Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eldrad commission finished

Here is a commission of Eldrad I painted for my buddy Geoff from the Independent Characters podcast. I followed the latest color scheme for Eldrad from the finecast packaging, with a little variation.

I spent a ton of time attempting to give some depth to all the bone colored parts.

Here is the finished miniature:

Thursday, April 12, 2012

S.O. Killzone at Adepticon only 8 days away!

Hey guys just wanted to remind you that the Killzone events for Adepticon start in eight days! I am super excited to see what Brian has done with the tables for this years event!

last years "Glorious" layout!

Also he has wrangled up some fantastic prize support for the events as well, so head on over to A Gentleman's Ones and check out the swag that you can win by attending a day of fantastic 40k skirmish gaming!

All the best of luck to Brian and all the players at this years Event!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cooking with gas, the TCP podcast episode 4 is available!

Wow we are on a roll, it certainly will slow down at some point, but not just yet!

Jeff and I discuss our wishlist for 6th edition 40k, in our own unique TCP style!

Nine out of ten nerds think the hosts are off their rockers at some point while listening to this episode; the tenth one was irritated by the concepts presented, and we are sorry about that. :-P


Monday, April 2, 2012

Episode 3 of the Codex Project podcast is up

On this episode we discuss:

We discus project updates on some TCP documents and delving into the disconnect felt between the 40k background and the game.

Segment 1- Project updates: Version 6 of the Soul Reapers Codex is available for download. Jeff talks about the upcoming Imperial Fist Codex.

Segment 2- hobby Progress and discussion about what we are doing making painting converting new releases etc etc...Forge World releases several awesome new models.

Segment 3- How can you bring the stories in the Novels to life on the tabletop when the game does not in any way facilitate that in a realistic manner.