Thursday, August 5, 2010

Spec Ops Killzone: Rules Archive

This will be the archive for all the Special Operations Killzone rules posts. I will update it whenever I make a post about the Killzone 40k Skirmish rules. There is a link to this post on the left sidebar of the blog under the GiF Rules Archive heading, it should make this post easy to find. Click on the pic below for the current PDF's 12-09-11

These are the old rules PDF's:

Killzone Rules

Killzone Errata

Killzone Missions

Here is all the background work for the rules.

The Ideas for 40k Skirmish

Basic Rules Changes

Building your Force for Killzone

Playing the game

Scenario I: Encounter

Scenario II: Sentry Grid

Killzone new things to add

Modeling a Killzone Team

Killzone Errata: Codex Space Marines, Space Wolves and Blood Angels

Killzone: Psykers are in, for now

Killzone: Tyranid Errata

Killzone: Inquisition Errata

Killzone: new force building ideas

Killzone: Dark Angels/Black Templars Errata


  1. Thank you!
    Lazy readers of America rejoice!

  2. lol, no prob Mags! It needed to be done.


  3. Hey, been workin' on Orks and IG.

    Quick question on IG. They have LOTS of units in which its not obvious what the cost of the individual models are (pretty much all of the troops choices). Biggest deal is sarges are better stat wise, but there's no clear way to price them out. Regular platoon is 50 points. So it'd be 5 for each. But the sarge is better. If you make regular guardsmen 4 points each, then the sarge is 14 points. That doesn't make sense. Should sarges just cost more? Or just cost the same as a regular squad member?

    As well, on veterans, I figured that both Forward Sentries (defensive grenades and camo cloak) and Grenadiers (carapace armor) made sense to be 3 points per model (30 divided by 10). But demolitions is tricky as one model gets a demo charge and everyone gets a meltabomb. Maybe 2 points for just meltabombs and 10 points for meltabombs and demo charge? Not sure.

  4. IG will be up very soon, sorry for the delay.

    You are on the right track with your points value estimations.


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