Saturday, April 13, 2013

8 Days of Warzone Resurrection: Dark Legion

Sorry for the 2 day delay, life got in the way.

The Dark Legion is an ancient evil comprising five "Dark Apostles" and their horde of hideous mutants and undead. The Dark Legion is the corporeal presentation of Dark Symmetry and minions of the Dark Apostles. The Dark Legion commands the most powerful armies of the solar system, including Legionnaires, resurrected corpses of fallen Megacorp heroes and footsoldiers alike; Necromutants, hideously modified humanoids; Centurions, the lethal lieutenants of the Dark Legion; and Nepharites, fearsome, towering behemoths of unimaginable power.

The reign of the Dark Legion began as mankind set foot on Nero, the tenth planet beyond the orbit of Pluto, where they discovered a citadel. As they entered, the Imperial Conquistadors – a group of interplanetary explorers – accidentally broke the First Seal Of Repulsion, a thin ring of salt spread around the citadel. Inside, a mysterious iron plate was found, and as it was touched, the Dark Legion was brought to our dimension, and along with it, the Dark Symmetry.

The Dark Symmetry prevents computers, "thinking engines", and other electronic devices from functioning reliably, if at all and initially caused complete chaos, and then a forced adaptation of the technology used by mankind. The Dark Symmetry also begins to spread plague, lies, illusions and war on the human population through Dark Apostles known as Demnogonis, Semai, Muawihje, Algeroth and Ilian, The Dark Mistress and most powerful wielder of The Dark Symmetry. Thus the first Corporate wars began. Only through the Brotherhood and its first Cardinal, Nathaniel Durand were the corporations pulled under one banner, driving back the Dark Legion and Dark Symmetry back to the void where it came.

This however cost Nathaniel Durand his life as he fought and defeated Algeroth, the field commander of all of the Dark Legion and the master of Dark Technology. Dark Legion resurfaces as a milennia passes, old edicts to keep the evil at bay are broken and Megacorps begin the 2nd Corporate wars. Yet again Nero is explored and Dark Symmetry is unleashed. It was also during the period of 1000-year peace that Cybertronic surfaced and was first to break one of the edicts; Human must not create or use machines that think like man.

Dark Legion units available:

Some close ups of my Faves:

Praetorian Behemoth
Undead Legionnaires
The Dark Legion has always been a favorite of mine and I will own all of the new minis!

Don't forget to check out the Warzone Resurrection Kickstarter just under 2 days left to make a pledge!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

8 Days of Warzone Resurrection: Bauhaus Mega Corporation

Bauhaus is built around the hierarchy of the four ancient houses of the Duke Electors. Each of these four houses is responsible for one division within the corporation. They still remain in power due to a strong tradition of military service within the houses.

The Bauhaus Corporation has a well-deserved reputation for engineering excellence and now, nearly 1400 years later, the reputation still holds true. During the colonization of the solar system all the corporations employed their skills in the construction of ships, atmospheric processing plants and gravity regulators. In addition to this they were recognized for their honorable business ethics. They rarely offered the most appealing deals and they were never the cheapest but agreements signed with them were always honored.

As one might expect the Bauhaus reputation for excellence extends onto the battlefield. Their military hardware is generally of a high standard and their mechanical and vehicular support is notably superior to that of the other corporations. Combined with good discipline and highly trained troops, the Bauhaus army is one of the most effective in the solar system. Following the culture of military service the troops themselves are also well motivated and follow a code of honor that has earned them respect throughout the corporations.

Here are all the units that will be available at launch:

Close ups of some of my favorites

I really dig the Prussian vibe to Bauhaus, but for now I will leave them to my best friend Kevin to build. They are his favorite faction in Warzone.

Link to the Warzone Resurrection Kickstarter!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

8 Days of Warzone Resurrection: The Brotherhood

When the worlds of man were faced with the threat of destruction at the hands of the Dark Legion and the avarice of their own warring superpowers, it was the Brotherhood who saved them. It was the Brotherhood that had grown from a small movement of the disenfranchised into an organization more powerful than any other before it. Within its ranks existed the righteousness and the hope of a race on the brink of extinction.

