Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Killzone: progress update

Just a quick note here; first off sorry the blog has been a little silent. I have been fully engrossed with the Killzone rules committee and getting the official Beta test rules ready for release.

We are nailing down the last few details for the codex errata's. The Killzone Basic Rules are off for layout and editing work.

We are working hard to make the rules as solid as possible.

The plan is to release them in the next week or so.

We have plenty of big things planned as we move forward, so keep an eye out.

Tomorrow I will be starting a new weekly series to the Blog. Killzone Spec Ops Group modeling, it will detail the creation of my teams for the various armies of the 40k universe. In tomorrows offering I will be sharing more of my Space Wolves and get the first models from my Tyranid group posted. Hopefully serving as inspiration for your own SOG's and teams.

Until the next!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Killzone: news, reviews and updates


Adepticon wants to enter the Killzone!

Since the cat is outta the bag and I don't wanna be scooped on news about my own creation; Killzone will be at Adepticon next year.

B.smoove of the A Gentleman's Ones blog and I were going to keep this under wraps a while longer. Waiting to break the news when we got the official errata's done and the rules update on the 7th of September, the guys at Adepticon want to start building buzz now and buzz we shall.

B.smoove will be running a Killzone event at Adepticon 2011, I will do my best to be there at his side. I cannot thank enough B.smoove for getting Killzone this recognition!

We are both very excited about this proposal so expect us to do something special in the near future.

More news as the event develops.

Looks like I have to go to Adepticon for sure.

Killzone gets its first Review

Atrotos of the Rules Manufactorum reviewed Killzone yesterday. Even though the rules are still in development it received a very favorable review. Follow the link and see what he had to say, and let him know what you think.

I must say, I am shocked and excited how well the Killzone rules have been accepted. I am truly humbled by all the support and accolades that I have received in the short time we have been working on this project.

Killzone Development Update

First off I would like to thank all the members of the Killzone Rules Committee. Without you guys I would still be very early on identifying issues in the Codex Errata. Thanks a lot!

We have gone over all of the rules additions that are part of the basic rules, made some tweaks and amended them for the official playtest PDF.

Karitas of Excommunicate Traitors fame made a great new Logo and wrote a new preamble/introduction for the rules.

“In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war; but war has many faces. Epic battalions wage endless conflict throughout star systems, grand heroes set themselves on the stage of the universe; mighty titans stride across virus ravaged worlds.

But sometimes, the universe turns on a smaller stage.

The blade in the dark, the brave last stand of the chosen few, the quiet work of closed doors and darkened strategiums.

To be a man in such times is to be one among uncounted billions, but sometimes, one man can make a difference.”

Special Operations Killzone is a set of fan created rules for creating and playing skirmish games within the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

It is intended as a supplemental way to play the game, and as such a set of Games Workshop’s core rules and Codices for any armies used is essential to understand and play this ruleset.

Players will choose an elite team and undertake vital actions set against the stage of wider conflict. This ruleset aims to enable cinematic play in the style of tier one assets of a universe at war.

More great stuff to come, stay tuned!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Talking Killzone on the Imperial Vox Cast

I will be on the live recording of the Imperial Vox Cast sometime after 8:00PM PST tonight. The guys have been running some Killzone games and I will be on the show via Skype. I will give information on the status of the project and talk about the great team I have assembled to make this a great set of 40k Skirmish rules.

So if you have the time come check it out on the live show otherwise it will be up in the episode 33 podcast later this week.


Friday, August 20, 2010

This week in Killzone II and Soul Reapers update

It has been a hectic real life week for me, but I have still been able to get a few things done for Killzone.

First up the Killzone Rules Committee has been formed. It consists of the following gamers, bloggers and hobby enthusiasts.

AJ from the Imperial Truth podcast blog
B.smoove from A Gentleman's Ones
Karitas from Excommunicate Traitors
Menzies from the 512th Cadian
Sons of Taurus from his self-titled Blog
Suicide Badger from MAWS 40k
Counterfett from All things Fett
Geoff from the Independent Characters Podcast
Master Bryss

The Killzone also has support from the following Podcasts

The 11th Company
The Imperial Vox Cast
Dice Like Thunder

The first thing we will be working on is tightening up the rules and errata that have already been done on Killzone. The intent is to make the basic rules ironclad, since so many have expressed an interest in doing Killzone tournaments.

