Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Killzone: working on the errata and new things to add

I am currently working on the codex Space Marine, Space Wolf and Blood Angels Killzone errata/FAQ's. Man finding the issues for these errata/FAQ's is turning out to be quite a hefty task.

I would really appreciate any help you guys could give me in finding these issues in the other lists. Otherwise it is gonna be a long time before I will be able to get the playtest version of the rules up.

Any help with the following books would be great.

Daemon Hunters
Witch Hunters
Black Templars

Email the list of quirky things and any suggestions to me. (galaxynflamesblog@gmail.com)

Here are a few things to be added to the basic rules.

Psykers: No Psykers of any kind may be used in Killzone.

3 Wound Models: No model may have more than 3 wounds in Killzone.

Reactive Assault: When a model is assaulted any friendly models withing 3 inches may choose to counter assault to aid their comrade. To do this they must pass a leadership test, if they succeed they charge into combat, They do not gain the +1 attack for assaulting unless they have the Counter Attack USR.

Team Leader:
Pick one model from your team to be the team leader, preferably the model with the highest leadership. All models within 6 inches may test on his leadership. This model gains +1 wound if he only has one in his base stats; if the model has more than one wound already it gains +1 attack instead.

Area Effect: There are many items in 40k that are carried by one model and effect the whole unit that they are part of or attached to. These items don't work properly in Killzone without some tweaking. These items will have an area effect in games of Killzone. Any friendly model within 6 inches of a model carrying one of these items gains the benefits from the item.

Things that may be added:

Rock and Roll: Any Infantry model that does not move may double their weapons rate of fire this turn, however they suffer a -1 to all their to hit rolls. For example a Marine armed with a bolter could fire twice at 24 inches or fire 4 times under 12 inches.

Defensive Fire: Any model that did not run, shoot or participate in an assault in it's player turn and is within 3 inches of an objective may use Defensive fire in its opponents player turn. If an enemy model moves within 6 inches of a model that can use defensive fire; the model may shoot at its enemy with a -1 to all its to hit rolls. You may only defensive fire one time, so if you are being overrun life stinks!

Plasma Pistols: I may universally lower the cost of Plasma Pistols to 10 points for BS4 or higher models and 5 points for a BS3 or lower models. (In my opinion PP's are way overpriced for a one shot a turn weapon that can kill its owner.)

Sons of Taurus gave this as an option for plasma pistols:

Plasma: instead of lowering cost, maybe just get rid of gets hot? The spec ops guys can be equipped with better gear

Which of the two options would you prefer, if you were choosing?


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  2. One thing I have wondered, both in this version and the original Kill Team: what do you do for units that roll for a random effect?

    Example: Penal Legion (Imp Guard) Do you roll on the table to see their bonus once for the whole team or for each model? Once is less paperwork (rolling mulitple times, keeping track of who has what, etc.), but each model having its own effect seems like it would make them more individual.

  3. In my version I would prefer that each was rolled individually, but I could be convinced to do it the other way if a convincing case were made.


  4. Daemons don't have psychic powers, they have 'gifts'.
    How is daemonic assault treated?

  5. The gifts are fine, because without them the Daemons would have no ranged attacks.

    I think we may ignore the Daemonic assault rule for Killzone games. The thought being that the daemonic incursion is already well under way. I have not decided on this one yet.


  6. If I have a suggestion to make:
    - I would not allow a model to have more than 2 wounds. The reason for this is a few armies have access to inexpensive models that are already eternal warrior and two wounds. That third wound is really going to make it hard to get rid of that one model.
    - The justification for this is the fact that this is a battle fought between two advance or scouting units of opposing armies. While there is sure to be a good leader in the group, the true leader should be spending their time elsewhere.
    - I am not a fan of over-watch being able to be used for the entire unit. I think a better way to use over watch is to make it a WARGEAR option. That way you can protect a vital area from your opponent, but you don't see shooting armies dominating the movement phase.
    - Suspensor's: Messing around with this power, I have come to the conclusion that while this is a great ability, it needs more balancing. Instead of relentless, how about slow and purposeful. This has a similar benefit, but with a penalty that is more balanced. Additionally, this should be about 15 points.

