Thursday, December 31, 2009

800 pound Gorilla of 40k part 2: Conquering the beast

First off, I'd like to thank everyone for their input. With a big shout out to Dverning and his excellent response on his Blog, it was very helpful indeed. I will be using his Comp/Soft score layout if pressed into keeping Comp.

I spoke again with the coordinator today and was given the go ahead to send him two proposed systems, one with and one without Comp.

Once I get the final word and details I will announce when and where these tournaments will be held.

Now I need to start working on Scenarios and Battle Score criteria. Anyone have a preferred method of game scoring that keeps a good points spread amongst the playing field.

Thanks again,
-Big Jim

Monday, December 28, 2009

800 pound Gorilla of 40k part I: input needed

Ok guys I need your help conquering the 800 pound Gorilla of the 40K Tournament scene. If you were contacted by a convention organizer and asked to create a Comp/scoring system for a 40k GT styled tournament what would you suggest? The option of no Comp is not an option at all. So if you had to make a Comp/scoring system what would you like to see in it?

How much would you want to see these four different categories count for in the overall event?

Winning games

Army Composition


Painting (although not required to participate in the event)

Do you know of a Comp system that works and doesn’t gimp any of the 40k armies?

Personally I think idea of comp is outdated in 5th, but I have been given a task to help with and would like to get feedback. In fact I was asked to post this up to see what the 40k bloggosphere would like to see.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Big Jim

Sunday, December 27, 2009

To Zombie or not to Zombie?

I’m now regretting the removal of the Rage Zombies from the early Soul Reapers playtesting. It’s not like we removed them because they were broken, we mostly removed them because of my gaming bud Chet. You see Chet hates the idea of zombies in movies or gaming, with the only exception being D&D. He is also out resident Nid player and he was very vocal about the Soul Reapers getting a cheap source of bodies from the onset. So the group relented just as a way to shut him up.

Yesterday we had an Apocalypse game with the Soul Reapers paired up with the Iron Warriors against Guard and Imp Fists. All the guys urged me to bust out the Zombies, so I did. We had a blast even though the zombies munched on a few our sides Reapers and Warriors. Now we are really perplexed as how to continue, every one of the guys who played understands the significance of the zombies to the background of the Reapers. I think Chet is not going to be happy if we decide to revisit the zombies and add them into the January playtest list.

If we add them back in there will be a requirement to field Xusia of Delis to gain access to the Zombies.

Added to the Troops Selections if Xusia is part of the army.

Rage Zombie Hoards

A process perfected during the Karpathian Campaign, the infestation of the 28 nights is the pre-invasion tactic of the Soul Reapers. The Sorcerer Lord Xusia and his Apostles of Malevolence have crafted a potent bio-toxin that when released turns the citizens and defense forces into slavering rage infected zombies with only one need, the need to feed on the flesh of the living. The bio-toxin is released in remote locations so it has time to create an unstoppable outbreak. By the time the infestation reaches the large population centers the planet is in utter confusion. On the 28th night the skies light up as if the planet was witnessing a magnificent meteor storm, but this is a Storm of Chaos as the Soul Reapers bombard and descend upon the planet.

0-2 Rage Zombie Hoards

WS-2 BS-0 S-3 T-2 W-1 I-1/3 A-1 LD-10 Points-8

Unit type:

10-30 Rage Zombies and 1 Apostle of Malevolence

Weapons: Grasping hands and slavering jaws. These count as two close combat weapons.

Special Rules:
Infected (Poisoned weapons 4+)
Feel no Pain
Rage Zombies never count as either of the mandatory troops selections and may never claim an objective.

Rage Against the Living:
Due to insatiable rage and hate fed into them by the Apostles, Rage Zombies must move every turn. While the Apostle of Malevolence is alive or have a model within 18” of Xusia, they must move toward the closest enemy non-vehicle unit, in addition they become Initiative 3. If the Apostle of Malevolence is killed and they do not have a model within 18” of Xusia, the rage zombies revert to their base Initiative 1 and become uncontrollable; moving and attacking the closest unit friend or foe. If they become uncontrollable and Xusia moves within 18” he may automatically take control of them. However if they are “Locked in Combat” with a friendly unit, Xusia must roll a D6 to attempt to regain control of the zombies, on the roll of a 4+ he succeeds they will cease combat and act normally.

Lord of the Zombies: Rage Zombie units are Slow and Purposeful, unless they are lead by an Apostle of Malevolence or have a model within 18” of Xusia.

Join Us!: At the end of every Assault phase during which the Rage Zombies have fought in close combat, before ‘pile in’ moves, roll a D6 for every casualty caused in the combat (friendly and enemy). On a roll of a 6, they are resurrected as a Rage Zombie – add a model to the Rage Zombie unit. If the Rage Zombies unit was wiped out that turn this rule has no effect. If multiple Rage Zombie units are involved in the same combat, evenly divide the new models between the units (Chaos player’s choice for any odd models).

Apostle of Malevolence

WS-4 BS-4 S-4 T-4 W-2 I-4 A-2 LD-10 Points-100

Unit type:

Power armor, Bolt pistol, Force Weapon, Frag and Krak grenades

Special Rules:
Fear is for the Weak
5+ Invulnerable save

Psychic Power:

Chains of Torment:

The Apostle creates small warp rifts under his foes, launching ethereal chains that rend flesh to the bone in an attempt to drag the targets into the warp.

