Friday, August 8, 2014

Warzone Resurrection the basics

I have had a few people ask me to give a very basic rundown of Warzone Resurrection when it comes to table size, model count, game play and cost. So here is the quick rundown.

Warzone Resurrection is typically played on a 4x4 table but has rules to expand it to a 6x4 for large games. Armies can contain as few as 12 models up to 30 models, it seems that 1k points is becoming the standard game level, but some people are pushing that lately up to 1250pts which I personally think is the sweet spot for WZR.

The rules and army lists are available for free on the website, so you do not have to rush out and buy them right away unless you are dieing to know the fluff right out of the gate. So you can literally start playing for around 75 USD that will get you a faction starter and a set of Warzone templates.

Warzone uses a unique resource mechanic to be able to activate special skills or give models extra actions. It really causes you to think about their expenditure. There is also an advanced version of the game that introduces a card deck that each player can build. This allows for new tactics and strategies; adding special Wargear to units, or special skills or the ability to effect the whole battle field with things like a Solar Eclipse that shortens all LOS or an Earth Quake that effects all movement and many more table wide effects.

The game uses an alternating activation system; so you activate a unit do the models actions then you opponent does the same until all units have been activated. The game is D20 based so you have a wider variety to work with for skill numbers.   

Bottom line is Warzone Resurrection is inexpensive to jump into compared to many other major games and has some really dynamic game play that will keep you interested. 

Until next time keep your powder dry and lead flying!