Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Soul Reapers Version 4 is ready

Ok guys and gals here is the 4th update to the Soul Reapers mini-dex.

The Soul Reapers Mini-dex Version 4

Download Here

The main changes made are as follows:

The range on the Demo-charge should red as 6 inches.

The Gore Daemons have their strength lowered to 4, but they retain the rending which has so far been awesome for me in game. I didn't want to raise the points value, so lowered the strength, it just made sense as they were too good for the points.

There are also various minor formatting changes, too.

Thanks for you patients and Playtesting.

Remember to send your feedback to me at galaxynflamesblog at gmail.com before the end of March for the next update.



  1. couple quick questions to make sure i have things right:

    Gore Daemons: do these follow the same rules as summoned lesser daemons for how they come into play? Im assuming yes, because they have "daemon" in their name, but want to be sure.

    Assault Bike and Ehris "Spikey Bits": these extra attacks, do they benefit from furious charge aswell? or is this their stats with furious charge included?

  2. Stupid Question:

    Okay, they can regroup if below half strength, but as they are not Space Marine with ATSKKF they have to be outside of 6-inches and can be destroyed when ran down, right?

    Gotta say, I really dig the art: my compliment to the artist.


  3. ETP, Yes the Gore Daemons follow the same rules s regular lesser daemons.

    The Spiky Death attack is separate from the rider, and is always D3 strength 4 attacks with no bonuses added.

    Brent, yes correct on both counts.

    Menzies is the artist and he has his own blog.


  4. I downloaded it, and will read it soon Jim.

  5. After our conversion on drop pods, I really think you should add them to the dex. First off the Forge World model is awesome and secondly, it really fits an assault style army like the Soul Drinkers

  6. I agree with Magilla Gurilla, and a differant form of assault transport. like a Rhino with chainsaws.

    and some sort of chapter relic handed down from the the primarch.