In that dark and Godless time, salvation was borne on the shoulders of one man and the desperate pleas of a race, weary of the constant slaughter, received hope. Humanity rallied under the banner of the charismatic Durand, the followers of the Light united humanity as they had never been before and drove back the Darkness. Today, the Brotherhood is represented across the solar system, from Mercury to the distant Pluto.

Wherever the light of the Brotherhood falls, the battle against the Darkness continues. At least that is how it's supposed to be. Even today, a thousand plus years later, the Brotherhood represents an all governing, unearthly power that is personified by one man.

The Cardinal is the spiritual leader of the solar system. In fact, he is the single most powerful man alive, commanding immense loyalty, military might and mysterious power. Aiding the Cardinal in his sacred mission, deep within the vast libraries of the Brotherhood's cathedrals, the Mystics endlessly search into both the past and the ever-changing future to find the answers to lead humanity back into the light.

To do battle against the Dark Legion, the original Cardinal created a mighty sword from his followers so resolute in their purpose, so dedicated to their holy task that they would scour the solar system to insure the Darkness could never return. They would drive the forces of evil back and once defeated, they would maintain a vigil to protect the very soul of humanity from the corruption within. This sword was anointed by the Inquisition and for over a thousand years, this institution has sought to cleanse our solar system of the festering evil that can be found both in the worlds of humanity and stand ready to defend mankind from the cold wastes of Pluto and Uranus to the scorching deserts of Mars and Mercury. They remain forever vigilant.

Here are the units available so far.

Some close ups of some favorites:

Mortificators assassins for the Church

I love games with religious zealots, and will always collect a smattering for narrative play.

Monday, April 8, 2013

8 Days of Warzone Resurrection: Cybertronic Mega Corporation

The Cybertronic Mega Corporation is the newest corporation to come to power.

However, in the 160 years since they reached Megacorporation status they have had a huge impact on the solar system. The corporation had its beginnings in a relatively unknown company called Cybertronic Investments Inc., with a dubious reputation for developing technology in violation of Brotherhood directives.

In the year 1103 Y.C. they orchestrated a colossal 'ghost collapse' of the stock exchange on Luna. Billions of valuable share were unwisely sold only to be bought up by supporters of Cybertronic who suddenly emerged from within all the corporations. The company's assets soared rapidly and almost overnight a new Mega Corporation was born.

As the Cybertronic farms continue to deliver citizens at a rate that no other corporation can match the ranks of their military are swelling in step. Many are the rolls that one might fulfill for the corporation but none yield the esteem or the potential rewards of serving in the armed forces. Contrary to what most Cybertronic citizens believe, their soldiers do not always go into battle supported by the finest military hardware to be found in the solar system. It is true that the best that Cybertronic has to offer really is the best there is.

However, Cybertronic's resources and their confidence in their superiority are not as limitless, nor as certain as they would have their citizens believe. As a consequence of this the majority of their troops are sent into battle with equipment that is decidedly average in quality and effectiveness. eached Megacorporation status they have had a huge impact on the solar system.

Cybertronic was always the least unified looking faction in Warzone in the past. Prodos has done a fantastic job unifying them. Here are all the new designs:


Here are some close ups of some of my favs

This faction has always been my guilty pleasure faction due to the old miniatures, but now I will have to proudly build a skirmish force of them!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

8 days of Warzone Resurrection: the Kickstarter

Today is the first post of 8 days of Warzone related posts, so stay tuned for more Mutant Chronicles Warzone goodness here on GiF!

The Kickstarter has been funded and has been busting through stretch goals. Initially they were shooting to reach 35k and release the Bauhaus faction. It has been so successful that Plastic troop squads for the starter sets and a 5th faction has been unlocked the Capitol Mega Corporation. As of this morning the Kickstarter broke and is sitting at around the 100k mark!

So upon initial release in late June, Prodos games will be releasing 5 of the 7 major factions within the Mutant Chronicles universe. I think this is outstanding as a fan of this IP.

Each faction has a starter set containing plastic troopers, a hero and either a vehicle or monster of some sort.

Below are pics (some actual renders for casting, others concept art) of the Add On's including all the units unlocked so far.

So far the miniatures are looking fantastic, Prodos have done a good job keeping the right amount of character in the designs while updating them to fit modern design styles. I have not been this excited for a wargaming release in years.

Long Live Mutant Chronicles Resurrection!