Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Non-Codex Marines in Killzone

I am wondering if the non-Codex chapters of Space Marines should have more freedom to show their unique style in Killzone. I have been really focused on trying to keep the scenarios and teams balanced, that I may be handicapping the flavor of the non-codex chapters.

I have to thank AbusePuppy for bringing this up in the Space Marine Errata comments.

If you look at the Killzone force building guidelines you will see the following restrictions.

A team may contain no more than two models with 2+ armor saves.

A team may contain no more than two models with Jump Packs.

A team may contain no more than two bike, jetbike or cavalry models.

These are the three restrictions I am debating making mutable for the different non-codex Chapters.

Blood Angels may forgo the option to take two bikes; this will allow them to take two more Jump Pack equipped models. Increasing them to a total of four Jump Pack models.

Space Wolves may forgo the option to take two Jump Packs; this will allow them to take one additional Bike/Cavalry models and one additional 2+ armor save model. Giving them a total of three in both categories.

Dark Angels may forgo the option to take two Jump Packs; this will allow them to take either two additional 2+ armor saves or two additional bike models. It will allow the force to feel more Deathwing or Ravenwing like depending on the choice made.

I am open to suggestions on Black Templars should we follow this route to fruition.

So these are my initial ideas, what do you guys think? Good idea or Bad?


  1. What was the purpose of limiting them in the first place? In other words, if you do allow these changes for the different non-codex chapters, what is the potential balance implication?

  2. That is a very balanced way to approach it Jim. You are making the rules mutable enough to still allow in the flavor of the individual dex's.

    I would say this however: What about White Scars? Snake-Eyes plays a White Scar type army and uses the regular "vanilla" dex. The rules should be mutable for the vanilla dex as well. So you could have a White Scar or Raven Guard style army with Jump Packs (though few run them that way).

  3. I'm inclined to go with the crowd here- what is the purpose of the limitations on bike/jump/cavalry models? I can see it in theory (they're too fast for small tables), but if Killzone is played the way 40K in 40Min and Kill Teams are, the table will be _lousy_ with terrain, which can be very awkward for everyone but cavalry (and they have their own issues with ruins and buildings).

  4. I have to agree.... But looking at the restrictions of kill team by GW a codex marine player can field 5 terminators but a Dark Angel player can not. Restricting the the unit choices I do understand and by un restricting them we end playing a normal game of 40k but that is not the point of SO kill team but a hand picked team of specialists to do a assigned task. The restrictions are good but the implications and that may be brought on in balance may hurt the game and idea. What about adding a specialist rule set for an army sorta like the last dex...swift as the wind for 5 points (more units may be taken on bikes but points must be paid for the bikes etc. And use these for the vanilla dex to create a fluff based SOG team.

  5. Thanks for all the comments guys! The feedback is greatly appreciated.

    The limit is a balancing factor, but AbusePuppy is right with tons of terrain the imbalance of speed might not be a huge issue.

    With that said, I think War009 wins the thread with a fantastic idea! My mind is now racing with ideas of how to implement this concept into the force building rules.

    I'll post my ideas in a few hours.

    Thanks again guys!