Chains of torment is a shooting attack that may target any non-vehicle unit within 18 inches. The target unit will suffer D6 +1 attacks at Str5 AP-. Any unit that is hit must take a leadership test or become pinned in place by the chains.

Any thoughts or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Y'all!

I hope everyone has a safe and fun filled Holiday! Oh yeah, Stacy Keibler is hot! lol

On a hobby related note, Doghouse just posted this WIP Wordbearer Lord up on the Bolter and Chainsword.

I am definitely making a go at Actual Scale Astartes, they are just too Kool not to have a squad of!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hobby Spotlight: Actual Scale Astartes by Doghouse

Well it’s time for me to spotlight the fantastic work of a friend of mine. Doghouse is one of the Pioneers of the True Scale Space Marines craze that has infected many forums. His journey began way back in 2002 with great strides made in the realm of True Scale Marines. Culminating back in 2007 with the advent of Actual Scale Astartes..

He takes Marine Terminators and turns them into fantastic looking models that represent the 7ft tall power armored Marines on the tabletop perfectly. They are true behemoths to behold.

Here’s a quote from Doghouse on the difference between True and Actual scale Marines:

“Actual Scale differs from True Scale in that it is an attempt to make marines that are proportionally in scale with the other denizens of the 40k universe rather than just make bigger marines.
Compared to regular human models they stand at approximately seven foot six in scale terms, towering over the regular plastic marines and terrifying your opponents.”

These days Doghouse and his work can be found on the Ammobunker and Bolter and Chainsword forums.

Actual Scale Astartes are a great way to represent the Movie Marines both loyal and traitor. I will be making my first attempt at creating one over the weekend!

Big Jim

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chaos Marines in the Movies

Inspired by Mkerr and his fantastic Movie Marine Article on Bell of Lost Souls. As a response I have created a Chaos Marines in the Movies list for grins. This is yet untested and done purely for the sake of fun. Besides every Movie has got to have it’s Baddies!

I'll do a quick rundown of the additions and changes to the list, for ease of use I have made a PDF of the full list.

Download Here

Overall changes: both Stubborn and ATSKNF were replaced with Fearless. I changed the name of the "Do You Want Some of This?" rule to "From hell's heart, I stab at thee" in an attempt to make it sound more like Chaos, but the actual rule is too Kool not to use! Both Demi-squads gain Combat Blades wargear, this was my way of dealing with the extra attack CSM's have without having to give them Bolt pistols.


1 Aspiring Champion
"The Chaos movie army is led by a tough, grizzled Veteran of ten thousand years of perpetual war, leading in a vicious and brutal fashion. He is a lethal Warrior surviving thousands battles and is more than eager to free the servants of the Imperium of their slavery to the Corpse God."

The stat profile is the same as the BoLS article as are the points.
The option to upgrade the Chainsword to a Chainaxe was added.
The Listen up maggots rule was replaced with:

I feel the warp overtaking me...: The Aspiring Champion is infused with the power of raw Chaos. On any turn that he launches an Assault he gains D6 extra attacks. Roll these dice separately; on any results of a one the Aspiring Champion must make an armor save or take a wound.

The "Dude" has been replaced with a Possessed Marine.

Possessed Marine
All the great sci-fi bad guys have a subordinate or partner that is Mad as a Hatter. He’s the guy that takes his orders way too far and revels in the carnage while he’s doing it. Sometimes he’s the grim sort of comic relief that you know it’s wrong to laugh at, but do so anyway.

The stat profile is the same as the BoLS article as are the points.
The bolter is swapped out for a Bolt pistol he also gains Daemonic Talons.
The Special Issue Ammunition stayed with its name Changed to Warp Infused Ammunition.

The Second in Command rule is dropped for the following two rules:

Daemonic Visage: The possessed Marine is a terrifying sight to behold as metal is fused with flesh. Any unit that wishes to assault the Possessed Marine must pass a leadership test to do so. If the test is failed the squad must fall back.

Do you hear the voices too?: The Possessed Marine constantly hears the whispers of Daemons in the Warp, he is quite a nutter! Roll a D6 at the beginning of every Chaos turn and on the result of a one the Possessed Marine charges off in some random direction in the movement phase. Roll the scatter die and move the model his full 6 inches in the direction indicated. If a Hit is rolled on the scatter die the Possessed loses the option to move this turn as he deals with the voices in his head.

Basically the both are the same as the original article with the Changes listed above in the overall changes entry and they lose Combat Tactics.

Demi-Squad 1

Demi-Squad 2
Has the Heavy Bolter option swapped out with an Autocannon option at 110 points

Now we get to the fun stuff!

Fast Attack

0-1 Chaos Spawn

“The Chaos spawn is what the heroes of any great sci-fi film are afraid of when Jones goes missing. It skulks around and attacks when you are most vulnerable its only goal is to assimilate you into its massive body. It is the terror in the dark that everyone fears”

Chaos Spawn WS-5 BS-n/a S-7 T-7 W-5 I-5 A-D6+2 LD-9 Points-175

1 Chaos Spawn

Unit Type:



Special Rules:

Slow and Purposeful
5+ Invulnerable Save

Terror to Behold: The presence of the Chaos Spawn evokes feelings of dread and terror in its enemies causing even the most strong willed to cower in fear. All enemy units within 6 inches of the Chaos Spawn reduce their leadership by 1 and must pass a Leadership test or fall back.

