Friday, April 2, 2010

Wolf Guard Ranulf the Strong: Homebrew rules

Here is the third and final of the Space Wolves Heroes of Antiquity special characters. He is by far one of my favorite 40k Characters of all time.

Ranulf is fabled to be the largest warrior that the Space Wolves have ever had. He is said to rival Leman Russ in his height and strength of arm. His massive Terminator armor now stands in the Hall of Heroes looming like a beast over all that look upon it.

The Saga of Ranulf’s death is told at great length and greatly revered by Space Wolves of any status. The Space Wolves were retreating through a narrow mountain pass, following a rare defeat by a Warhost of Orks. Ranulf and a handful of Wolf Guard stayed behind to face the Orks and facilitate the escape of the rest of the Space Wolves forces.

They made a gallant stand against the whole of the Ork host, Ranulf chose his ground wisely. This part of the pass was so narrow that the Orks could bring no more than a dozen warriors into combat at any one time against the Wolf Guard. The battle raged for many hours, the bodies of the Orks were piled as high as a wall. One by one the Wolf Guard fell, until only Ranulf was left standing alone. Though the Orks brought down the mighty Ranulf in the end, they could not bring themselves to desecrate his body.

When the Space Wolves finally retook the pass they found Ranulf and his dead companions seated in a hastily constructed shrine surrounded by an immense pile of Ork wargear. To the Space Wolves Ranulf was a great champion, but to his foes he became nothing less than a god.

Wolf Guard Ranulf

Points Value

WS-5, BS-5, S-5, T-4, W-3, I-5, A-3, LD-9


Terminator Armor
Storm Bolter
Power Fist
Wolf tooth Necklace

Special Rules
Acute Senses
Counter Attack
Independent Character
Eternal Warrior
Might of Russ
Great Strength

Might of Russ: If Ranulf loses his last wound do not remove him, but instead place him on his side At the start of the next Space Wolf turn roll a D6 on the roll of a 3+ Ranulf staggers back to his feet with a single wound. If Ranulf would be placed in base contact with an enemy, place him so that he is more than an inch from any enemy models. On the roll of a 1 or a 2 Ranulf is removed as a casualty.

Great Strength: Ranulf is incredibly strong even for a Space Wolf. All of Ranulf’s Power Fist attacks have the same effect as a Thunder Hammer.

Leader of the Wolf Guard: Ranulf is the leader of his Great Companies Wolf Guard. There must be at least one unit of Wolf Guard in the army to field Ranulf.

I'd like to give special thanks to Bradimus Prime from the Space Wolves blog for helping me figure out what to do with Ranulf. Thanks again Bradimus!


  1. Wow, I think this version of Ranulf is awesome. The points look spot on to me.

    I like that you used the Yarricks Iron Will rules for the Might of Russ. It fits him as a heroic last stand type character.

  2. Might of Russ sounds pretty close to FnP. Still a good rule, something at the back of my head screams out that I have heard the name before though. Hmm. Nope, couldn't find anything. Could it be the name of a Space Wolves ship perhaps?

    Eternal Warrior is a pretty big thing. Few characters seem to have it. Ranulf is one might warrior on the other hand.

    Maybe improve his invulnerable one or two steps?

    Also I would make him an upgrade character for the Wolf Guard. Solves the problem of trying to have him around without Wolf Guards, and he probably should go with them anyways.

    Look forward to hearing how it goes fielding these guys, and I take it that you have them modelled up already, right? :)

    Space Wolves sure has a special charm and a rugged heroism to them. For Russ and the Allfather!

  3. Thanks for the feedback. I think that the Might of Russ may be a SW battle barge.

    I had thought about making him a WG upgrade character, but SW already have one. I suppose I could drop 20 points then make it a choice between him or Arjac; so you could have one or the other.

    I purposefully decided to leave his invulnerable save alone.

    I have started modeling a biggerized terminator conversion for Ranulf.

    Thanks again,

  4. I always liked Ranulf as far as characters go and that the Orks built a shrine to him. Gave some more character to the Orks as well :)

  5. I've been waiting all wekk for you to post this bad boy up :) Its looking good.

    Thanks for the shout out I enjoyed chatting about the old school characters escpecially Ranulf!

    Good work Jim

  6. Thanks for the comments! It is nice to know that my Wolf Brothers are diggin' these guys!

    I am going to do three more special Space Wolf Characters. They will be the three Thunderwolf characters in Thunder from Fenris.

    Now I am unsure if I want to do them as an entire unit or as upgrades to a T-wolf unit or as 3 individual Characters.

    I'll need to ponder on it a bit.


  7. BOY I love this Guy. It looks spot on, though he really should be an upgrade for a WG unit for around the cost of arjak.