Monday, October 26, 2009

Gaming Podcasts

I’m sure everyone out there has at least listened to one of them. I find listening to them in the background during my painting sessions to be quite entertaining.

Here is a list of the shows I listen to.

D6 Generation
Worlds End Radio
Dice Like Thunder
40k Radio
Imperial Voxcast

So far my favorite has to be Dice Like Thunder, the show has been split into two different shows, since Mack’s recent repatriation to California. They release a show every Saturday alternating between the Chicago Crew and the Cali40kation Crew each with a distinctive style of its own.

Out of all of the Podcasts that cover 40k I think the DLT guys have the firmest grasp on how the game works. The great coverage of all aspects of the 40k hobby from RAW to house rules, to painting they cover it with a passion that is unmatched so far in my opinion.

The show does have some raunchy adult humor and language, so keep that in mind.

I quite enjoy the raunchy humor while listening to the show, it’s almost like hanging out with your buddies on game night, and this really sells the show for me.

I’d also like to bring attention to the guys over at the Imperial Voxcast. It’s a rather new show, but it seems that they are finding their groove. This show like DLT does contain adult humor and language.

So head on over and check them out, if you haven’t already and tell them that I sent you.


  1. I agree with your analysis of DLT, but I still prefer World's End Radio and D6 Generation, not to say I don't enjoy DLT, just that I find those more entertaining overall. 40K Radio is definitely at the bottom of my list right now of 40K related podcasts, mostly because I just don't appreciate the "live" format.

    40K Warcasting is worth checking out if you can't get enough 40K podcasting. I'll have to check out Imperial Voxcast.

    Also, if you like Warhammer Fantasy Battles, you can't beat Podhammer.

  2. Yeah, podhammer is a must listen to for a WFB player, it is a great show. Right now I am totally anti-WFB, as after playing it for 25 years I'm just burn out on it.

    I really like Worlds End and D6 Gen, either could probably be on the top of my list if they covered more 40K. I agree they are both very entertaining. I love the Rapid Fire segment of the D6G.

    I'm actually listening to Worlds End Radio's Space Wolves episode right now, great stuff!

    I agree with you on the 40k Radio points.

    40k Warcasting is just not my taste. I honestly tried to like it and do check it out from time to time.

  3. I mean to check out Imperial Voxcast. I listen to all of those except D6G. I gave them a try, but they rarely if ever talk about 40K. D6G mostly discusses obscure board games that I care nothing about.

    A somewhat new podcast that I also really enjoy is 40K Warcasting. Check it out...

  4. This was a really useful post - I've been interested in podcasts but frankly wasn't sure which to choose.

    Thanks for making it idiot-proof for me.