Sunday, January 26, 2014

War without end: the Mutant Chronicles universe

The Solar System is a battlefield. From Mars' red deserts to the steaming jungles of Venus, conflict rages. From the huge caverns of the Mercurian underworlds to the cold hells of the Asteroid Belt, battle lines are drawn. The great megacorporations make war on each other. The fanatic soldiers of the Brotherhood clash with the undead warriors of the Dark Legion, who, in the names of their demonic masters, seek to conquer all who live. There is no peace. There are only small gaps between wars, when the combatants seek to rebuild their strength before another cataclysmic clash with their eternal enemies.

The Megacorporations

Where once there were nations, now there are only corporations. They rule the inhabited worlds. Everything is driven by their relentless quest for dominance and profit. The megacorporations are gigantic entities, fiscal titans who bestride the worlds of humanity, bending everything from foodstuffs to firearms. Their workforces are numbered in the billions. Their wealth is beyond counting. Their conflicts shake the tortured planets with their violence.

To be an employee of a corporation is to be part of a way of life and to commit yourself body and soul to a cause. Every moment of every day, the citizens and workers are bombarded by the propaganda of their employers. They are told that only their corporation is right, that only their way of life is good.

The citizens of democratic Capitol know that they are free and that all others seek to destroy their freedom. Capitol's huge armies are commited to defending that freedom.

The subjects of Bauhaus' Four Elector Dukes know that they are surrounded by enemies who covet their wealth and their technical superiority. The generals of Bauhaus' military orders work hard to ensure that their wealth is preserved.

Those who serve Mishima's Lord Heirs know that only they understand the true meaning of honor and that the universe is full of those who seek to take advantage of the strife in their ancient dominions. The Samurai stand ready to give their lives in defense of those lands.

The clansfolk of Imperial are just as certain that only the strong survive, and by their conquests, they prove their strength.

The enigmatic employees of Cybertronic know that they are the focus of universal hate and that all seek their destruction. To succeed, their enemies must overcome their cybernetically enhanced defenders.

So conflicts are bred. So wars are born. In a time of economic catastrophe and scarce resources, these beliefs are enough to drive millions to war.

The Brotherhood

Rising above the wars of the corporations are the members of the Brotherhood, the spiritual guardians of humanity. At the head of the Brotherhood stands the Cardinal, the most powerful man in history, a being of enormous spiritual, moral and temporal power. He is served by countless billions. Missionaries spread his word, Inquisitors hunt down his heretical enemies. Seers wield the strange mystical powers of the Art in his name. Countless soldier-fanatics are ready to die at his command.

Faith in the Cardinal is the last remaining glue that binds humanity together. People of nearly every corporation (with the notable exception of Cybertronic) attend sermons in the towering Cathedrals on the walls of which the eternal truths of the Chronicles are inscribed. Citizens of every corporation heed his message of hope and redemption. They all need something to believe in, for the times are dark.

The Dark Legion

Those who serve the Dark Apostles are the eternal enemies of all humanity. The numberless hordes of the Dark Legion raise their gigantic Citadels on all the worlds of humanity. Undead warriors swarm against the armies of humanity and force even the fallen to serve them. Countless Heretics infest every corner of human society and spread their message of corruption and rebellion, fostering wars between megacorporations, spreading distrust and hatred among humanity.

They serve Ilian, the Schemer, Mistress of the awesome mystical power of the Dark Symmetry. They revere Algeroth, Apostle of War, Master of the Dark Technology. They heed the lies of Semai, Apostle of Spite, who turns sibling against sibling. They dance to the insane tune of Muawijhe, Lord of Madness. They revel in the abominable foulness of Demnogonis, Apostle of Corruption. These mighty beings serve a greater master, the ultimate source of all evil, the Dark Soul.

The Apostles are not only the enemies of humanity, but of each other. Their minions often skirmish in battles for leadership and dominion. Thus are even more battles fought. Thus is yet more blood spilled.

