Monday, September 17, 2018

Space Wolves for the new Kill Team

Space Wolf team converted from the Space Marine heroes line, with custom Wolf Scout.

In the spirit of what I did with Special Operations Killzone for Kill Team 5th ed I am tinkering with the current much improved version of Kill Team. I want to push the more narrative aspect of the game to a higher level. 

I am currently working on House Rules for a generic gear and weapons list that all teams can access as well as faction specific ones. I am also working on additional entries to most of the factions to make things more lore centric.

The first thing I have done is made a proper Space Wolves list for the new Kill Team. This list completely replaces the Tactical Marine and Scout entries for Grey Hunters, Wolf Scouts and a single Long Fang entry. This new list gives you a flavorful lore centric Space Wolves list that any Wolf Lord could be proud of.

I reimagined both the Tactical and Scout squad entries to match the options available to their Space Wolf cousins in the Grey Hunters and Wolf Scouts. This gave me a conundrum of how to handle the Grey Hunters melee weapons upgrades, as it is very common for a Hunter to carry a Chainsword or Combat Blade in addition to his Boltgun and Bolt pistol. Since having melee weapons like this gives them a clear advantage over tactical marines, I decided that Grey Hunters can all take a Chainsword or Combat Blade for the additional cost of one point, this way you can choose to take it or not. 

Since Grey Hunters don’t carry Heavy Weapons I chose to add the option to take a single Long Fang for that duty. I also limited the Grey Hunters to a single special weapon to off set this; even Heretic Astartes cannot take two special weapons they are limited to one plus a heavy weapon.

Feel free to share your thoughts and comment below. 

Praise the Allfather and pass the ammunition, until next time,

Big Jim

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