Once this is done we will move on to the wackiness that will be involved in the Optional Advanced Killzone rules.

Design update:

Campaign system: The ground work for the campaign system has been laid, we will be building upon this foundation over the next few weeks. The goal is to give a simple yet elegant way to fight campaigns with out getting bogged in overly complicated mechanics.

Plasma Weapons: As you guys know I have been trying to address the overpricing issue with plasma weaponry. I have decided to give plasma weapons two fire modes Low and High intensity. High intensity uses the normal rules for the weapons out of standard 40k, Low intensity uses the following changes; S5 AP3 and does not get hot.

Soul Reapers Update

All playtesting and updates on the Soul Reapers Mini-dex are on hiatus until November. In November it will enter the final stages for publication. Culminating with the release of finished PDF around my birthday in January 2011.

Thanks for the continued support!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Killzone Rules Committee

I need help from the Galaxy in Flames community with Killzone. I mentioned this on the 11th Company interview and in my post yesterday. I would like to set up a committee to help me with the various aspects that need working out for the Spec Ops Killzone 40k skirmish rules. So far I have had a few emails expressing interest to join, which is great.

Things I need help with:

Playtesting feedback and battle reports.

Scenario design.

Designing the campaign/experience system.

Optional advanced rules that need vetting for the final PDF.

Other things that could be useful:

Maps for each scenario showing the objective placement.

Some nifty original artwork to splash throughout the PDF.

A Watermark to go in the background of each page.

A few fluff stories to toss in.

I would like a minimum of 6 members, but will accept any and all that are interested.

Email me at galaxynflamesblog @ gmail .com

I can offer no compensation other than my thanks and credit in the final PDF.

I am certain that with your help we can make this one of the best 40k skirmish systems around.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Killzone podcast interview and blog update

Hey guys, the Big Jim 2010 Podcast tour continues this week.

I am on episode 30 of the 11th Company podcast talking about Killzone. I apologize in advance for the "umm's" in my interview. The interview was done about two weeks ago, so it was early in the process, as you know I have progressed on the rules a lot since then.

If you are interested in joining rules committee and helping with Killzone as I mentioned in the interview, just let me know.

In other Blog news, today I have reached 200 followers! I would like to thank you all for the support over the last year and a half. I am happy that so many people enjoy my rambling while I promote living outside the official 40k box.

I will be doing something special for you guys in the near future!

This week there will be more Killzone Errata's and Scenarios posted up. I had a crazy week at work last week so I didn't get to post a Space Wolves or Tyranid modeling updates. This weekend I will give updates for both.

So thanks again!


Edit: as of 1 PM PST the Killzone Playtest PDF has been downloaded 160 times! Thanks for the support of the project guys!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Killzone: Eldar, Necron and Chaos Marine Errata

Three more down! Let me know if I missed anything.

Eldar Errata

Eldar teams may take a single Warlock Psyker.

Plasma Grenades: all elder models may take plasma grenades at a cost of two points. They may be thrown just like other grenades and have the following stats: Strength 4 AP4 small blast.

Harlequins: due to the change in the movement rules, I have decided that they need a perk from their flip belts. Harlequins move 7 inches in a normal move, may run 14 inches and are never hindered by difficult terrain.

Exarch Powers: Powers that affect the Exarchs squad use the Area Effect rules. All models from the Exarchs Aspect within the area of effect gain the bonuses from the powers.

Weapons Platforms: Place both of the gun crew in base contact with the weapon: the weapon and team count as a two wound model.

Necron Errata

Necron teams ignore the Phase out rules in Killzone.

Wraiths and Scarabs move as jetbikes, but don’t count toward the jetbike limit.

All Necrons that are able to make a We’ll Be Back roll may do so as long as there is another team member of any type with the Necron rule within 6 inches.

Chaos Space Marines

Chaos Space Marines may take a Thousand Sons Aspiring Sorcerer as a Psyker, as long as the team contains at least one Rubric Marine.

Rubric Marines within 6 inches of a Sorcerer act under command.

Squad upgrade Icons use the Area Effect rules, a model may only be affected by one icon at a time; so no stacking. Cult Marines gain no bonus from Icons.

Possessed roll for their Daemon kin before deployment.

