Saturday, November 30, 2013

30k S.O. Killzone and a request for help

By the end of the year I will release a 30k version of Special Operations Killzone. This version will be grander in scale than standard SO KZ. Teams will start off at 400pts and scale up to 750; it is 30k after all and should be Legion scaled Killzone!

30k Killzone will also add land speeders and dreadnoughts into the lists; which is something that standard Killzone will never do. It will also focus more on the Elite and Specialist units from the Legions.

In other Killzone news, I need some help out with keeping Codex Operatives up to date. The reality of the situation is that GW is updating to fast for me and my freelance game design work has me slammed to the max. This leaves very little time for updating KZ at a reasonable rate.

I need at least two volunteers dedicated to working with me on Codex Operatives. With help I can keep standard SO KZ alive and up to date. Otherwise it will remain lacking and only 30k Killzone will remain fully up to date going forward.

So if you can please consider lending a hand, cause I would hate for standard SO Killzone to remain so out of date in the Codex dept.

Until next time, keep your powder dry and bullets flying!



  1. Hey, I'd love to be involved again.

  2. Cool, I'll email you along with the others very soon!


  3. I only have the C:CSM and C:D for sixth so I'm not really sure that I'd be much help. That said I will certainly offer any help I can

  4. Hi Big Jim. I was referred to you by Chris Borer. I am running a local 30K Killzone campaign in January/February, and have been working the past couple of months on melding the KillZone rules with the Horus Heresy books. I'd love to see what you're working on and get some discussion going. From our local playtesting I think we're finding that 30K Killzone has a definite appeal and it plays *fantastically*. Please, feel free to contact me via email (briansobb at gmail) or facebook!