Regeneration: The Chaos Spawn is constantly evolving and incredibly tough to hurt. If the Chaos Spawn fails its invulnerable save it may ignore the wound on a die roll of 4+.

Vulnerable to Fire: The slick nauseous flesh of Chaos Spawn is extremely vulnerable to damage caused by incendiaries. When hit by a Flame weapon the spawn reduces its toughness to 5. The Chaos Spawn may not regenerate any wounds caused by Flame weapons.

The Chaos Spawn is constantly looking to feast on flesh of its victims. During this process the Spawn grows more massive. For every casualty caused in Close Combat by the Chaos Spawn roll a D6 and on the result of 5+ one wound added to the Spawns profile, up to a maximum of 10 wounds.

Heavy Support

0-1 Chaos Rhino
The same as the original article with one addition.

Add a Havoc Launcher for 50 points

Havoc Launcher: Range 48, Strength 6, AP 4, Type: Heavy 2, Large Blast, Pinning


Auto-senses: Chaos Space Marines count as being equipped with an auspex and may re-roll the dice when determining sighting distance for Night Fight.

Power Armor: Models in power armor may re-roll unsuccessful armor saves. Additionally, models in power armor gain a 4+ Invulnerable save.

Chainaxe: A Chainaxe is a power weapon that confers a +1 S bonus and allows the wielder to re-roll any failed roll to wound. Additionally, all close combat attacks gain the Rending quality.

Close Combat Blades: Close combat blades are vicious Admantium bladed short swords carried by Chaos Space Marines, which add +1 to their attack profile.

Daemonic Talons: The Possessed Marine has mutated brutal talons attached to his arms, sometimes replacing his hands. All close combat attacks gain the Rending USR and allow the Possessed to re-roll any failed roll to wound.

Autocannon: A Chaos Space Marine Autocannon has two modes of fire; M1 Assault for when it is fired on the move and M2 Heavy for when fired stationary. When firing the Autocannon in the assault mode roll one additional D6 for determining the distance of any scatter results.

Autocannon Mode 1: Range 30, Strength 8, AP 3, Type: Assault 3, Small Blast, Barrage
Autocannon Mode 2: Range 60, Strength 8, AP 3, Type: Heavy 6, Small Blast, Barrage

This has been a fun little distraction from my Mini-dex project. I hope you enjoy tying it out as much as I did making it.

If you do get a chance to playtest these, please send your comments and feedback to me at

Thanks to Menzies for the quick cover art for this project.

Thanks again and enjoy,
Big Jim

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Soul Reapers Mini-dex Updated

The final shakedown of the initial Soul Reapers Mini-dex download is done. After discussing the initial feedback with the group; I've updated the Playtest file to fix a few errors, so version two is up for download.

The Soul Reapers Mini-dex

Download Here

Things fixed or added.

I've removed the Icon of Chaos Glory and replaced it with Personal Icons. Then I added the three icon ideas from the post below as an upgrade option to the personal Icon. With the instructions that an army my only use one of the upgrade types. Only one of the upgrade Icons will make it into the final product.

I fixed the range on Xusias staff ability.

I also lowered the Spiky Death attack from D6 to D3.

There were various typos that were fixed also.

So make sure that your copy of the PDF has the 'V2'at the end to make sure it is the current version.

I sat down with the guys this evening after a couple of hard fought games. They want to give this version of the playtest list roughly one month before any further revisions. Please make sure to get all feedback in for phase one of the playtest by Jan 16th, 2010 so we can discuss possible revisions for the phase two in Feb.

Thanks again

Friday, December 18, 2009

More Chaos Icon suggestions

Here are the Icon ideas that I have collected so far.

Icon of the Dark Gods: The Soul Reapers are fanatical in offering up souls to the Pantheon of Chaos.

Any unit that bears this Icon may re-roll any ones on the to hit dice in the assault phase.

25 points

My buddy Greg suggested this:
Icon of Perpetual War: The Soul Reapers are favored by the Dark Gods so much so that they shrug of wounds that would be mortal for a normal Astartes.

Any unit that bears this Icon may once per battle gain the Feel no Pain USR. The Chaos player announces that they are going to use the Icon and the effects last until the following Chaos turn.

20 points

Kevin emailed me this:
Icon of Chaos Might: Emboldened by the raw energy of Chaos the Soul Reapers use the strength of the Gods to fell their foes.

Any unit that bears this Icon may once per battle gain +1 to their strength for an assault phase. The Chaos player announces at the beginning of the assault phase that they are going to use the Icon and the effects last until the end of the phase.

10 points

The final suggestion was by Brent and it was to just keep them simple and maybe use them as personal Icons/Teleport Homers. Which like I said before isn’t a bad option either.

Unless someone comes up with something outstanding lets run with and refine one of these ideas.

So which idea do you guys like? What about the points values do they seem fair?

What about having two Icon Choices like the cheap Personal Icons and an option to upgrade it to one of the other three choices?

New Chaos Icon needed, Soul Reapers list feedback

Two days since the release of the Soul Reapers playtest list and I have had 6 emails echoing Paul’s comments about Fear is for the Weak combined with the Icon of Chaos Glory.

Quoted from Paul’s post
“Fear is for the weak is OK, but you might as well just give them fearless as they have nearly the same benefit if they take the icon of chaos glory. Give them a new icon option that is sexy and fun. Morale upgrades are boring.”

The last thing we wanted to do was make the Soul Reapers fearless, and we didn’t, but I do see the comparison when the FiftW is combined with the IoCG.

