Sunday, March 7, 2010

To pod or not to pod?!?

The topic of adding drop pods to the Soul Reapers has been brought up many times. Most recently by Magilla Gurilla and Derina, while I agree with the sentiment, I have never really tackled the concept.

There are many things in 40k that baffle the mind when it comes to the differences in wargear between Chaos and Imperial Space Marines. Currently it seems that the second a Space Marine turns traitor he forgets how to maintain his wargear; so he discards drop pods, land speeders, storm bolters, landraider variants and the list goes on. Lets not forget he forgets basic doctrines like combat squads and tactics; plus he forgets that he knows no fear.

I understand that GW are trying to make both armies different, but there comes a time where the suspension of disbelief doesn't quite cut it any more. Especially with the current regurgitation that is the Chaos Space Marine codex, that swaps the focus to more recent renegades over the original traitor legions.

So my original choice was to forgo this issue in an effort to no be overly ambitious. I am now at a point where everything else in the mini-dex seems pretty well balanced and maybe trying something ambitious is needed.

There are a couple of ways I could add drop pods to the Soul Reapers; I could add a special Planetary Assault rule, that would force all units to deploy by drop pod or deep strike forgoing any sort of tanks in the army. Or I could just add them as a transport option just like in the codex SM.

Then I have to decide if I want to use the FW IA rules for the Dreadclaw or just use the SM rules for a drop pod. I am leaning toward the latter option as the FW IA rules seem a bit clunky in game terms.

So what do you guys think?

More thoughts on adding a few more options tomorrow.


  1. What is the major difference between the rules? I think that some difference is good. Traitor and layalist do have ten millenia of different development after all. The idea of tons of fallen SMs doesn't really appeal to me and I like how SMs have newer vehicles than their traitor counterparts. What chaos should get on the other hand is their own new toys. They can discover and develop new vehicles a d technologies after all. No silly ban on tech for them! In fact, given that background they can get *more* stuff!

  2. The IA rules for the Dreadclaw make it a flier. So it moves on the table, lands then deploys it's cargo and may fly away in the following turn.

    I see no need to have a pod that can redeploy in a game that in general runs 5 turns.

    While I agree that the idea of tons of fallen Marines is tedious at best. I don't think that it is too far to imagine that a traitor warband would use captured gear.

    I am open to suggestions for a vehicle that feels uniquely Chaos. Something with either Plasma or Flame weapons. Following the mantra "let the galaxy burn" and their hatred of Loyalist Marines.

  3. I would stick with the drop pod rules. The Dreadclaw rules are overly complicated.
    Secondly, I would make it a transport option for "assault" units: Zerks, Possessed, Dreads...etc.
    It doesn't really fit the flavor of the Soul Reapers to make it for the shooty units.
    As for weapons for it, it should have a Havoc Launcher.

  4. Do add some stuff to the vanilla 'pods. Havoc launcher is a good idea (as per previous poster) and why not some marks? Traitors should cost a little more, and do more.

    Why not have a similar thing to the Orks who has a looted wagon? But make it a possessed one. Why should the powers of chaos not steal from the eldars and the tau for instance? A generic skimmer but with legion style weapons. Can you say Alpha Legion Wave Serpent or a Nurgle Fish?:) Chaos lends itself very well for conversions after all.

  5. Id say find some way to make them a bit special or different.

    Firstly of course give it a twinlinked bolter as its weapon, with options to upgrade it to either a Combibolter, or a Havok launcher.

    Second, allow it to trade its weapons for an ability to deepstrike using a version of the Mawlocs deepstriking rules (allowing it specifically to land on top of units, pushing them aside and dealing damage, before the troops get out).

    Mawloc established a precedent for this sort of thing, and chaos seems ripe to take advantage of it.

  6. How about Assault craft in place of the pods?

  7. Thanks for all the creative input and feedback!

    Dee, an assault craft like the new BA's are getting could be a great alternative. Especially because once the new BA dex is out the Reapers will be counts as BA's in tournaments.

  8. I was thinking on the bed as I was sorting out my knees, why not have a short-range transporter in the assault craft?