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Soul Reapers Special rules Mk III

After another dozen games or so, I have settled on the rules that will be moving forward into greater playtesting. Stubborn has been dropped and Fear is for the Weak has been re-written, and added Ancient Enemies.

I have also clarified the Butchers Blade rules in the entry for Titus.

Soul Reapers Special Rules

The models in a Soul Reaper army use a number of special rules that are common to more than one unit, as specified in the entries that follow. Given here are either the details of those rules or where to find them.

Fear is for the weak: Soul Reapers have been in service the Chaos for ten millennia and know that the Dark Gods watch over them.

Soul Reapers never have their leadership reduced by more than –2 Ld as the result of losing an assault. If the Unit loses the assault by more than -2, then immediately take any remaining modifiers as armor saves. They may also attempt to regroup even if the squad has been reduced less than half strength through casualties.

Ancient Enemies: The Soul Reapers have been fighting their loyalist brothers for ten thousand years; they have become accustomed to their combat doctrines.

Soul Reapers are subject to the ‘Ancient Enemies’ rule; models with this rule may re-roll any ones on the hit dice in the assault phase, when fighting any Space Marines loyal to the Emperor. (This rule applies when facing armies built from Codex Space Marines, Codex Dark Angels, Codex Black Templars, Codex Blood Angles and Codex Space Wolves)

Undivided We Stand: The Soul reapers detest the though of becoming single-minded minions of any particular Chaos God. Because of this the Soul Reapers make very limited use of the Cults of Chaos. A Soul Reapers army my only contain one unit of Berzerkers, Rubric Marines, Noise Marines, or Plague Marines for every HQ model in the army. Cult marines never count as the compulsory troops selections.

Icons of Chaos: The Soul Reapers make no use of icons dedicated to the Chaos Gods. They may only take the Icon of Chaos Glory as listed in the Codex Chaos Space Marine.

Listed below are the Units from Codex Chaos Space Marines with the changes to their entry. Any unit not listed below is used as they are listed in the Codex Chaos Space Marines.


All the Special Characters and the Daemon Prince entry in the Chaos Space Marine Codex are not available to a Soul Reapers army.

Chaos Lord: Gains Ancient Enemies

Chaos Sorcerer: Gains Fear is for the Weak and Ancient Enemies


Chaos Chosen Space Marines: Gain Fear is for the Weak and Ancient Enemies, they are otherwise unchanged.

Chaos Terminators: Gain Fear is for the Weak and Ancient Enemies, they are otherwise unchanged.

Possessed Chaos Space Marines: Roll for their Daemonkin abilities at the beginning of the game before deployment.


Chaos Space Marines: Gain Fear is for the Weak and Ancient Enemies, they are otherwise unchanged.

Fast Attack

Chaos Raptors: Gain Fear is for the Weak and Ancient Enemies, they are otherwise unchanged.

Chaos Bikes: Gain Fear is for the Weak and Ancient Enemies, and the point value drops from 35 to 28 points per model.

Chaos Spawn: Gain the Feel no Pain special rule for no additional cost.

Heavy Support

Chaos Havocs: Gain Fear is for the Weak and Ancient Enemies, they are otherwise unchanged.

Soul Reaper Special Characters

Titus the Butcher

The Daemon Prince Titus the Butcher started out as the second in command of the World Eaters seventeenth Grand Company. He was and is still the armored fist of Lord Krüg, when there is something impossible to do Titus is unleashed to resolve the problem.

Titus earned the title the Butcher and ascended to Princedom on the planet Lambosia on the far Eastern Fringe. It was during a campaign to reclaim one of the Salmora artifacts, that Titus was tasked with holding the Star Phantom Space Marines back while the Sorcerer Xusia preformed the rituals to locate the artifact. Titus lead an elite unit of Reavers from Lord Krügs handpicked Terminator bodyguard into a mountain pass to bock the path of the Star Phantoms. During the fight the Reavers were whipped out and Titus was left surrounded by the lackeys of the Emperor. He had already been mortally wounded, but refused to succumb to his wounds and fail Lord Krüg. Titus grabbed a second power sword from one of his fallen comrades and proceeded to charge headlong into the remaining Star Phantoms. When the dust settled the Star Phantoms were either dead or routing from the field, Titus collapsed knowing that his task was complete.

As he lay there dying he heard the whispers of the Dark Gods. They were pleased with his dedication and the carnage he had done to his foes. They offered him untold power and a chance to fight again exacting his revenge on the Imperium for the greater glory of Chaos. He accepted the offer and rose up as a mighty Daemon Prince of Chaos.

Titus the Butcher
Daemon Prince: 200 points

War Gear:
Personal Icon
The Butchers Blade

Special Rules:
Eternal Warrior
5+ invulnerable save
Feel no Pain

The Butchers Blade: is a massive Chaos runesword carried by the Daemon Prince Titus. His brutality is know and feared throughout the Eastern Fringe. Titus can usually be found standing atop a pile of corpses in the middle of the enemy lines. He is very good at cutting large groups of his foes down with one mighty swing of the Butchers Blade.

To represent this in the game Titus may give up his normal attacks to make single strength 5 attack against all enemy non-vehicle models in base contact. This is an all or nothing attack with a single die roll to hit; if there are multiple WS’s involved the roll to hit is against the highest WS. If successful roll to wound; with the wounds allocated among those models in base contact with Titus.

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