Lesser Daemons start on the table unless the scenario allows deepstriking, if it does they must be held in reserve.

Killzone: Dark Angels and Black Templar Errata/FAQ

I am surprised how little there is to fix with these two. In fact the books are so out of date I felt the need to throw them each a flavorful bone!

Dark Angels and Black Templar Errata/FAQ

Both use the following:

The Auspex and Targeter entries are ignored; if you want these upgrades use the Killzone versions.

Assault Cannons: Use the rules and points values from the 5th ed Codex Space Marine.

Storm Shields: Use the rules and points values from the 5th ed Codex Space Marine.

Dark Angels may take a single Ravenwing Landspeeder from the Ravenwing attack squadron entry, if the team includes any bikes.

Black Templar teams may purchase one of the Vows listed in the Emperors Champion entry of the HQ section at half the points cost rounding up. Even though the Champion is not on the field of battle the Templars have already taken their vows.

PS: I don’t wanna hear any whining about the normalized Assault Cannons and Storm Shields. Cause we all know they will be identical once these books are redone.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Killzone: Inquisition Errata/FAQ

I am certain I have missed something, so please feel free to bring up any issues that I may have missed.

An Inquisition Team may contain one Psyker.

Inquisitorial Retinues: to gain the benefits from the retinue they must be within 4 inches of the Inquisitor. They work as written in the codex as long as this requirement is met.

The Auspex and Targeter entries are ignored; if you want these upgrades use the Killzone versions.

No Orbital Bombardments of any kind.

Your team may only include one Officio Assassin.

Your team may include one Death Cult Assassin.

No Allies: at the scale that Killzone represents the operatives of the Inquisition are enough to complete their own tasks.

Grey Knights

You may choose to have your one Psyker be a Grey Knight Brother Captain Terminator.

Standard Grey Knight Terminators are not considered Psykers and have no powers.

Adeptus Sororitus

Here are the rules for faith points and their acts of faith. (these may change but it is a start.)



  • Only Veteran Sister Superiors may use Acts of Faith.
  • Any Choice from a unit with the Adepta Sororitas special rule is worth 1 Faith point
  • Any Veteran Sister Superior is worth 2 faith points
  • A model may activate one Act of Faith per turn.
  • A model may not attempt to use the same Act of Faith more than once per Game; although models may be effected by combination's of several different Acts.
  • Acts of Faith remain in play until the Sister Superior uses another Act of Faith, falls back or is killed.
  • Acts of Faith are unaffected by special rules that work on or against psychic powers, and models using them are not counted as psykers.


Praying to the Emperor to channel His wrath through their bodies, the Sisters strike down their foes with preternatural strength.
Cost: 3 Faith Points
Effect: Each model within 4 inches adds +2 to its Strength, but will strike at Initiative 1.

Guided by the will of the Emperor Himself, the shots and blows of the faithful shatter their enemies’ armor with contemptuous ease.
Cost: 3 Faith Points
Effect: Each model within 4 inches gain the following benefits: when shooting, any rolls which cause a wound on the roll of a 6 count as AP1. In an assault, any rolls which cause a wound on the roll of a 6 count as being made by a power weapon.

The faithful leap and weave through the chaos of melee, striking at their foes with a speed born of their holy fervor.
Cost: 2 Faith Points
Effect: Each model within 4 inches adds 2 to its Initiative. May not be used in the same phase as Hand of the Emperor, and does not override weapons that always strike last or at Initiative 1, neither does it change the effect of any type of grenade.

The Sisters are filled with the knowledge that the only thing they need fear is failing the Emperor of Mankind. Armed with such faith, the enemy holds no terror for them.
Cost: 2 Faith Points
Effect: Each model within 4 inches becomes Fearless, which means that it will automatically pass any leadership tests it is required to make.

The Sisters’ prayers steel their bodies against the weapons of the enemy. They will die when the Emperor is ready to accept their souls, and not a moment before.
Cost: 3 Faith Points
Effect: Each model within 4 inches gains a 4+ Invulnerable save.

(Many thanks to Bestia from the Imperial Truth for the help with these.)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Killzone basic rules PDF: playtest version 1

I have combined all the basic rules into a PDF for download. This should make it easier to find the pertinent changes to try the rules out. Keep in mind that this is still a work in progress project.

