Thursday, March 17, 2011

Re-basing Xusia and Titus; plus the Soul Reapers codex and TCP

I have finally gotten around to re-basing the two special characters for the Soul Reapers that survived the loss of the army.

They are both mounted on modified Secret Weapons Miniature resin Flagstone bases. The ruins on the bases are from the Hirst Arts Egyptian block molds.

On Titus' base the extra moss ground cover around the big piece is just some fine sand painted the same way I did the sculpted moss.

I am really please with how these bases turned out. I highly recommend the Secret Weapon Miniatures bases. I'll be doing a full review of them on Monday or Tuesday, showing painted examples of all the bases.

The Soul Reapers Codex has been released on The Codex Project site as the first official playtest Codex.

You can leave feedback on the TCP forums or directly on the Soul Reapers playtest data sheet. I appreciate any and all feedback!


  1. I think this is the first time I have seen Titus. That is a-Mazing.

  2. Looking good, looking good!
    I really like those bases, the addition of the Egyptian block has really given them a unique feel!
    Better get to painting fast, the Angels Encarmine are coming for you in July!

  3. Beautiful work... and very pleased to see you back in the proverbial saddle.