Now we did try a few things as replacements during the early playtests, but just couldn’t find anything we really liked. The only one close to make the cut and even made it in as a special rule for a while was this.

Icon of the Dark Gods: The Soul Reapers are fanatical in offering up souls to the Pantheon of Chaos.

Any unit that bears this Icon may re-roll any ones on the to hit dice in the assault phase.

We charged 10 points for it just like the IoCG. Looking back at it now, I do still like the idea. I think it totally fell off the radar after it became a special rule then was discarded.

Is the Icon of the Dark Gods a flavorful replacement for IoCG? Should I add it to the Playtest list? Do you have a better idea for a New Icon?

All feedback is greatly appreciated!

-Big Jim

PS: I’d like to the Paul, Jase, Mark, Kevin, Joe, Slummy_1, and Nate for bringing this to the foreground now rather than later.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Soul Reapers Mini-dex available for download and playtesting

Finally ready for public viewing!

Galaxy in Flames proudly presents:

The Soul Reapers Mini-dex

Download Here

This book is an unofficial supplement for use with the Codex Chaos Space Marines. You’ll need a copy of it to use the mini-dex.

Please keep in mind that this is a bare bones playtest version of the book with the content and layout being geared towards getting the points values and Special Rules out for trial. The final version will be polished with lots of background and flavor.

So here’s what I’d like from those that are willing. Play games using the list as many times as you can and send me feedback to:

The Beta testing will last from now until the end of February 2010.

I’d like to thank Menzies again for his fantastic Artwork!

Thanks again for all the support during this process.

Clarification: Xusias staff is supposed to have a 12 inch range, damn cut and paste.

-Big Jim

Edit: I've updated the file with a better font for the text and Headers. 09:45 AM PST.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Please Stand by

Hey guys, quick update here. The Flu has hit me pretty hard and I will probably be down and out for the next couple of days.

I will get the Beta test Soul Reapers Mini dex up Friday at the latest.

I will be posting a follow up to my take on Thunderwolves including an updated list over on the Space Wolves blog this week also.

Finally as soon as I am feeling better I'll crack out the new camera and snap some newly painted eye candy for your viewing pleasure!

Friday, December 11, 2009

A look at Thunderwolf Cavalry, from the eyes of a casual gamer

I thought I’d give my take on the Thunderwolf Cavalry from the casual gamers stance, while I am waiting to see Adams keen take on the Thunderwolf Cavalry from a tournament player’s point of view over on the Space Wolves Blog.

I’ll admit that at first I wasn’t really thrilled with the concept of Thunderwolf Cavalry, but I have really warmed up to the idea. In fact after listening to Thunder from Fenris, I cannot imagine not fielding Thunderwolf Cavalry on a regular basis!

The really great thing is that as a unit they are pretty darned good, they are Cavalry so they are Fleet and they Assault 12 inches which makes them potentially very fast moving. Giving them at the worst a 19 inch threat range.

Thunderwolf Cavalry are also very tough with their two wounds and toughness of five only the most powerful weapons are a big threat to them. Opponents with a large volume of fire, is where the Thunderwolves have to be careful.

They also have a lot of useful options making them very flexible, just don’t go crazy with the upgrades! At the very least a couple with Melta Bombs, combined with the rest of them having Strength 5 Rending attacks can make them a serious threat to vehicles as well as infantry.

This is my Space Wolves list for next year, I will be taking as my Tourney list. I’ve decided to give foot sloggin’ Wolves a try, the first tourney of next year is in February so I have plenty of time to test it out!

HQ 215
Rune Priest
Living Lightning, Murderous Hurricane

Wolf Priest
Plasma pistol

Elites 400
5 Wolf Guard
2 in Terminator Armor with Power Fists, 2 Combi-Melta, 2 Power Fists, 1 Frost Blade & Storm shield

5 Wolf Scouts
Melta gun

Lone Wolf
Power Fist, Storm Shield

Troops 680
10 Grey Hunters
2 Melta guns, Power weapon

10 Grey Hunters
2 Melta guns, Power weapon

10 Grey Hunters
2 Plasma guns, Power weapon

10 Grey Hunters
2 Plasma guns, Power weapon

Fast Attack 310


3 Thunderwolf Cavalry
Thunderhammer, 1 Bolter, 2 Melta bombs

Heavy Support 240
Predator Destructor
LC sponsons

Predator Destructor
LC sponsons


For 2000 points I’d drop 2 Grey Hunters one with the second Melta from one pack, and 1 Grey Hunter melta from the other pack for two Drop pods. I’d also pick up two more Thunderwolves one with a Storm Shield.

For the Thunderwolves themselves I've got a few ideas for models to to use for the conversions.

PS: While you might be wondering why I have posted this here as opposed to over on the Space Wolves Blog I have done it for a couple of reasons.

Adam has a clear vision for the Space Wolves blog being a Mecca of all things Space Wolf, from modeling and painting to game winning tactics aimed at getting the most out of your Space Wolves, which is fantastic.

I don't wanna muddy the waters by posting my casual fluffy Wolfy spin on things. Because I am first and foremost a casual Beer and Pretzels gamer, with tournaments and worrying about winning running a distant third after painting and modeling.

After the Holidays are over you can expect plenty of conversion guides/tutorials and painted model eye candy from me over on the Space Wolves Blog, so keep an eye out for them in the New Year, if not a little sooner.