    Okay, so I had more than one. :-)

  7. Mags, thanks for the honest feedback.

    I understand what you are saying on the multi-wound front, but if I limit it to 2 wounds it bones armies like the Nids. That limitation would give them a total of five units to choose from for list building.

    Overwatch as it is listed now, may only to be used by weapons of the heavy "type" in the basic rules. The overwatch for the entire unit isn't an issue unless you choose to open it up to all models as an optional rule.

    The defensive fire is different with a 6 inch range and only if you are defending your objective. Although this may not make it into the basic rules, it will be an optional "advanced" rule.

    I can easily add the 5 points to the suspensor wargear.

    You do realize that models with SaP move a constant 4 inches in Killzone, because I changed the rules for moving in difficult terrain? I can see what you are saying and slowing the movement down on a heavy weapon that can fire on the move makes sense.

    Maybe I'll make the stipulation that if you plan to move and shoot using the suspensors the models movement is done as if in difficult terrain.

    Thanks again,

  8. As for suspensors, IIRC the RT version let you move and fire at full range, but slower, so SaP could be a good fit. The 3rd ed Deathwatch one let you move and fire, but at half range. I think either one could be a good balancer.

  9. I forgot about the third ed Deathwatch ones, that is s good compromise. Consider it done.

    FYI, if you purchased more than one suspensor, which was legal, in Rogue Trader then you could move full rate and fire.


  10. What help do you need on the Witch hunters, I have played Sisters of Battle since 1997.

  11. War009, email (listed in the Post) me and we'll talk. I just need to know what issues may come up. I already have a short list for Witch Hunters.


  12. MY offer of assistance still stands, If I can manage it i'll do some list building and testing over the coming week.

    one problem glares out at me though as a long time DH codex player.

    this line "Psykers: No Psykers of any kind may be used in Killzone." means you can't feild a single grey knight. as they are all psykers.

    would it be better for the rule to say "no psychic powers can be used"? as then you could feild knihgts, but not buy them the powers.. hrm, or could you - is "the shrouding" a pschic power...


  13. The cost of plasma pistols is again linked to Strength (as it can be used as a CCW) so the better option would be to lose Gets Hot!

    As for army issues, you'll need to decide what happens to Synapse for Nids. Also, I would remove the 'take a wound if you roll a '1' to fleet' part of the Waaagh! rule, as it's just daft on one man units.

  14. Just remembered: what happens to Heavy Weapons and Artillery teams that consist of two one-wound models (for example two Eldar Guardians may form a weapons team with a gun platform between them)?

  15. For Witch Hunters one of the big things would be Faith Power tests, since for regular units they're tied to unit size. Units of one would be able to use some powers very easily and others not at all. IMO the best and easiest solution would be to have everyone take Ld tests for Faith Powers like ICs do instead of based on unit size.

  16. Thanks for all the input guys.

    Karitas, I will email you tonight and we'll chat. Grey Knights do pose an interesting problem. Actually both of the Inquisition forces do.

    Bryss, part of the problem with plasma pistols is their points still reflect a time when they had two shot, so it is not all liked to strength.

    I've got some help with the Orks and that will be addressed.

    Treat the gun teams just like the IG as a two wound model, just keep the gunners in base contact with the weapon.

    Sons, yeah the Battle Broads are gonna be a tricky one! I'll look into that as a solution.

  17. I put together some Kill Team rules for a league I ran for a bit: https://docs.google.com/fileview?id=0B6ciYimn0m80Mjg2YTQ1OTYtMjdmYy00ZDRmLWEwZjQtYzEwYTBlZDk5MWVm&hl=en

    Feel free to use anything you find interesting. After play testing, some of the missions ended up a little unbalanced, so you may want to ignore those.

  18. I think 'No Psykers' should be revised to 'No Psyker Powers' because both Inquisition codex armies have many models that depend on force weapons.

  19. For Plasma Pistols, I'd fix them by saying that if you roll a 1 to hit, you can't gain the extra attack for having two CCWs.

  20. Thanks again for the comments guys.

    I think I am going to need to allow Psychic powers, but need to balance them at the scale the game is set for.

    I may have found a decent fix for the Plasma pistols, more on that later.