The Cartel

In the face of unrelenting attacks from the Dark Legion, even the megacorporations have declared an uneasy and sporadic truce. So mighty are the servants of the Dark Apostles that they have forced the corporations to band together to oppose them. Thus was formed the Cartel, a cooperative organization which acts in the name of all the megacoprorations, seeking to maintain a fragile peace and coordinate operations against the Dark Legion. The greatest servants of the Cartel are the legendary Doomtroopers, recruited from the finest warriors of all the corporations, trained to a peak of perfection inconceivable to lesser mortals.

So far, the Cartel's success has been mixed. It has managed some triumphs against the Dark Legion, but has completely failed to keep the peace among the megacorporations. Indeed, it is more a vehicle for negotiating temporary cessations in hostilities than a true representative of human unity. Still, in offers the only fragile hope that a united humanity can stand against the darkness.

The Warzones

On all the inhabited worlds of the Solar System, there are warzones - huge areas of conflict where the megacorporations and the Dark Legion clash.

On Mercury, fiefworld of ancient and honorable Mishima, hundreds of small guerrilla wars are fought between the representatives of the megacorporations as they seek control of the huge, underworld caverns and the incredible mineral wealth these contain.

In the jungles of Venus, human armies besiege the towering Citadels that rise above the primordial jungle while the megacorporations make war against each other for possession of the riches of the Graveton Archipelago.

Amid the ruins of southern Mars, the soldiers of all the great powers fight for what remains of the most fertile region in the system, even though the canals are dry and the great desert once more encroaches.

Amid the tiny worldlets of the asteroid belt, fierce battles are fought between Imperial and the Dark Legion. These conflicts are all the more savage because of the restricted areas they are fought in.

On no world is there peace, nor is there any prospect of it. This is an age of war, in which humanity fights for survival and only the cunning and the mighty can hope to triumph. This is an age in which sharp reflexes and good weapons make the difference between life and death.

I'd like to give a shout out and thanks to my buddy Neuicon for saving me from having to type this all out from the books. Check out his Mutant Chronicles blog, Tales from the Warzone.

Next time I will talk about the basic mechanics of Warzone Resurrection.

Until next time, keep your powder dry and lead flying!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Big Bob Watts enters the Warzone painting challenge

Ok so I got a wild hair to paint the Hero of the Capitol Corporation the bad ass himself Big Bob Watts. A seriously cool miniature sporting 2 miniguns!

Until next time, keep your powder dry and bullets flying!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Help Save S.O. Killzone

Special Operations Killzone needs your help. I am not currently playing much in the way of 40k at all; I have been more involved in 30k for a while now. Couple this with the fact that I have been heavily involved working on stuff for Warzone Resurrection and the cost of the rapidly releasing 40k codices and you might understand why Codex Operatives is woefully out of date. On top of that I am getting constantly emailed telling me that the Codex Ops is out of date.

Basically it boils down to the fact that I do not have the time or am willing to spend the money to keep the Codex Operatives updated or any idea of when I might be able to tackle such a project on my own.

If SO Killzone has any hope of getting properly updated it will only be through the help of the community. The main rules are set and good to go as is, but the codex operatives needs a 6th ed update for everything after Dark Angels.

I have asked for help in the past and even had a few people say that they were gonna help, which is great, but this time around if you volunteer you need to have the initiative to get these things rolling without me assigning a task; I am very busy currently and do not have the time to micromanage the project.

What needs doing and what are you looking for? Codex: Daemons, Tau, Eldar, Space Marine, Sisters of Battle and Tyranids need doing. You need to look for special rules and Wargear that will mess with the one man unit dynamic of SO Killzone.

If you are willing to help out email me at galaxynflames @ gmail dot com

With your help Special Operations Killzone can thrive in 2014!

Until next time, keep your powder dry and lead flying!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Warzone Resurrection Painting Challenge January

Here is my initial commitment for January, 8 Undead Legionnaires, a Necromutant squad commander and a Necrobeast Rider. If I decide to paint more, I will add a pre painted shot here to let everyone know!