-Big Jim

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A look at 2009 and forward to 2010 on Galaxy in Flames

Looking back at my wargaming experiences in 2009 it has been a pretty good year. I am back full swing into the 40K gaming scene. Although I wish I had made it to a few more tournaments.

I got three long time friend back into 40k and we are reveling in the memories of old, while creating new ones every week. I’m not saying that the other guys in my gaming group aren’t great, but it is really is awesome to be able to game with these guys again.

I’d like to thank the respective owners from each of the following blogs, as you guys are my top referring sites. Sending me plenty of new blood to check out my insanity!











I’d like to give hearty thanks to all the guys that have helped out with the Soul Reapers Mini-dex. From the feedback to the play testing that has been done and will be in the upcoming open play test. I’d also like to give some big time “Props” to Menzies for all his hard work on the Artwork for the project.

Looking forward to 2010, I plan to attend all the major local tournaments. I really want to get out of the Man-cave a little more in hopes to broaden the gaming group. Casual gaming is great but sometimes I really wanna “Throw Down” although I’ll miss the beer while playing.

I plan to have the Soul Reapers Mini-dex finalized and in the can by March. So I can focus on getting my 2000 point Space Wolves up and running by June, then move on to the Hive mind, cause the new Nid dex is looking yummy!

I’ll also be delving into the realm of video battle reports in the New Year. As all the ones out there have inspired me, I thought I’d give some to the community myself.

I would also like to follow up the Mini-dex with a campaign book and maybe attempt to run an online campaign late in 2010.

So again thanks to all of you that follow the insanity that is Galaxy in Flames. I promise more good stuff and randomness in the New Year!

Thanks again,
Big Jim

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rules from the Man-cave: Rules that make you go Hrmm?

Two more rules we use here in the man-cave.

Imagine this:

You are an eight-foot tall, genetically enhanced, Power Armor augmented Space Marine, The Emperors finest soldier, but you can’t seem to manage moving and firing a Heavy Bolter. Hrmm… really?


You are a Tank commander in a tank with 4 different weapons and a crew of 5 including yourself, but as soon as you move your gunners forget how to shoot. Hrmm…what the heck?

Both of the circumstances are silly and make no sense in our opinion. Here are our solutions to these circumstances.

Moving and Shooting Heavy Weapons

Any man portable infantry heavy weapons may move and shoot at half range with a –1 to the models BS.

Heavy weapons that require a crew because they are mounted on a tripod may fire at half their rate of fire rounding down in addition to the previous changes.

Moving and Shooting Vehicles

Any Vehicle that moves at combat speed can fire one weapon as listed in the vehicle rules in the WH 40K rulebook or may choose to fire all of its weapons up to their full range with a –1 to the vehicles BS.

A vehicle that moves at cruising speed may fire one weapon at half range with a –1 to the vehicles BS.

They are both simple solutions that work for us and add more tactical depth to our games. So if you and your opponent are up for a challenge give them a spin.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Unit of the Week 2 for 1: Space Wolves Wolf Priest and Chaos Obliterator

Here is the Starting pic of Edgtho the Ancient, my Space Wolves Wolf Priest, that I am going to paint this week. Although I am showing the in progress work here the finalized pics will go on the Space Wolves Blog. I've decided to buck the current trend of black armored Wolf Priests and put him in the same grey as the rest of my Wolves.

I will also be finally painting the Second converted Obilterator this week too.

Well I finally got my new camera, but now I need to learn how to use it. So some time later this week I'll get the finished pics of the Chaos Squad Hades from last time.

Tyranids on the horizon

I have been so busy working on the Soul Reapers that I have totally ignored the Rumors for the new Nid Codex. Since the imminent release of the new Nid codex is so close, GW have shifted units around on the website to their new location in the Force Org. It looks like this:

Updated Product List

Hive Tyrant
Tyrant Guard

Hive Guard
Death Leaper

Tyranid Warriors
Ripper Swarm

Fast Attack
The Red Terror

Heavy Support

I’m not going to speculate on the current rumors, but I must say that Nid Warriors as a Troops choice makes me giddy! I have 15 of them waiting for me to build when I tackle my Nid Army in Mid 2010.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thoughts on Thunder from Fenris

I just finished listening to Thunder from Fenris the latest Black Library Audio book, written by Nick Kyme. It is a Space Wolf story that follows a group of Thunder Wolf cavalry and their quest to save their Wolfen brother while they contend with a zombie Plague. I just had to get this one as it covers three of my favorite gaming subjects, Space Wolves, Chaos and Zombies!

I must say that I am very impressed! The story is well written and the sound effects were great. As a twenty year Space Wolves fan and gamer, I loved it. The end of the story sent a warm thrill through my body, very epic! Well done Mr. Kyme, you have done justice to the Sons of Russ.

So if you are a fanatical Space Wolves fan or just like audio books, be sure to check out Thunder from Fenris.

Here is the description on the back of the case:

A zombie plague blights the ice world of Skorbad, a planet that is ravaged by war. A heroic band of Space Wolves are sent in to break the deadlock, but these are not just any sons of Leman Russ - they are Thunderwolf riders, an ancient brotherhood, warriors of myth and legend.

During the hunt for the corrupted propagators of the plague, one of the Space Wolves succumbs to the Wulfen curse. Suddenly it isn't just zombies that these feral heroes face in the darkness. Amid the ruins of Skorbad, the Space Wolves must save their fallen brother before a much more horrifying truth is revealed.

