Sunday, November 20, 2011

The home stretch: Killzone fans rejoice!

Brian and I have been hard at work on the next version of Killzone. We have hashed almost everything out and editing and formatting is about it. We have updated the rules and missions. We have finally got all the FAQ's done for all the codices; Grey Knights, Sisters of Battle and Necrons. We have even included a specialist Inquisition henchman list out of the GK codex.

The plan is to have the PDF's in your hot little hands by Friday 11/26.


  1. All I know right now is that this is another in a long line of 40K skirmish styles. Which means I automatically like it, I wish stuff like this, ITEN, Necromunda, Deathsquads and Combat Patrol was more popular.

    Any tips on finding likeminded people? I may be moving from San Diego to DC soon.

  2. I am a big fan of Killzone and had a lot of fun playing it this last year at Adepticon. There was a mission though and I can't remeber the name of it, where the attacker started on the board and the defender walked on that caused a hiccup. The objective was for the attacker to walk off the board in the opponent's deployment zone. For my Genestealer cult, it would have allowed an instant victory, but I called Brian over to change the scenario as that isn't how I would like to win a game.

    I know it is like the perfect storm for an instance like that to happen, but I hope that you guys edit that one scenario in particular to account for the all-infiltrating armies.

    Killzone was a ton of fun last year and we have had more than a few games locally since Adepticon. I hope this helps. Please don't take it as a hard critisism, it is impossible to imagine every possible situation when designing missions for a skirmish game. Keep up the great work!

  3. OST, not to worry, we prefer honest feedback, besides you were still very positive even after bringing the point up and surviving the games at Adepticon!

    We are addressing the missions right now so I will be sure to refresh B's memory.


  4. Oh goodie, more new stuff to check out. Looking forward to the update, time to update & finish my current teams I'd say ;-)