Monday, March 29, 2010

Wolf Guard Durfast of Mordak: Homebrew rules

Here is the second of the Heroes from Antiquity for the Space Wolves.

Mordak is now a dead world; eons ago it supported an advanced civilization. When it was discovered by the explorers of the Adeptus Terra, the Techno-magi quickly recognized the importance of the technology found on Mordak. The Space Wolves of Hurgarl Stormbrow’s Great Company had been assigned to protect the world. Mordak lay deep within Ork-dominated space and it was not long before a large force of Orks arrived. A desperate war against time began in which the Space Wolves held the scattered excavation sites from the ever expanding force of Orks.

It was during this fighting that Durfast was to earn his place in the Sagas. Durfast lead the remnants of Hurgarls Great Company into the catacombs of Betan to kill the Ork Warboss. It was savage close quarter fighting in almost total darkness. Many Space Wolves died, but in the end the Warboss was killed. Leaderless the Orks were finally driven off. Thanks to Durfast the surviving Space Wolves made it back to the surface, evacuated the complex before destroying it with its own self-destruct systems.

One of the artifacts recovered on Mordak still resides within the Fang; the Iron Priests placed the artifact in a Space Wolf helmet. It has become known as the Helm of Durfast, the artifact utilizes temporal technology to endow the wearer with an uncanny awareness of the immediate past, present and future. This enables the bearer to anticipate the actions of his opponents.

Wolf Guard Durfast of Mordak

Points Value

WS-5, BS-5, S-4, T-4, W-2, I-5, A-3, LD-9


Power Armor
Bolt Pistol
Frost Blade
Frag and Krak grenades
Helm of Durfast
Wolf tooth Necklace
Wolf Tail talisman

Special Rules
Acute Senses
Counter Attack
Independent Character

Helm of Durfast: This artifact gives Durfast the ability to anticipate the actions of his foes; this ability has made him a formidable warrior.

The bearers save becomes Invulnerable. He may also re-roll any failed to hit dice in both the shooting and assault phases.


  1. The rules for the helm is a bit complicated for no reason. How about just going for "his save is invulnerable"? Same rule as Legion of the Damned, and there is no rule fuss potential.

    Reroll to hit with BS5? Doesn't sound too epic to me. Doesn't sound like a mean wolf. How about reroll to wound instead? He doesn't just hit, he hits where it counts.

    Choose to reroll either hit or wound as per wolf claws for the assault attacks could be a nice touch, and it links nicely with existing rules.

    Is the point cost 165 or +165? I always felt the +170 upgrade character in the codex seemed expensive.

    Wolf Tooth Neckless and Wolf Tail Talisman. Hmm. Think it might be one Talisman too many. He already is quite good in assault. Either he assaults hard, or is defensive. I'd give him Furious Charge or something instead, that would further enhance his killiness.

    Just some random thoughts, don't put too much stock into them:)

  2. Thanks for the feedback.

    I see what you are saying about the Invulnerable save. I'll just change the wording.

    My original thought was to re-roll the to wound rolls. Maybe I should go back to that. Although I like the idea of choosing which to re-roll.

    He is 165 total, I gave him the stats of a WG Battle Leader.

    Both talismans are standard on Wolf Characters.

    I put stock into all good feedback.


  3. Seems a little overcosted when compared to existing Space Marine Characters. Consider that Kantor is only ten points more expensive and buffs the whole army. Cassius at the same points is T6 with FNP plus a Chaplain's special rules and a unique weapon. Vulkan has better stats, a better weapon, a pocket-sized heavy flamer, and an army wide buff at + 25 points.

  4. I am a little late to the party....
    ...However, I like the fluff of the character, but he is a wee bit overpriced for what he does. I would drop the price down to 130/135. Drop the wolf talisman and the wolf tail. Instead, give him an item that incorporates both into it...the hide of the winter wolf or something along those lines.

  5. I was thinking more like a character similar to Arjac on account of the cost and everything. I think that talismans might be more common with HQs.

    But if you make him equally powerful to Arjac things should be fine:)

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    Atrotos: you are probably right he is slightly overcosted, but I think it's better to start playtesting paying too much. The points can easily be adjusted after a few games.

    Now I am certain that GW does not add an automatic 20 points to each unique character like I do. I don't have the banner of officialdom to hide behind like GW. So their characters can be cheap from the get go, my homebrew ones cannot.

    I have designed dozens of characters in my many years of playing 40k and only once have I been accused of being over the top in design.

    Flekkzo: Gottcha!

  7. Mags sorry I didn't comment on you reply, oddly it just showed up.

    I agree he probably is overcosted. Being as he is a lesser a character I will probably drop the wolf tooth necklace and his points down to 145.

    I think I'm gonna go with Flekkzo's idea of letting him choose to re-roll wounds.

    I'll post an update of him over the weekend.

    Thanks again for the feedback.


  8. With those final revisions I think he'll be a fantastic character.