-Big Jim

The Characters are going into the play test list

Tomorrow night we are finalizing the Special Characters that have been presented here on the blog and adding them to the document for the play test mini-dex. So If you have any final input please feel free to throw it up, because once they go into the final document they stay until the end of the open play test phase.

SC 1 Titus the Butcher
SC 2 Krüg the Beheader
SC 3 Xusia Sorcerer if Chaos
SC 4 Eris the Seeker
SC 5 Vorenous the Raptor

Those are the links for the Characters, please post any additional feedback here.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thank you GW Empire Hobby Center

I attended the "Invasion!" event at my local GW to play Planet Strike and enter a raffle to win a Realm of Battle game board. A product that I have always thought was fantastic looking but out of my price range as I can build a table from scratch much cheaper. Well as you can probably guess from the pic for the post, that I, much to my surprise won myself a 300 dollar Realm of Battle board!

So thank you Games Workshop for the fantastic terrain board! Very Kool!

I will be chronicling the painting a finishing of the board here on the Blog.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Soul Reapers SC 5: DP Vorenous the Raptor

Vorenous the Raptor

Once a powerful Lord in the Raptors cult Vorenous ascended to Daemonhood on the planet Stalerak. They were fighting the Ultramarines for possession of the planets main Spaceport. Vorenous and his raptors were just finishing off the last of the defenders when he suddenly felt the electrical charge and heard the familiar crackle of a teleporter beam. The Raptors were trapped with no chance to evade their new foe, as they were inside the main building. The only thing the Raptors had in the favor was numbers as they outweighed the Terminators two to one.

The fighting was brutal and unforgiving with the upper hand going quickly to the heavily armored loyalists. Vorenous ordered his Raptors to evade and escape if they could and he would cover their escape. There were three Terminators left facing Vorenous, he leapt forward and skewered the exposed head of the Sergeant with his power sword. When all of a sudden he felt a large jerk and flew end over end as one of the terminators struck him with a Thunder hammer and smashed his jump pack hurling him to the ground. He sprang to his feet and charged the nearest terminator only to be knocked through a wall. As he lay there buried beneath the rubble dazed he heard the whispers of the Dark Gods. He offered up his soul as payment if they would grant him the power to slay his foes in their name.

Thinking that Vorenous was dead the Ultramarines turned to leave the room to complete their mission of retaking the Spaceport. Just then they heard a bone chilling unearthly shriek and crumbling masonry as Vorenous ascended to Daemonhood. It would be the last thing they would ever hear as the Daemon Price tore them asunder.

Vorenous was not gifted with wings when he ascended and being a great champion of the Raptors Cult this vexed him greatly. He was enraged, as he felt betrayed by the fickle Gods. During the rest of the campaign he was in an uncontrollable rage slaughtering more Ultramarines than anyone else in the Soul Reapers warhost.

After the campaign was over, the most loyal amongst his cult sought out to fulfill the desires of their leader. They turned on and slaughtered two of their own as a sacrifice of fealty, offering up the Raptors packs to Vorenous so he could fly once more upon Wings of Fire.

Vorenous the Raptor

WS 7
BS 5
S 6
T 5
W 4
I 6
A 4
LD 10
Points 155

War Gear:
Jump Pack
Personal Icon
Daemonic Handcannon: Vorenous still carries his bolt pistol, although it is hardly a pistol anymore as it was morphed with him upon his ascension to Daemonhood. Known as the Daemonic Handcannon, a very powerful weapon its ammunition is charged with pure warp energy. It has the following profile.

Range: 18
Strength: 6
AP: 3
Type: Assault 3
Special: Rending

Special Rules:
Eternal Warrior
5+ invulnerable save
Outta Fuel: Vorenous was not gifted with wings when he ascended. Instead he has two Raptor packs linked and strapped to his armor. The problem is even with two packs he burns through fuel rapidly due to the Daemon Princes immense weight. Every turn that he makes a jump move roll a D6 after the move is completed on a roll of a 1 he is out of fuel and may no longer make jump moves.

Wings of Fire: Vorenuos is the leader of the Raptors cult within the Soul Reapers. Any force that contains Vorenous must contain at least one squad of Raptors, in addition one unit of Raptors may be selected as a troops choice.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Soul Reapers SC 4: Eris the Seeker

Eris the Seeker
Harbinger of Chaos

Eris the Seeker has been tasked with scouting locations looking for signs of possible resting-places for the Artifacts of Salmora. In addition to this he will usually be the spearhead of any planetary assault that the Soul Reapers launch. He will seek out enemy formations and possible landing sites then transmit them to the fleet. Once his task is done he’ll lay in wait until the battle is enemy is fully committed to the encounter, only then does he rush in on some weak point in the enemy battle line.

Eris the Seeker
Points 175

Power Armor
Bolt Pistol
Frag grenades
Krak grenades
Chaos Bike
Personal Icon
Power Weapon

Special Rules
5+ Invulnerable save
Outflank: Eris grants any unit of bikes that he joins the ability to Outflank.

Spiky death: When charging the bike generates +1D6 attacks at S4 in addition to the attacks of the rider. These additional attacks are due to the spikes and blades on the bike slamming into the target unit and do not benefit from any enhancements the rider may have.

