Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Big Jim joins Deepstrike Radio

Starting today with the release of Episode 11, I will be joining Chris and Chase on Deepstrike Radio for the foreseeable future. Hilarity will follow!

For those who don't know the show: Deepstrike Radio is a newer podcast aiming to provide something for the 40k hobbyist in all of us. Whether it be fluff, competitive gaming, modeling, painting or just casual fun, providing something for everyone.

So hop on over and take a listen and check out the show! I am really looking forward to adding my own unique flair to the show.


  1. I'm glad that you finally found an outlet for all that free time you had lying around.

    Look forward to ep 11!

  2. What is this free time you speak of? I will just have to factor the show into my already slammed schedule, but it should be a blast.

    Cheers Dude!

  3. This shall be awesome. I have foreseen it.

    -- Bladebaka

  4. Adding to Podcast cue as we speak.
    Looking forward to listening to your perspectives.

  5. Congrats mate, I'll look forward to listening in.

  6. Thanks guys, I imagine it'll take a few episodes for me to get my flow going properly, but it will be a blast.


  7. Does this mean Rogal Dorn will be getting new voice talent?

    Way to go mate, look forward to hearing more from you.