Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Killzone: progress update

Just a quick note here; first off sorry the blog has been a little silent. I have been fully engrossed with the Killzone rules committee and getting the official Beta test rules ready for release.

We are nailing down the last few details for the codex errata's. The Killzone Basic Rules are off for layout and editing work.

We are working hard to make the rules as solid as possible.

The plan is to release them in the next week or so.

We have plenty of big things planned as we move forward, so keep an eye out.

Tomorrow I will be starting a new weekly series to the Blog. Killzone Spec Ops Group modeling, it will detail the creation of my teams for the various armies of the 40k universe. In tomorrows offering I will be sharing more of my Space Wolves and get the first models from my Tyranid group posted. Hopefully serving as inspiration for your own SOG's and teams.

Until the next!



  1. Looking Forward to the release!

    You guys really have been chugging along at a break neck pace!

  2. Surprisingly (yeah I know) I am looking forward to the release too. I finally gave the rules a read through and think what I have seen so far is very nice. I know I have expressed a general feeling of not liking fan made stuff but I think the reason I have been able to get behind this project is that it is encapsulated in itself and is not an add on to an existing game (even though it adapts rules from one).

    I am looking forward to seeing what you guys have come up with, and figuring out some crews for Adepticon next year.

  3. I'm getting excited about the whole project. I rarely have time to play a game. But if nothing else these rules will give me an excuse to paint small groups of mini's that I never intend to turn into a full army.

  4. Hey BigJim, is it ok if I post a little article about SO:K at the blog? Not giving anything away, just want to start getting people excited.

  5. Thanks for all the comments!

    Huron, I am happy to see you on board!

    Inner Geek, thanks, I am lovin those Beast marines that you are working on. They would make a fine SOG.

    Counterfett, by all means go for it! Ramping up the anticipation is a good thing!


  6. I'm excited to see the next update for your Killzone rules. I've got some ideas for a few teams based on miniatures I already have, but I do plan on modeling a new one to go with my current army project. Just waiting for the beta edition, my thanks to you and the Committee.

  7. Yeah Thanks for all the effort Jim and everyone, I've been wanting a skirmish style game and NecroMunda is just too outdated for me to want to re-learn/remember how to play.

    My Gaming Group and myself are going to be using these rules in an upcoming campaign, when you drop the beta will it include an experience or campaign system?