Seeker: Eris is responsible for scouting out the possible resting places of the Artifacts of Salmora. To aid in this task he makes great use of Chaos bikers. One unit of Chaos bikers may be taken as a Troops choice if the Soul Reapers force includes Eris the Seeker

Soul Reapers SC feedback and changes

First off I'd like to thank everyone for their honest feedback on everything that I have posted for the Soul Reapers mini-dex. I even appreciate the harsh criticisms of the whole project that a few have expressed. Because I think it's great to see so many people passionate about Warhammer 40,000!

Ok, on to the changes.

We have lowered the point value of the DP Titus the Butcher to 165pts. He was over pointed by a fair bit in the original post.

This is how we determined the points for Titus:

110 base DP
25 for FNP (Was 45)
15 for Fleet (Was 20)
10 for the Butchers Blade (Was 35)
5 for the Personal Icon

We have also changed the way that the Runes of Chaos work, due to a great suggestion from Max. Here is the new text for the rule.

Runes of Chaos grant the bearer a 4+ invulnerable save in addition to his armor save. Furthermore if the bearer of Runes of Chaos or the unit he is with is affected by an enemy psychic power, the power is nullified on a 5+ dice roll.

The Usurper Bodyguard unit size has been changes to a max unit of 8 models and the heavy weapons upgrade is now listed as one in every four models may take one.

After a great suggestion by Magilla Gurilla and a lot of debate with the guys last night we are going to change the Chains of Torment psychic power to the following.

Chains of torment is a shooting attack that may target any non-vehicle unit within 18 inches. The target unit will suffer D6 +1 attacks at Str5 AP-. Any unit that is hit must take a leadership test or become pinned in place by the chains.

I will be going back and amending the original posts to reflect the changes.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Soul Reapers SC 3: Xusia Sorcerer of Chaos

Chaos Sorcerer art courtesy of Menzies!

Updated 12/03/09

Here is the third Special Character for the Soul Reapers. Don’t forget to check out and post feedback on the other two.
Titus the Butcher
Krüg the Beheader

Xusia of Delis
Sorcerer of Chaos
Master of Malevolence

Xusia of Delis is the leader of the Apostles if Malevolence cabal in the Soul Reapers. He is a very powerful Sorcerer and is Warlord Krügs right hand. His origins stretch back to the great crusade when he was part of the Word Bearers Space marine legion.

He was abandoned and left for dead on the Planet Delis at the end of the Great Crusade, so his corruption took a different path from his former brothers. A sorceress cabal of psychers known as the Deceivers inhabited the planet Delis. During the campaign on Delis the forces of the Emperor unknowingly caused a warp rift to form. Shortly after the planet was left by the Space Marines the repatriated population began to experience mass possessions of its citizens.

Only 6 of the original cabal sorcerers survived the culling of Delis. It was they that found Xusia and healed his wounds. They taught him their dark arts and it was not long before his power was too great for them to control, as he was already a powerful psycher. The Cabal pledged their allegiance to Xusia, they presented him a powerful gift; the staff of Dulgur. Dulgur was the mystical warrior mage and advisor of the Daemon Prince Salmora. Upon the threshold of death Dulgur had bound his soul into his staff so that he could live on to serve his lord even in death. All in the presence of the staff can hear its daemonic whispers of the Dulgur.

For decades Xusia controlled Delis from the shadows, knowing that if he were found the planet would be eradicated. Over this time Xusia became bound to the staff, but he was a willing servant. The Dulgur spoke to him often of the great artifacts of the Salmora. It claimed that a powerful warrior would be drawn to Delis in search of the Salomra’s great warscythe the Golornagoth. This warrior will never claim the weapon without the aid of the staff of Dulgur. So it was Xusias task to determine if the warrior was worthy to possess the Golornagoth.

Xusia had visions of a great warrior on a quest to find the artifacts of Salmora. He was not surprised that the warrior was a fellow Astartes, as they posses the strength and will needed to master the artifacts.

Since joining the Soul Reapers he has created the Apostles if Malevolence a Cabal of Sorcerers responsible for the forced recruitment of Space Marines Loyal to the Imperium into the ranks of the Soul Reapers. He has taken great pleasure in torturing and tormenting captured loyalist brothers until they break and renounce their allegiance to the Corpse God.

Xusia of Delis
Points 200
same stats as a Sorcerer of Chaos

Power Armor
Bolt Pistol
Frag grenades
Krak grenades
Personal Icon
Staff of Dulgur: Xusia staff contains the soul of Dulgur a very powerful Sorcerer that fuels his malice and hate. The staff will nullify any psychic power cast within 12 inches of Xusia on a 4+. It also counts as a Force Weapon.

Runes of Chaos: The inside of Xusias armor is encrusted with many Chaos runes to protect him from the enemies of Chaos. During the inscription ritual 4 psychers are sacrificed and their souls bound to the armor one dedicated to each of the Dark Gods. Runes of Chaos grant the bearer a 4+ invulnerable save in addition to his armor save. Furthermore if the bearer of Runes of Chaos or the unit he is with is affected by an enemy psychic power, the power is nullified on a 5+ dice roll.

Special Rules:
Independent Character
Master Sorcerer: Xusia may use two psychic powers every turn.

Xusia may ride a Chaos Bike for 30 points.

Psychic powers

Doombolt as listed in the Codex Chaos Space Marines on page 88.

Chains of Torment:

Xusia creates small warp rifts under his foes, launching ethereal chains that rend flesh to the bone in an attempt to drag the targets into the warp.

