Sunday, October 31, 2010

Galaxy in Flames news and updates

More Soul Reapers reserves have arrived.

Drop pod from Kiyle in Georgia.
Rhino, 2 Chaos Bikes, and a Chaos Marine squad from Jason in South Carolina, I think this is Papa JJ.

Thanks again guys!

B.smoove and I are working hard on the November Killzone update. It'll contain lots of little updates and clarifications.

The Soul Reapers Mini-dex update is also plugging along at a good clip. This week I will be posting the final replacement unit entry for the project; the Cataphract Terminators.

The podcast tour continues; Last week I was on Episode 40 of the 11th company and this week I am on episode 19 of the Gamers Lounge. Both interviews give a short update on Killzone and the Soul Reapers Revival.


  1. I'm happy to have helped, glad the miniatures arrived... take care, Big Jim!

  2. Thanks again for the aid in getting the army back together!


  3. Woot! Woot! The Big Jim worldwide Podcast Tour continues!

  4. if he keeps cheating on us, we are going to have to cut him off :)

  5. Jim still the same colours or are you going to do pre heresy blue and white?

  6. Dee, I am using the same tarnished bronze, red and gold color scheme as before.

  7. are you also writing in as a standard rule that they are beserkers since the lobotomy the primarch used on his world eaters? and can you email me the link for operation kill zone forums as i have a new netbook since my laptop died and i sent yas an email

  8. No special rules to make the Reapers lunatics. I figure that they had to still be rather sane while in the service of the emperor, the psycho-surgery just made them more aggressive. Once the rest of the Legion totally pledged allegiance to Khorne, this is when the loonyness would have begun.

    I think that the aggressiveness is shown well enough with the Soul Reapers being Stubborn and regrouping under half strength. Once they get stuck in they will likely remain in combat until their enemy are destroyed.