't douche-bags. Taking them out of the 40K population merely made the existing douche-bags a higher % and more noticeable, and gave them fewer good role models. I think you'd be better off just playing 40K with those guys rather than dropping the game altogether. A game is a relationship - you shouldn't swear off relationships with anyone because of a bad experience. "Break up" with whoever done you wrong and find different partners (or in this case, your old ones). Nothing wrong with FOW, but as the saying goes, hate the player not the game. ;-)

  8. Just clothsline them.. but on a proper note they are just envious cuse they dont have to good ideas like we do, im going to pinch your twin linked Auto Cannon idea for my Chaos Preditor.

    And as for the guys and girls who put thier lives on the line for us Im with you.

  9. Jim,
    I have often thought of having a rant like this, especially after I go to play at a different Hobby Shop nearby to where I live.
    However, every time I am getting ready to do this rant, along comes a game with a new person that changes my perspective; I am not talking about just new gamers, but a new player that I have never played before. The game turns out to be a blast and it renews my faith that the world is not full of douche-bags.
    Unlike several of the above posters, I play games against a host of players, whether or not I have seen them play before, or whether or not I even know them. Everyone gets a game or two - however, if you are a malcontent during those games and a killjoy, well, you will not be getting another game.
    Don't let the malcontents and douche's of the world ruin the game for you.
    Magilla Gurilla

  10. Thanks for the comments and support, I appreciate it.

    SOT: I can only report on the local FOW crowd; a bunch of the guys I now play FOW with are reformed Douches that I used to hate to play in 40k. So I don't know what it is but when they swapped systems they became human beings. Maybe it's because they actually wanted to play and the local FOW crowd early on were a bunch of really laid back guys, that probably wouldn't put up with their shenanigans.

    Mags: I am not gonna let a few bad apples ruin my love of 40K, but there are a limited number of players at the local store. I just don't have the time to commute 30 or 45 mins for games right now, cause if I did this would be a non issue.

    I may just have to play 40k a little less until the real life stuff for my buddies dies back down. I'm still looking forward to trying to get together with you later this year for some games.


  11. Now to put the cat in with the pigeons..

    As a transgendered gamer the resent time I went into GW in Bath everyone's jaws droped and looked at me. All I wanna do is game.

  12. Dee, I can imagine how uncomfortable that could be. If you were here I'd just throw down with you without drooling!

    Flekkzo, sorry I missed commenting before. I totally get what you are saying and I do play anyone when I go to the other stores in the area. I am just more selective at the local shop here in town.

    Good luck on the IF codex project, if you need any help or ideas feel free to email me through my profile.


  13. I started a Iron Warrior codex and have not had too much time on it since (Got to slow down Mafia wars)