Chains of torment is a shooting attack that may target any non-vehicle unit within 18 inches. The target unit will suffer D6 +1 attacks at Str5 AP-. Any unit that is hit must take a leadership test or become pinned in place by the chains.

Aura of Malevolence:

The presence of the Xusia evokes feelings of dread and terror in his enemies as he floods all of his bitter feelings of hatred, spite and malice at his foes causing even the most strong willed to cower in fear.

The Aura of Malevolence is cast at the beginning of the Chaos turn, with the effects lasting until the beginning of the following Chaos turn. All enemy units within 12 inches of Xusia reduce their leadership by 2 and must pass a Leadership test or fall back.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Soul Reapers SC 2: Krüg the Beheader

I am furiously trying to finish up work on a play test version of the mini-dex that has been asked for. I'm really working hard to make sure all the Special Characters are in it and have been play tested at the very least.

Updated 12/03/09

Here is Krüg as he will appear in the play test mini-dex.

Krüg the Beheader
Warlord of Chaos

Midus Krüg, Captain of the World Eaters Seventeenth Great Company, took the failings of the Heresy bitterly. He was outraged over being forced to retreat from the Walls of Terra only to hide like dogs and cowards in the Eye of Terror. What struck deepest was the slow decent of his Legion. Though the World Eaters were never famed for their professionalism, their conduct or combat tactics, to those within the Legion, there was a core of pride and honor within combat. The Legion's embrace of the Chaos God Khorne had removed all such valor and turned the World Eaters into blood seekers and madmen.

Watching the infection of Khorne enter the ranks of the Seventeenth, Krüg decided action was required. Removing his forces from the Legion's fleet, he risked the lives of his brothers to make sure they would not become the fools that his Legion were to become. His actions were gratified when news of the slaughter upon Skalathrax. As the rest of the Legion turned upon itself, the Seventeenth headed deeper into the Eye of Terror.

Coming upon the daemon world of Terkerak, the Soul Reapers faced their first battle as an independent force. Krüg took the planet by rights of conquest, slaying its former lord, Malekhi, in single combat. While exploring the temple Malekhi had formed for himself, Krüg found many passages scribed on the walls about 'reaping souls for the Lords of Chaos'. Believing a greater power than fate had brought him here, the Seventeenth would forever be known as the Soul Reapers.

The texts within the temple told how Malekhi had managed to come to power and he planned to further it through possession of the artifacts of Salmora. The Salmora was a very powerful ancient Daemon Prince; he found and created a total of 12 artifacts. He used the artifacts to wage war against the chosen champions of each of the Dark Gods, in an attempt to ascend to godhood. Seeking the authority to reunite his Legion and destroy the foul Imperium, Krüg left his new domain in search of the artifacts.

Using the cover of Abaddon's First Black Crusade to sneak past Imperial defenses, the Soul Reapers have been leaving burning worlds all over the Imperium for ten millennia

Krüg the Beheader
WS 7
BS 5
S 4
T 4
W 3
I 5
A 3
LD 10
Points 210

Terminator armor
Twin Linked Bolter
Personal Icon
Daemon Scythe Golornagoth
Soul Stone of Salmora
Runes of Chaos

Special Rules:
Independent Character

Daemon Scythe Golornagoth: One of the twelve powerful artifacts that were once carried by the Daemon Prince Salmora; he used the scythe to rip the souls out of his enemies.

The Golornagoth is a Daemon weapon that grants the bearer an additional D6+1 attacks and +1 strength in assault, any unsaved wound caused by the Golornagoth will kill multi wound models on a 4+, no matter how many wounds the model may have remaining.

The Soul Stone of Salmora: Krüg has bound himself with the Soul Stone in order to increase his power over life and death.

The Soul Stone grants Krüg the Eternal Warrior USR found on page 74 of the MRB.

Runes of Chaos: The inside of Krügs armor is incrusted with many Chaos runes to protect him from the enemies of Chaos. During the inscription ritual 4 psychers are sacrificed and their souls bound to the armor one dedicated to each of the Dark Gods.

Runes of Chaos grant the bearer a 4+ invulnerable save in addition to his armor save. Furthermore if the bearer of Runes of Chaos or the unit he is with is affected by an enemy psychic power, the power is nullified on a 5+ dice roll.

Warlord: Krüg never enters the field of battle with out his personal bodyguard the Usurpers. The Usurpers have been handpicked over ten millennia from the most powerful warriors that the Soul Reapers have to offer.

If Krüg is included in a Soul Reapers army it must include a squad of Usurper bodyguards. In addition to this one unit of Chaos Terminators may be taken as a Troops choice.

Usurper Bodyguard

Krüg believes the ancient expression that says, "keep your friends close and your enemies closer". His bodyguard is hand picked from the most powerful warriors that the Soul Reapers have. Each one has risen through the ranks attaining great skill and loyalty amongst their troops. Keeping them close at hand a grouped together Krüg has kept them from challenging his authority through their own rivalry and distrust of one another.

Usurper Bodyguard are all selected out of the Terminator listing on Page 94 of the codex CSM, all Usurpers must be upgraded to champions. They always count as an Eilte choice.

Unit type:


Terminator armor
Twin-linked bolter
Power weapon

Options: (all options are listed in the Terminator entry on page 94 of the Chaos Space Marine Codex.)
The only Change to the options listed in the codex CSM it that the Usurpers may take one heavy weapon for every 4 models in the unit.

Special Rules:

Chaos Landraider