Friday, August 13, 2010

Killzone: Inquisition Errata/FAQ

I am certain I have missed something, so please feel free to bring up any issues that I may have missed.

An Inquisition Team may contain one Psyker.

Inquisitorial Retinues: to gain the benefits from the retinue they must be within 4 inches of the Inquisitor. They work as written in the codex as long as this requirement is met.

The Auspex and Targeter entries are ignored; if you want these upgrades use the Killzone versions.

No Orbital Bombardments of any kind.

Your team may only include one Officio Assassin.

Your team may include one Death Cult Assassin.

No Allies: at the scale that Killzone represents the operatives of the Inquisition are enough to complete their own tasks.

Grey Knights

You may choose to have your one Psyker be a Grey Knight Brother Captain Terminator.

Standard Grey Knight Terminators are not considered Psykers and have no powers.

Adeptus Sororitus

Here are the rules for faith points and their acts of faith. (these may change but it is a start.)



  • Only Veteran Sister Superiors may use Acts of Faith.
  • Any Choice from a unit with the Adepta Sororitas special rule is worth 1 Faith point
  • Any Veteran Sister Superior is worth 2 faith points
  • A model may activate one Act of Faith per turn.
  • A model may not attempt to use the same Act of Faith more than once per Game; although models may be effected by combination's of several different Acts.
  • Acts of Faith remain in play until the Sister Superior uses another Act of Faith, falls back or is killed.
  • Acts of Faith are unaffected by special rules that work on or against psychic powers, and models using them are not counted as psykers.


Praying to the Emperor to channel His wrath through their bodies, the Sisters strike down their foes with preternatural strength.
Cost: 3 Faith Points
Effect: Each model within 4 inches adds +2 to its Strength, but will strike at Initiative 1.

Guided by the will of the Emperor Himself, the shots and blows of the faithful shatter their enemies’ armor with contemptuous ease.
Cost: 3 Faith Points
Effect: Each model within 4 inches gain the following benefits: when shooting, any rolls which cause a wound on the roll of a 6 count as AP1. In an assault, any rolls which cause a wound on the roll of a 6 count as being made by a power weapon.

The faithful leap and weave through the chaos of melee, striking at their foes with a speed born of their holy fervor.
Cost: 2 Faith Points
Effect: Each model within 4 inches adds 2 to its Initiative. May not be used in the same phase as Hand of the Emperor, and does not override weapons that always strike last or at Initiative 1, neither does it change the effect of any type of grenade.

The Sisters are filled with the knowledge that the only thing they need fear is failing the Emperor of Mankind. Armed with such faith, the enemy holds no terror for them.
Cost: 2 Faith Points
Effect: Each model within 4 inches becomes Fearless, which means that it will automatically pass any leadership tests it is required to make.

The Sisters’ prayers steel their bodies against the weapons of the enemy. They will die when the Emperor is ready to accept their souls, and not a moment before.
Cost: 3 Faith Points
Effect: Each model within 4 inches gains a 4+ Invulnerable save.

(Many thanks to Bestia from the Imperial Truth for the help with these.)


  1. You may one to change the wording around in the Acts of Faith remain in acts stay in effect till Veteran Sister Superior attempts another Act of Faith. I could see, myself included, trying to run around with a fearless strength 5 sister with a possible rending weapon or a strength 8 eviscerator that also rends. Cause I could. But over all very nice.....may have to play test sisters this weekend along marines.

  2. Good point, I changed the wording. Does that work better?

    Thanks for the feedback!


  3. Nice work Jim.
    You really have put a lot of TLC into this project.
    The question I have is on the assassins. If you forgo the Official Assassin, could you take a second Death cult assassin. I see these as a more reliable and cost effective option at 250 or less points. Additionally, they are much more fragile so having two of them shouldn't be a game breaker.
    Just a thought.

    Also, have you thought about limiting Demonhosts? At 85 points they have 4 wounds. Just a thought. Then again, no one but my semi-regular opponent Curtis seems to take them, so it is probably a non-issue.

  4. That Assassin idea is not bad Mags, I'll keep it in mind as we go forward.

    No Daemonhost as kool as it is, because of the 4 wounds. Then again like I keep saying if you wanna let him field them by all means do. These are house rules after all.


  5. Sounds good to me, effective but not game breaking. The only thing I would say is that eldar should be able to take a warlock in their team, with their powers affecting all models within 4 or 6 inches perhaps? Eldar are meant to be the master psykers after all.

    Or am I just jumping the gun and you have already planned to put this in the eldar errata?

  6. I know that Daemonhosts currently are not allowed. However, allowing radical Inquisitors access to one (and only one) might be fun. But, like I said, no one but our friend Curtis ever seems to use them - so it probably will not come up.

    We are finishing up our Eridu Campaign this weekend, so starting next week we are going to run 5 Kill Team games and 5 Killzone games. We will video tape both of them and then compare and contrast them....
    ...even though we have a good idea of which will come out on top.

  7. David, I will be getting to the Eldar soon and yes they will be able to take a single Warlock.

    Mags, like I said, go ahead and let him use one, I am sure it won't break the game.

    I look forward to your comparisons!


  8. Hey Big Jim .... could you change the thanks to Bestia from the Imperial Truth -