Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chaos Astartes are set for release soon

So the Chaos Space Marine codex did not drop in August as my sources had told me. Times are apparently really tough for rumor-mancers these days.

I have been fed tidbits of info on the CSM codex since late last year. So I had a pretty good idea that a lot of the tasty too good to be true rumors at that time were hogwash.

The latest and most accurate rumors to what I know come from Tasty Taste over on Blood of Kittens. I am glad that he has sources that are still willing to spill the beans, cause mine seem reluctant at best.

So with the post from BoK I feel ok spilling a bit of what I know to confirm some of his rumors.

Basic Chaos space marines are definitely getting a points drop, at first I heard 2 points per model, later only one point.

I had heard most units had a rule similar to preferred enemy verses space marines, now with 6th out the Hate USR fits with this.

Units would potentially get better as they destroy enemy units in assault, this was probably a vague reference to the Eye of the Gods table.

Cultists are back, but with very few options. 

Oblits would gain more close combat weapons options, but this now seems to be a new unit entirely.

Defilers would get better by getting more resilient to taking damage and gaining an Invul save.

Chaos would gain a new skimmer/flyer.

Daemon Princes would get a significant price increase.

Now here are some things I heard that have not been mentioned or confirmed by Tasty's post.

Chaos Bikes would drop in points equal to the value of they loyalist brethren.

Daemon weapons would still poke you in the eye if you rolled a 1, but you would still be able to attack your enemy.

Chaos Dreads would still be crazed, but less likely to kill your own units.

Possible new Chaos Land Raider. (now this was one of the earliest rumors I got, so could have been scrapped early in the process)

I had also heard very early on that a Chaos Lord on a Bike or with a Jump pack would move similar units to the troops slot.

Now with all that said I am still very excited about the imminent release of this codex although at this point I have no idea when it will actually drop. Could be early September or sometime in October.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Gone Fishin': break from the interwebz

Hey guys, I am outta here to go relax and enjoy the hobby for a few days. I will be in a secluded local with a few close friends armed with our miniatures and paint brushes. Good times ahead!

So long story short, I will be away from the keyboard for the next 4 day

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

TCP podcast Episode 9: Setting the record straight about 6th Ed

Jeff and I have done and dusted another episode of the podcast over on TCP.

This was a blast to do, I hope you enjoy it.

Here are the release notes:

This Episode Jeff and Jim go with out notes and let the listeners basically be a fly on the wall of one of their typical conversations. They feel it is important to step up early and tell the community that despite all the negative rants about 6th Ed that they felt the need to set the record straight. 
Having not completely dissected every aspect of the game start looking at the movement and shooting phases with a great deal to follow in the days ahead. As they normally do Jim and Jeff go against the flow and defend 6Th Ed as an amazing accomplishment and far and away the best version of 40K ever printed. 

The two review some of the real highlights in movement and shooting that make this game so much better than its predecessors and talk about the design philosophy they feel GW’s Studio followed in its creation. Always being even handed they do point out where some problems exist but stress the very minor nature of those problems. 

Also Jeff and Jim have a few words for the Tournament Organizers and how they might best embrace this amazing new version of our favorite game.

Monday, July 2, 2012

6th edition starter set contents

So there seems to be a leak in GW's Chinese production facility and the contents of the 6th ed starter set are out of the bag!

Thanks to spaint2k on Warseer for the translation!

The Forces of Chaos:

Chaos Lord: Power sword, plasma pistol, krak and frag grenades

Dreadnought (Hellbeast? Is that the new name?): says twin-barrelled melta gun and power fist - but judging by the stats I think this is a multimelta.

Chosen of the Gods:
Sergeant: power maul, bolt pistol, bolter.
One has a lightning claw, one has a power axe, bolt pistol and bolter, another has power fist, bolt pistol and bolter, two are armed with "cc weapons", bolter and bolt pistols. The squad has frag and krak grenades.

Cultist Squad 1: (IG stats with a 6+ save)
Cultist leader: two cc weapons
Cultists: 1 flamer, 8 cc weapons and autopistols

Cultist Squad 2:
Cultist leader : CC weapon and a gun I don't know the name of: assault 2, 12" range, S4, no AP (shotgun?)
Cultists: 1 heavy stubber, 8 with autoguns.

The Dark Angels:

Captain Balthasar: w/ Power Armour, Power sword, Combi-Plasma, Frag & Krak grenades

Librarian Termiel(?): w/ Power Armour, Bolt Pistol, Force Weapon, Frag & Krak grenades

Deathwing Squad Balachar(?): Sergeant w/ Storm Bolter & Power Sword, 1 w/ Assault Cannon & Power Fist, 1 w/ Storm Bolter & Chainfist and 2 w/ Storm Bolter & Power Fist

Tactical Squad Raphael: Sergeant w/ Plasma Pistol & Chainsword and 9 Marines, 1 w/ Plasma Cannon, 1 w/ Plasma Gun, 7 w/ Bolters. All with Bolt Pistol and Frag & Krak grenades

Ravenwing Squad Allian(?): Sergeant w/ Chainsword, 1 w/ Plasma Gun and 1 w/ Bolt Pistol. All with twin-linked bolters and Frag & Krak grenades

Sunday, July 1, 2012

6th edition initial thoughts

Well 6th ed is here, and I have to say I'm pretty darned happy. It certainly isn't a perfect game system, but it the best 40k system we have ever had in my opinion. As a non tournament player this edition is epic; I do feel for the tournament organizers as it could make for some really tough decisions as to how to handle competitive 40k play at the "go for the throat" level of play. (that is not a slam at tourney players, just pointing out the importance of winning in a tourney.)

Now all this is said without any practical tabletop experience, some of these thoughts may change once I do, but I doubt it!

A little gem I found while composing this post, is on page 10 of the Big Arsed Book. If you look at the second column, second heading "which models are moving". It totally implies that if your heavy weapons dude does not move, even though everyone else in the squad did, that he can shoot at full effect. This is actually pretty huge!

I love that GW have chosen to reinforce the idea that 40k games should tell a story with the whole idea of "Forging a Narrative." That is right up my alley and how I have been playing for years, so comes as easy as breathing for me!

Snap-shot and Overwatch all I can say about these is good going GW, it's about damned time!  Praise the lord and pass the ammunition! 

Armor Saves for failed Dangerous Terrain tests, Hallelujah, some fraking common sense! No longer will your models stub their toes on a rocks and just die.

The overall feel of the rules is really summed up in the muchly over used word "cinematic." That said the word fits the feel and gives clear intent of GW's design team.

The new Psychic powers are great too, I am digging this addition a lot. 

I applaud the additions of Allies and Fortifications to the Force Org Chart. It goes a long way to aid in creating the background on the tabletop.

The new missions are oozing with flavor, I cannot wait to try them out first hand!

Another thing I am in love with is the building damage table! EPIC work GW this makes the game so much more cinematic, I had similar ideas mentioned on the TCP podcast in the recent past!

The rules are much more clear than anything ever has been for 40k. There are plenty of clear explanations and exemptions listed throughout the rules. I am so thrilled with the overall clarity I cannot find the words.

There are many more good things I could talk about, but I'd like to keep this post readable! 

Now onto the only really poorly executed rule: mixed armor wound allocation.

 It is the only thing that I am really scratching my head at, because their has been a huge amount of common sense in this edition, but this will obviously be abused.

The only other thing of note at this point is the FAQ's, I almost don't wanna mention them, but they don't feel even slightly well thought out or comprehensive at all. This by far is my biggest gripe, although it's not that big of one.