Playtest Scenario

For the initial playtests, I suggest using the following scenario: place 5 objectives on the table, one in the center of the table and one centered in each table quarter.

Deploy your Teams within 8 inches of your table edge. Infiltrators may not be deployed within 12 inches of an enemy model or within 4 inches of an objective.

Ending the Scenario

The player controlling the 3 or more uncontested objectives after turn 5 five ends the game. Gaining a 20 Mission Point advantage.


Once a team is reduced to 25% (rounding up) of its starting model count it must take a leadership test at the beginning of each of its turns, if it passes it continues to function as normal. The test is taken on the team leaders LD stat, if he is dead it is on the highest LD left in the team. If the team fails its leadership test the team routes and the game ends.(Even teams comprised completely of Fearless models will route, so must take the break tests when reduced to 25%)

Note: If you are using two teams in the group, then each group tests for leadership independently. In order for the game to end, both teams in the group must fail their leadership test.

Determining a Winner:

Killzone uses what are called Mission Points to determine which side wins. Just forcing your opponent to break and rout off the battlefield does not mean that you won. These can be gained by completing objectives, and killing your opponents models.

A model is worth half its value rounding up in Mission Points. Some scenarios change these parameters and any changes will be outlined in the mission briefing.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Killzone: new force design idea and a change to Scenario Objectives

Thanks to War009, I have come up with the following changes to the force building rules. This should allow you a little more freedom creating a theme for your teams.

These restrictions remain in place as written in the Team Building post.

A team may contain no more than two models with 2+ armor saves.

A team may contain no more than two models with Jump Packs.

A team may contain no more than two bike, jetbike or cavalry/beast models.

The proceeding restrictions can be lifted by purchasing the appropriate Theme upgrade listed below.

Armored Might: This theme allows you to take as many models with 2+ Armor saves in your team as you desire. You may select this theme for 25 points.

Death From Above: This theme allows you to take as many models with Jump Packs in your team as you desire. You may select this theme for 25 points.

Swift As The Wind: This theme allows you to take as many models that are Bikes, Jetbikes or Cavalry/Beasts in your team as you desire. You may select this theme for 25 points.

Due to the increased speed that forces may take with these themes I feel that a change in when scenario objectives can end the game is paramount. I will address these in the currently posted Scenarios and the others that will be posted soon.

Objectives held uncontested after turn 5, may trigger the end of the game at the beginning of the controlling players turn.

It is a small change but it will help balance things for the mostly foot themed forces.

Thoughts, questions, comments?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Non-Codex Marines in Killzone

I am wondering if the non-Codex chapters of Space Marines should have more freedom to show their unique style in Killzone. I have been really focused on trying to keep the scenarios and teams balanced, that I may be handicapping the flavor of the non-codex chapters.

I have to thank AbusePuppy for bringing this up in the Space Marine Errata comments.

If you look at the Killzone force building guidelines you will see the following restrictions.

A team may contain no more than two models with 2+ armor saves.

A team may contain no more than two models with Jump Packs.

A team may contain no more than two bike, jetbike or cavalry models.

These are the three restrictions I am debating making mutable for the different non-codex Chapters.

Blood Angels may forgo the option to take two bikes; this will allow them to take two more Jump Pack equipped models. Increasing them to a total of four Jump Pack models.

Space Wolves may forgo the option to take two Jump Packs; this will allow them to take one additional Bike/Cavalry models and one additional 2+ armor save model. Giving them a total of three in both categories.

Dark Angels may forgo the option to take two Jump Packs; this will allow them to take either two additional 2+ armor saves or two additional bike models. It will allow the force to feel more Deathwing or Ravenwing like depending on the choice made.

I am open to suggestions on Black Templars should we follow this route to fruition.

So these are my initial ideas, what do you guys think? Good idea or Bad?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Killzone Errata: Tyranids

This errata is surprisingly short, I am sure I missed something.

These are the initial changes to the three 5th edition Tyranid list for Killzone.

Disregard the Instinctive Behavior rules for games of Killzone.

Horamgaunts may move an additional 2 inches when running in clear terrain. (This is to offset the extra advantage they usually benefit from with their Bounding Leap special rule.)

The Lictor and Ygmarl Genestealers have following changes.

