Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Killzone Rules Committee

I need help from the Galaxy in Flames community with Killzone. I mentioned this on the 11th Company interview and in my post yesterday. I would like to set up a committee to help me with the various aspects that need working out for the Spec Ops Killzone 40k skirmish rules. So far I have had a few emails expressing interest to join, which is great.

Things I need help with:

Playtesting feedback and battle reports.

Scenario design.

Designing the campaign/experience system.

Optional advanced rules that need vetting for the final PDF.

Other things that could be useful:

Maps for each scenario showing the objective placement.

Some nifty original artwork to splash throughout the PDF.

A Watermark to go in the background of each page.

A few fluff stories to toss in.

I would like a minimum of 6 members, but will accept any and all that are interested.

Email me at galaxynflamesblog @ gmail .com

I can offer no compensation other than my thanks and credit in the final PDF.

I am certain that with your help we can make this one of the best 40k skirmish systems around.


  1. Hey, I can do playtesting & battle reports, and try with fluff stories. I won't get hurt feelings if you think they suck and don't want to include 'em.

    I am not good at making/balancing rules, so can't help there.

  2. hey, I'm friends with war009 we're gonna playtest the hell out of this thing, maybe figure out an order system for IG, and maybe some Ideas for tau

  3. As always Jim, if you need artwork I'm more than happy to help!

    Granted, time is now an issue with me (new job taking priority and all), but I've developed a way of doing battlegraphics that's quite simple (e.g. battlereports on my blog), so will at least be keen to help with the 'Map' aspects of what you need, as well as the odd watermark and some artwork!

  4. Big Jim,
    As Per my email, I think I have a decent flexible and fun XP System, and can even start on a example campaign ...

  5. mission wise, I was thinking a L4D(tm) style rescue mission, and a bug hunt mission, kind of a let's see who does better scenario

  6. Thanks for all the responses guys! I will be contacting everyone later today.

    Counterfett and Entropomancer please contact me via email so I can add you to the group mailings.


  7. Big Jim, I'd be happy to help out in any way I can. You can email me directly at mkerr@chainfist.com