Friday, August 20, 2010

This week in Killzone II and Soul Reapers update

It has been a hectic real life week for me, but I have still been able to get a few things done for Killzone.

First up the Killzone Rules Committee has been formed. It consists of the following gamers, bloggers and hobby enthusiasts.

AJ from the Imperial Truth podcast blog
B.smoove from A Gentleman's Ones
Karitas from Excommunicate Traitors
Menzies from the 512th Cadian
Sons of Taurus from his self-titled Blog
Suicide Badger from MAWS 40k
Counterfett from All things Fett
Geoff from the Independent Characters Podcast
Master Bryss

The Killzone also has support from the following Podcasts

The 11th Company
The Imperial Vox Cast
Dice Like Thunder

The first thing we will be working on is tightening up the rules and errata that have already been done on Killzone. The intent is to make the basic rules ironclad, since so many have expressed an interest in doing Killzone tournaments.

Once this is done we will move on to the wackiness that will be involved in the Optional Advanced Killzone rules.

Design update:

Campaign system: The ground work for the campaign system has been laid, we will be building upon this foundation over the next few weeks. The goal is to give a simple yet elegant way to fight campaigns with out getting bogged in overly complicated mechanics.

Plasma Weapons: As you guys know I have been trying to address the overpricing issue with plasma weaponry. I have decided to give plasma weapons two fire modes Low and High intensity. High intensity uses the normal rules for the weapons out of standard 40k, Low intensity uses the following changes; S5 AP3 and does not get hot.

Soul Reapers Update

All playtesting and updates on the Soul Reapers Mini-dex are on hiatus until November. In November it will enter the final stages for publication. Culminating with the release of finished PDF around my birthday in January 2011.

Thanks for the continued support!



  1. Yay! I am helping!

    Just let me know what you want me to do, and I'll get cracking!

  2. Send me an email so I can send you stuff off site!

    galaxynflamesblog @ gmail .com

  3. Hmm... I think Low Intensity shots should be S5. Right now, the only thing about High that makes it better versus any 3+ save army is that it can kill Terminators, making it a sorta situational profile. If it's two Strength higher rather than one it gives a better reason to choose high (do I wound MEQ on 3s or do I risk it and wound on 2s?)

  4. I agree with Master Bryss on this one, but I would not have this for plasma pistols and leave the "ignores gets hot" rules from PDF v.1

  5. Some days, I just wanna crack my head against a wall. The Low intensity is supposed to be S5 AP3, I have had too much going on in my head, sorry for the typo guys.

    I have something special planned for plasma pistols on low intensity, but we will discuss this off site.


  6. S'alright, that's what we're here for. I do that kinda stuff sometimes too.