Monday, August 2, 2010

This week in the Killzone: playtesting, more rules and Podcast mentions

First up I would like to apologize for reigning the Scenario releases in. I needed to focus on looking at the oddities in the different armies created by killzone.

This week I will start coverage of each codex and the little quirks that need changing to operate properly in Killzone games.

I will be covering things other things like unit upgrades like Chaos Icons or Wolf Standards and their effects in KIllzone too. I will also be introducing you to the counter charge mechanic for your Killzone games.

I played about 8 games of Killzone this week, it has been a blast. We keep finding little things that need addressing so the playtesting is actually working.

I went down yesterday and played some Killzone with Carl and Geoff from the Independent Characters Podcast we had a lot of fun. Again we found a few issues that need resolving.

I Talked about Killzone along with progressing as a hobbyist on their podcast. It was a blast so go check it out!

Episode 09 - When Disco was King!

Also this week the 11th Company with Neil and Pat discussed small scale 40k games, with a good discussion of Killzone. To top it off 'Cheating' Steve even talks bout a game he played with against Pat using the Killzone rules.

Episode 28: Story Games, Exaggeration, and More Gamers Lounge

I am pleasantly surprised how well this project is being received. I really want to thank you all for the continued support!



  1. It is great that you got so many games in... we get pics?

    Oh and congrats on the Podcasts!

  2. I will post pics of this weeks playtests. Last week was so intense dealing with the newness of the rules we completely flubbed taking pics.

    I really love the podcast coverage, it great!

  3. It was a blast having you down Jim! You gotta remember to bring the RIGHT CASE next time so you have some models to play with =D

  4. LOL, Well at least it left me free to help out during the game with the rules.

    Thanks again for letting me join you in the boiler room!

  5. At least I didn't fail with the KillZone name! :) This is going to be a lot of fun for us. We're going to keep pressing forward with using KillZone in some mini-games for our little story campaign. We'll keep you posted.

  6. Lol, thanks Neil! I am looking forward to the input!

  7. I'm interested in potentially incorporating these rules into a tournament based on KillZone. Like play 7 games on a Saturday or something.

    Either that or incorporate them into a 3-game tournament in which before each full-size game, you play a game of KillZone, and the results of that game give the winner advantages in the big game of 40k.

    Could be super fun.

  8. Nathan, I am hoping to make the final rules clear enough to do that.

    Those are both great ideas and part of the reason for doing this, at least from a game play stand point.


  9. I did Flip my game with steve, when we remembered to record at the end of turns, i just need to get off my butt and slap it in movie maker,.. i will have it done with in a day or so.

    pat 11th company

  10. I am liking the SOKT games and had a few questions regarding some of the rules like do the units have to stay in squad cohesion.

  11. Ohh very Kool Pat, I cannot wait!

    War009, there is no coherency in Killzone, each model is a unit of one. Their will be times that it will be beneficial to stay close to you team mates and other times when it won't.

    I should have a prelim PDF up for the basic rules by next week. That should help.


  12. Thanks looking forward to downloading them