Thursday, March 31, 2011

Killzone Cards PDF in time for Adepticon

Brand new and ready for unveiling tomorrow at Adepticon! These cards are meant to add cinematic flavor to your games.

They will be used at the Adepticon Events starting tomorrow. There are professionally printed decks for use on each table at the event.

Secondary Objective Cards: The Secondary Objective cards are designed to add a new wrinkle to your Killzone game, to stretch your resources, and to force you to reconsider strategic options that might otherwise remain untapped.

Secondary Objective Cards are also designed to upturn the results of the game. As such, these cards remain concealed during gameplay in order to mimic the covert and the clandestine nature of your Special Operations Group.

Fate Cards: These cards are designed to add a statistically improbable, but appropriately cinematic, element to a Killzone game. They are not necessarily balanced, and are deliberately designed to offer your Team a boon in the grand, heroic Hollywood tradition.

Good luck to everyone entering the Killzone at Adepticon! I expect lots of pictures to come my way!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Soul Reaper Battle Report Contest

I'd like to announce and thank Magilla Gurilla and the guys over at Table Top War for their support of The Codex Project and my Soul Reapers with this exciting contest he has announced.

Please take the time to visit their blog via the link below and learn the details of entering the contest and how you might win as many as 70 custom resin scenic bases for your army

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Garro: Legion of One

I have really been enjoying the short story audio books from Black library. Legion of One is no exception, in fact I think it is one of the best.

Here is the description from the Black Library site:

"Nathaniel Garro, loyalist Death Guard, and hero of the Eisenstein, has found a new calling in his service to the Emperor. Surrounded by a cloak of secrecy, Garro travels the galaxy in pursuit of his new goal. His quest will lead him to heart of the most destructive warzones, and reveal a secret that will change the course of the Horus Heresy itself..."

I found the revelation at the end of the story to be very Epic as a fan of the Horus Heresy book series! So if you are a fan of the Heresy book series by all means pick up Garro: Legion of One.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Independent Characters Test the live video feed for their Adepticon Coverage

I want to share this information with you guys, lets see if we can give Carl and Geoff some really good feedback!

This coming Sunday 03/27 at 11am PST the Independent Characters Podcast will be doing another test of their live game footage and commentary as they prepare for Adepticon! If you would like to see what they are planning to do, you can get a good idea of it by joining them on their Ustream channel.

Constructive criticism is welcome!

You can join in by visiting the Ustream channel here:

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Galaxy in Flames Review: Secret Weapon Miniatures resin bases

The Soul Reapers are being mounted on Flagstone resin bases from Secret weapons miniatures. I just thought I’d give you my feedback on the bases after working with them for the army.

I got the entire range of the flagstone bases with the beveled edges and they cover: 25mm, 40mm, 25 x 75mm bike and 60mm bases. The bases themselves represent very aged flagstone with creeping moss randomly placed on them. This theme is excellent for the Soul Reapers as they scour the galaxy in search of lost artifacts hidden in long forgotten temples and cities.

The casting on the bases is remarkably clean, with only a few requiring sanding in order to remove excess resin from the base bottom; this was done to make the beveled edges sit flat on the tabletop. They are also almost bubble free, I think outta an armies worth of bases I had 8 or so with small bubbles, which can be easily filled or makes for a reason to remove the random stone tile from the bases for variety; like I did.

I would highly recommend looking at Secret Weapon Miniatures bases for anyone in the market for cool looking themed basing.

The beveled bases range offers the following themes:

Runic Mountain
Urban Streets
Flight Deck
Trench works
Desert Basin
Desert Mesa
Desert Sands
Desert Wasteland

I’d love to see the flagstone line expanded with more bases for variety sake. My suggestions would things like making packs of rubble/damaged flagstone bases. Having missing stones, rubble added from fallen walls or structures; that would be fantastic. I’ll be doing plenty of my own conversions for these types of bases, but it would be wonderful to get them right out of the package!

I’d also like to see Character bases done in 25mm, 40mm and Bike bases to see them stand out from the rest of the army! Similar to what I did with Xusia's base.

Sorry for the delay in posting the review, between the fences around my house falling down in the extreme wind that Norcal has been having and the impromptu joining the cast of Deepstrike Radio, I have been scatter brained.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Big Jim joins Deepstrike Radio

Starting today with the release of Episode 11, I will be joining Chris and Chase on Deepstrike Radio for the foreseeable future. Hilarity will follow!

For those who don't know the show: Deepstrike Radio is a newer podcast aiming to provide something for the 40k hobbyist in all of us. Whether it be fluff, competitive gaming, modeling, painting or just casual fun, providing something for everyone.

So hop on over and take a listen and check out the show! I am really looking forward to adding my own unique flair to the show.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Re-basing Xusia and Titus; plus the Soul Reapers codex and TCP

I have finally gotten around to re-basing the two special characters for the Soul Reapers that survived the loss of the army.

They are both mounted on modified Secret Weapons Miniature resin Flagstone bases. The ruins on the bases are from the Hirst Arts Egyptian block molds.

On Titus' base the extra moss ground cover around the big piece is just some fine sand painted the same way I did the sculpted moss.

I am really please with how these bases turned out. I highly recommend the Secret Weapon Miniatures bases. I'll be doing a full review of them on Monday or Tuesday, showing painted examples of all the bases.

The Soul Reapers Codex has been released on The Codex Project site as the first official playtest Codex.

You can leave feedback on the TCP forums or directly on the Soul Reapers playtest data sheet. I appreciate any and all feedback!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blog and Soul Reapers Updates

I will be back to regular posting next week. Sorry for the lack of updates, life has been stomping all over me.

My vehicle had decided it is time to die about a month ago which has nuked all my going to Adepticon hopes. Unfortunately I am one of those people that has to do most of my travel plans close to the events so I can save the cash for the trip, I just don't make the money I used to; to be able to plan out more than 3 months in advance. So now I must use my travel money combined with my emergency savings to get new transportation.

I urge everyone to support Brian, AKA B.smoove from A Gentleman's Ones with the Killzone events at Adepticon. I would also appreciate if you guys could take plenty of pics for me to enjoy since I will not be there.

I have been spending the little hobby time I have on things for The Codex Project. There are ten Codices in development:

Soul Drinkers
Imperial Fists
Adeptus Arbites
Iron Hands
Legion of the Damned
13th Company SW's
Adeptus Mechanicus
Raven Guard
Soul Reapers (my Chaos Astartes)

I have updated the Soul Reapers codex to reflect layout changes for TCP.

There have been lots of minor tweaks and changes to the Codex.

Until next time,