Sunday, September 30, 2012

“Plugged In” with Big Jim

I have decided to create an extremely laid back audio blog/podcast where I talk my wargaming hobby. Sometimes I will have one of my friends on with me to help cover the topic thoroughly.

Most of the time I will be covering something 40k related. With that said topics can and will cover anything wargaming from the far future, to Imperial Colonialism to gaming in the ancient world.

Each episode will be short ranging from 20 to 45 minutes at most depending on the topic at hand. If a topic would take longer to cover it will be broken up over multiple episodes.

The first episode should be up in the next couple of weeks.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Killzone new rule ideas

Here are a few rules that we have been testing, but have not added to the update yet. They may or may not make it in. I figured I would give you a glimpse at what we are cooking up behind the scenes. 
Auto-fire: Any time a stationary model with a heavy weapon that has 3 or more shots fires, the shooting player may choose to initiate an Auto-fire attack; the player lays down a 3 x 5 inch Auto-fire template down with the long edge facing the shooting model. All models under the template generate one extra to hit dice in addition to the weapons usual rate of fire. These shooting attacks are all made at -1 BS. Wounds are allocated one at a time starting with the closest model, you may not place a second hit on any model until every model under the template has been allocated a hit.

Strength in Numbers: If you out number your opponent in the assault phase your models gain +1 to hit with all close combat attacks. However if you lose combat while outnumbering your opponent you have -1 to your leadership test.

Chain Blades: 2 points
Any model armed with a close combat weapon may upgrade it to a Chain Blade. These are vicious flesh rending, armor shredding weapons. Chain Blades are AP 4. (You may not upgrade combat accessories to Chain Blades)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Changes to 6th ed Killzone

I have been asked a few times since last night to list the major changes in the 6th ed update. To be totally honest there are no major changes, mostly minor tweaks.

Killzone Overwatch became Opportunity Fire

Grenades are thrown following the rules from the 6th ed MRB.

Assault distance is 4inches plus a D6, this was done to make sure that models with the new versions of fleet and equipped with Jump packs function properly.

I upped the limit of Jump Infantry and Bikes/Cav from 2 to 3 models in a standard list.

Some of the Killzone Wargear got tweaks as well; they are the Auspex, Medi-pack, Suspensors, Targeters and Thermal Imaging.

In missions with Reserves deployment 3 models may deploy via Deepstrike.

That is about the extent of the changes, although there has been some rewording of some rules/wargear for clarity. 

I am working on a team leader traits chart that I will hopefully be incorporating into the official update.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

6th Ed Killzone Beta Released

It's final here, the S.O. Killzone 6th edition beta is available for download! This is not the finished update, it has no pics and most of the flavor text has not be added in; this is to get you guys back on the table. Let me know of any hiccups you find during play.

I have also uploaded the printer friendly versions of the Mission and Fate cards. You can print them out and paste them to regular playing cards.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Killzone Update Imminent

I know this has been a long time coming, but I wanted to digest 6th ed before updating Killzone.

I am going to release and unrefined shake down version of the 6th ed Killzone the last week of September. It won't be pretty (no pics), but it should get you guys playing. That way you can point out any bugs you find before the final update.

At the beginning of November after any additional kinks are worked out, I will be releasing the official update for 6th. Including a commissioned piece of cover artwork for the new books.

I am really excited to get this update out to you good folks! I have had a lot of fun playtesting over the past few weeks.

I will not be updating Codex Operatives until I get a chance to see and digest the upcoming Chaos codex. So any issues that you see in there should be reported ASAP.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Blog news and narrative gaming updates

I have started up a new Facebook page for the narrative events I run locally. I plan to talk about narrative gaming in general as well a do all the lead up work for my events and campaigns there.

If you are interested feel free to jump into the conversations on Big Jim's Narrative Gaming Productions!

Now onto the blog news:

It has been hard to maintain Galaxy in Flames as well as podcasting on 2 shows, commission paint, watch over TCP, while keeping engaged on the Custodes forum. I have become so busy in the hobby the blog has suffered, so goes life.

So the plan for the blog going forward is to put my painting and modeling here as well as battle reports. I do plan to post once a week from this point on as well, I am behind in posting pics of miniatures that I have finished in the past few months. Everything else will move to the appropriate other sites that I maintain.

So Killzone will move exclusively to TCP. Although I will post links to updates here.

Narrative gaming other than battle reports will move to FB

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Imperial Victory on Denari!

Yesterday was my latest and greatest narrative event "the battle for Denari". It was a total blast just like last time. The Forces of Order squeaked out a 5th turn victory earning 30 objective points in the final seconds of the game!

I'd like to thank everyone that participated and made this a very fun successful event!

Special thanks go out to Carl from the IC's, Scott, Josh and Jeremy for the awesome terrain they brought to the event to help make the table awesome!

I'll be doing a proper battle report soon including a nifty bit of the ongoing narrative. For now here are some quick pics I shot. There are more pics and even better shots on Sean's Blog Army Undecided, he did a little write up on the event as well head on over and check it out!