Friday, December 24, 2010

Killzone update for Christmas: Simply Glorious!

Galaxy in Flames and A Gentleman's Ones proudly present Our Christmas present to the 40k community. We have worked long and hard on this update, incorporating changes from the playtest feedback that has been received.

A big shout out to Jabberjabber from the Warpstone Flux blog for the proofreading, thanks a million Bro! Thanks again to all the guys on the rules council that allowed Killzone to get on its feet.

So follow the links below to download the updated version of Killzone.

Don't forget to stop by at Adepticon 2011 and say hello if you are not already participating in the sold out Killzone Events!

Cheers from B.smoove and myself we hope you enjoy this new and updated version of Killzone!

Have a Glorious holiday,
Big Jim

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I've relit the fires over on the Well of Souls, Soul Reapers background blog

Since I am in the final phases of the Soul Reapers Fandex I need to finish fleshing out the background. I started posting on the Soul Reapers fluff blog: Ehdan the Well of Souls today, outlining a few ideas to integrate the loss of my army/miniatures into the background of the Warband.

I am hoping that some of you will jump on over and give me your thoughts on the ideas I have listed. If you have another direction to take the story that is cool too, by all means share it there.

Thanks in advance!


Friday, friday, friday! Killzone updates coming!

The long awaited Killzone rules updates will be up on Friday. It will be a Christmas treat presented by Galaxy in Flames and A Gentleman's Ones!

Sorry these have been delayed there have been a lot of behind the scenes problems, real life has a way of getting in the way of our little hobby!

B.smoove has done a bang up job on the new PDF's they are looking fantastic.

In this update we finally release the Secondary mission and Fate cards. We have also revamped the skills chart to bring back a bit more balance to the choices. The new Dark Eldar errata is included as well as the final 6 missions, bringing the total up to 18 Killzone missions to choose from.

So make sure to check back Friday Evening for your does of Killzone Goodness!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hobby Gamers part 2: Event ideas

Following up on my previous post I will try to layout a few examples and ideas for running really cool hobby events. The main goal here is cinematic theme and making these games fit into a story line of some sort.

As I mentioned before the guys at the Astronomi-con do a great job running events like these. Another great resource for themed events is the campaign weekends that the guys from Tempus Fugitives run at Warhammer World in the UK.

There are some great download-able resources on the Tempus Fugitives website. They have run campaign events set in the Age of the Emperor/Horus Heresy, this next year they are doing a Badab War event called into the Maelstrom. They also have many fan made codecies covering things like the Ad Mech and Dark Mechanicus forces.

Both of these groups run very successful events that the participants rave about. This to me just shows the success of the event model that they have chosen.

Now for the basic ideas that I think would make for a great Hobby Event.

First up is a strong narrative; a great story setting the stage for why the combatants are involved in the fight. I think this is one of the most important aspects for a hobby event, a well thought out story will lead to a much more cinematic event.

Second choosing the right platform for the event. You'll need to decide if you are running a single day campaign styled event, a campaign weekend, themed missions determined by the tables or a combination of these choices.

Thirdly you should determine how teams will be chosen and if there will be bonuses given for teams winning each round.

Those are my basic ideas for what should go into the initial planning for a Hobby Event.

Next time I will go in-depth into each of the categories outlining the different routes you can go with each. Including the benefits and possible down sides that may be involved.

Monday, December 6, 2010

GiF news and updates

Sorry I have not been around much lately I have been battling some illness and family issues. I am starting to feel better, but it may be a little while until things get completely back to normal.


I promise the Update is coming we had to scramble around and find a new way of editing the documents as our editor is down and out with real life issues for the moment. It will include the Dark Eldar Errata for the new codex.

B.Smoove and I have complied all the data and he is making new documents as I post this. The update will be upon us very soon, so please bare with us.

Soul Reapers army rebuild

I have received all but three lots of the replacement miniatures and the rebuild is underway. I am about halfway done with the first Legionary Squad and have started the first Cataphract Squad. Progress is just starting back up as I am feeling better.

I should be able to post a picture update on Wednesday.

Thanks for your time.