Everyone has from today until Feb 12th to paint their pledges. Also anyone can join at any time, since this is a for fun lets get our stuff painted challenge. So far it looks like about 10 people will be joining and painting along, which is great!

Until next time, keep your powder dry and lead flying!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Warzone Resurrection painting challenge!

Many of us are sitting with large piles of Prodos games resin goodness in our possession and they ain’t gonna paint themselves. I figure it is time to as a community motivate each other to get our armies on the table!

This painting challenge is for Warzone Resurrection models only, painting old school models is not what this challenge is for; this is to motivate people to paint their new miniatures.

If you choose to participate you will be pledging to paint 10-12 models in a one month timeframe; which is basically a starter sets worth of minis. You may paint more if you wish, but the 10-12 is your initial goal.

The only prize is the satisfaction of having painted miniatures to game with.

This Challenge will run from Wednesday Jan 15th until Wednesday June 11th. At the start of every 4 week cycle just tell us what you are going to paint, then post an unpainted or primed pic with the current date in the background and then get to painting! When you are finished painting post pics of your work for everyone to enjoy.

At the end of every month I will gather up the finished photos from the participants and post them here on my blog, to showcase the glory of everyone’s painted miniatures!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Dark Legion observations: Warzone Resurrection

After months of trying things out here are my observations on playing the Dark Legion in WZR.

This army functions best as a synergistic force, each unit has a strength and almost all of them work better in cooperation with the others.

Seriously you need to preplan your synergy when building your list and be very mindful of unit placement during deployment. The list gets even more brutal when playing the advanced game with the Dark Legion card deck. I affectionately call it the “Screw You” deck, cause that is what you will be doing to your opponents units! I will discuss the card deck in a future post.

Warlords and Heroes

Alakhai as a Warlord is Solid, but you cannot just run him off looking for combat, he will get shot up if not well supported. His Summon the Darkness ability is phenomenal, sure it costs 4 Res, but early in the game it is the perfect spoiler to keep your army alive while you maneuver into position.

Valpurgius is the Bee’s Knees of Warlords although he is the most expensive and most squishy in melee. His access to the Dark Symmetry powers makes him worth his weight in gold. He can really boost the Dark Legion units like no other and is a great debuffer to the opponents units. You just have to keep him protected to make him effective.

Golgotha is an excellent support hero although she can be a Warlord as well; her passive boosts make the tough Legion units very resilient!


Legionnaires are fantastic for tying up shooting units in melee. I would not bother bringing a unit of less than 8; they just are not resilient enough to survive long with only 5 models.

Necromutants are pretty solid all rounder’s and my buddy hates when I get into close combat with them. Since even when they are killed they are dangerous! Don’t forget to try out the Grenade of Flies against units without flamers. Hit an enemy unit with the grenades then assault that unit with large squads of Legionnaires.


Razides are very good with there Passive: Unstoppable rule meaning they ignore all cover modifiers. That rule is why I will always run at least a pair of them.

Praetorian Stalkers are fantastic shooters with their Scythes of Semai, plus the augmentation of the flamer is money in the bank.

Praetorian Behemoths are a giant rocket magnet, which is good and what he is there for. His Unstoppable Charge is brutal on your unsuspecting enemies; this ability will force your opponent to spread out if he is paying attention; if not he will next time! The Keg grenade is a fantastic synergy weapon. He hits the enemies then you mop them up with you lesser squads since the enemy armor value will be halved.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Years Soul Reapers codex update

Happy New Year people!

With a new year we need an updated new version of the Soul Reapers Codex. There are lots of subtle changes.

The biggest change is the removal of the Cohort Tactics from the individual Characters and made a coherent centralized listing for them. This is in a similar style to what was done in the 6th ed Codex Space Marines.
I have removed the cultists from the book replacing them with Heretic squads that may be lead by a Soul Reapers Aspiring Champion.

There are some new upgrade options for some squads like Teleport homers and Chain Axes. These are fluffy for the Soul Reapers and quite frankly Chaos Marines in general.

Download your copy here:

Until next time, keep your powder dry and lead flying!