If the scenario does not allow reserves replace these units special deployment rules with scout and infiltrate. If the scenario does allow reserves they use their normal rules.

If I missed anything you can think of, please let me know.

Also here is an FYI for you guys, I have posted pictures of my Space Wolf Spec Ops Group over on the Space Wolves Grey blog. So why don't you head on over an let me know what you think!


Friday, August 6, 2010

Killzone: Psykers are in, for now

After much consideration my initial ruling of no psykers really hurts the Inquisition forces. So I have decided to allow the few psykers that can be taken outside of the HQ force organization slot.

One model in the whole Special Operations Group may be a psyker, so even if you are using two teams only one member may be a psyker.

If the psyker comes from a squad entry the only the squad leader counts as a psyker and may cast psychic powers. Any other member of the squad counts as a normal non psyker model. For example a Grey Knight terminator squads Brother Captain would be a psyker and be able to cast powers; any other Grey Knight terminators taken could not.

I will be covering the specifics of the Imperial Guard Psychic Battle squad in the IG errata.

I have done this with reservations so if you find psykers to be too powerful let me know and I'll work something out.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Killzone Errata: Codex Space Marines, Space Wolves and Blood Angels

These are the initial changes to the three 5th edition Marine lists.

Teams purchase individual models from the Elite, Troops, Fast Attack and Heavy Support unit selections in their codex. A little basic math skill will be required to figure out some individual points costs.

For example a Marine Tactical squad sergeants cost is determined by subtracting the cost of the 4 standard marines from the squads base cost. So the cost for the Marine sergeant is 26 points. (90-64=26)

There is no minimum number of models to unlock special or heavy weapons options. For example you could take 2 tactical marines and arm one with a melta gun and the other with a missile launcher.

There are no free weapons upgrades for Tactical squads, Grey Hunter and Blood Claw packs. These weapons must be purchased from the following points list.

Special Weapons:
Melta gun……….5pts
Plasma gun……...10pts

Heavy Weapons:
Heavy Bolter…………5pts
Missile Launcher……10pts
Plasma Cannon……..15pts

Any upgrade items that affect the whole unit like the Wolf Banner use the Area Effect Rule in the Basic Killzone rules.

No model may Deepstrike or Teleport unless the Killzone scenario special rules allow them to.

There may be other issues that crop up, but this is a good starting point. I am sure that I will add to this in the future.

Spec Ops Killzone: Rules Archive

This will be the archive for all the Special Operations Killzone rules posts. I will update it whenever I make a post about the Killzone 40k Skirmish rules. There is a link to this post on the left sidebar of the blog under the GiF Rules Archive heading, it should make this post easy to find. Click on the pic below for the current PDF's 12-09-11

These are the old rules PDF's:

Killzone Rules

Killzone Errata

Killzone Missions

Here is all the background work for the rules.

The Ideas for 40k Skirmish

Basic Rules Changes

Building your Force for Killzone

Playing the game

Scenario I: Encounter

Scenario II: Sentry Grid

Killzone new things to add

Modeling a Killzone Team

Killzone Errata: Codex Space Marines, Space Wolves and Blood Angels

Killzone: Psykers are in, for now

Killzone: Tyranid Errata

Killzone: Inquisition Errata

Killzone: new force building ideas

Killzone: Dark Angels/Black Templars Errata

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Killzone: Modeling your 40k skirmish units

Here is the RT era Ogryn I use in my IG Team.

With all these posts about skirmish gaming 40k with Killzone or Kill Team, I would be remiss if I did not cover the topic of modeling your units.

You could very easily just use models from your existing 40k armies, and this is a fine way to get started. I think the true beauty of these small scale games is the opportunity to create unique models to use in the games. It can also be the perfect opportunity to pull out some old minis and put em on the table, like the Ogryn I showed above!

The modeling could be as simple as making each model have a different pose to really complex kit-bashing conversions with dynamic posing.

Giving life to the story element of these mini campaigns with these unique models can make the games that much more memorable!

Making each team member an individual will also help in keeping track of which models have special upgrades. Plus it also will aid in the story driven system even more as the model gains experience and gets more abilities as the campaign progresses.

It might be tough to create a unique force for some armies like Necrons and Nids. With a little creativity even those forces can have character.

