Thursday, October 27, 2011

Healthy Gamer Challenge update 10-27

Hey guys time for another update, sorry for the delay, family issues have been thick.

So over the past three weeks I have only walked about 40 miles, but have dropped another 7 pounds. Bringing the total loss to 62 making my current weight 313 pounds. I am stoked that I am close to breaking the 300 pound mark.

I am feeling great, I am almost starting to feel like myself again. Being this heavy can really drain on you emotionally, but I can see light at the end of that distant tunnel.

gave the challenge a shout out this week and has already lost himself 20 pounds, congrats dude keep up the hard work!

So hows about the rest of you guys?

Friday, October 14, 2011

AoV Librarian Terminator

Here is a Librarian for Magilla's Angels of Vengeance army. I have finally finished him. I feel bad that it has taken so long, but my injuries have slowed my painting significantly. On top of that this is a repaint as the US post office lost the package with the original miniature and there has been no sign of the package in a search conducted by the USPS.

I'd like to thank Mags for his patience in this time of recovery for me. I had hoped to send him last week, but as you can see that did not happen, my left hand has been shaky from all the rehab and pain. He will be trucking his way to SoCal on Monday via UPS or Fedex!

I went with a slightly darker blue for the armor to match the broodish nature of the AoV's black armor. I have noticed that I forgot to paint his teeth and need to touch up few minor things, grr....

I really like the way the glow on the staff script/whirls turned out

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Healthy Gamer Challenge update 10-06

Ok guys it has been two weeks and it is time for an update post! I have been as busy as I can be juggling the pain from rehab and the weather.

I have walked a total of 25 miles during this period and have lost another 10 pounds. Bringing my total weight loss to 55 pounds.

So my staring weight was 375 and I now weigh 320, I am happy for the loss.

Every week I find myself having more energy to burn.

As soon as my rehab is done on the 14th, I plan to start jog walking in an attempt to strengthen my cardiovascular system even more.

So what have you guys been up to? Have you gotten up from your desk and game tables getting a bit more active? How about those typical gamer snack, have you swapped any for healthier choices?

Share your experiences below if you'd like.