So over the next few weeks I will be modeling two Spec Ops Groups for Killzone.

I have started the first for my Space Wolves, which I will be showing on the Space Wolves blog very soon.

For the Second force I have decided to model a Tyranid hunting group. The only two things I know will be going in is for sure are a Warrior with a Bonesword and Lashwhip as the leader and at least 3 or 4 Genestealers. Creating unique models in a Nid force does pose a few challenges which is why I have chosen it as my second force.

Edit for B.smoove, Ogryn "Rain Grenades"

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Killzone: working on the errata and new things to add

I am currently working on the codex Space Marine, Space Wolf and Blood Angels Killzone errata/FAQ's. Man finding the issues for these errata/FAQ's is turning out to be quite a hefty task.

I would really appreciate any help you guys could give me in finding these issues in the other lists. Otherwise it is gonna be a long time before I will be able to get the playtest version of the rules up.

Any help with the following books would be great.

Daemon Hunters
Witch Hunters
Black Templars

Email the list of quirky things and any suggestions to me. (galaxynflamesblog@gmail.com)

Here are a few things to be added to the basic rules.

Psykers: No Psykers of any kind may be used in Killzone.

3 Wound Models: No model may have more than 3 wounds in Killzone.

Reactive Assault: When a model is assaulted any friendly models withing 3 inches may choose to counter assault to aid their comrade. To do this they must pass a leadership test, if they succeed they charge into combat, They do not gain the +1 attack for assaulting unless they have the Counter Attack USR.

Team Leader:
Pick one model from your team to be the team leader, preferably the model with the highest leadership. All models within 6 inches may test on his leadership. This model gains +1 wound if he only has one in his base stats; if the model has more than one wound already it gains +1 attack instead.

Area Effect: There are many items in 40k that are carried by one model and effect the whole unit that they are part of or attached to. These items don't work properly in Killzone without some tweaking. These items will have an area effect in games of Killzone. Any friendly model within 6 inches of a model carrying one of these items gains the benefits from the item.

Things that may be added:

Rock and Roll: Any Infantry model that does not move may double their weapons rate of fire this turn, however they suffer a -1 to all their to hit rolls. For example a Marine armed with a bolter could fire twice at 24 inches or fire 4 times under 12 inches.

Defensive Fire: Any model that did not run, shoot or participate in an assault in it's player turn and is within 3 inches of an objective may use Defensive fire in its opponents player turn. If an enemy model moves within 6 inches of a model that can use defensive fire; the model may shoot at its enemy with a -1 to all its to hit rolls. You may only defensive fire one time, so if you are being overrun life stinks!

Plasma Pistols: I may universally lower the cost of Plasma Pistols to 10 points for BS4 or higher models and 5 points for a BS3 or lower models. (In my opinion PP's are way overpriced for a one shot a turn weapon that can kill its owner.)

Sons of Taurus gave this as an option for plasma pistols:

Plasma: instead of lowering cost, maybe just get rid of gets hot? The spec ops guys can be equipped with better gear

Which of the two options would you prefer, if you were choosing?

Monday, August 2, 2010

This week in the Killzone: playtesting, more rules and Podcast mentions

First up I would like to apologize for reigning the Scenario releases in. I needed to focus on looking at the oddities in the different armies created by killzone.

This week I will start coverage of each codex and the little quirks that need changing to operate properly in Killzone games.

I will be covering things other things like unit upgrades like Chaos Icons or Wolf Standards and their effects in KIllzone too. I will also be introducing you to the counter charge mechanic for your Killzone games.

I played about 8 games of Killzone this week, it has been a blast. We keep finding little things that need addressing so the playtesting is actually working.

I went down yesterday and played some Killzone with Carl and Geoff from the Independent Characters Podcast we had a lot of fun. Again we found a few issues that need resolving.

I Talked about Killzone along with progressing as a hobbyist on their podcast. It was a blast so go check it out!

Episode 09 - When Disco was King!

Also this week the 11th Company with Neil and Pat discussed small scale 40k games, with a good discussion of Killzone. To top it off 'Cheating' Steve even talks bout a game he played with against Pat using the Killzone rules.

Episode 28: Story Games, Exaggeration, and More Gamers Lounge

I am pleasantly surprised how well this project is being received. I really want to thank you all for the continued support!