Sunday, October 10, 2010

Killzone Special Operations Group: Red Water

I've decided to combine Killzone with the Badab War stroyline.

Here is the list and ideas behind the Space Sharks SOG Red Water: Team Megalodon.

This whole group will be decked out in Badab War Camo, with a slight revision to the scheme.

Here is the 250 point list for team Megalodon:

Team Leader
Sternguard Vet Sgt Brother Quint
Bolter, Power Weapon, close combat accessory, Refractor field.

Sternguard Vet Brother Hooper
close combat accessory, Medipack

Sternguard Vet Brother Taylor
close combat accessory

Tactical Marine Sgt Brother Brody
Bolt pistol, Power Weapon,

Tactical Marine Brother Vaughn
Heavy Bolter, suspensors, shooting Rending

Tactical Marine Brother Riley
Plasma Gun, master crafted

Tactical Marine Brother Blane
Bolter, close combat accessory

Here is the model for Vet Brother Sgt Quint.


  1. Looks great!

    Have you decided to stick with the name of Space Sharks, as opposed to the new and seemingly less popular new one?

  2. Thanks for the feedback and comments.

    I will not be calling my army the Carcharodons. Really, why change it?

    I will also be changing up the logo if I use the face on version, to make it look more shark like.

    Although I will probably use the side view swimming icon done by a fan years ago.


  3. I can't wait to see how they look when they are done.

  4. Your conversions always look stunning. Especially for things so simple. Where are you getting the bolter feeds from? Or are they bitz in your box?


  5. Thanks for the comments.

    The drum feeds come from a bunch of old metal scout biker bolters I have in my bitz box. They are a Fraking pain to remove from the metal bolter, but look so great they are worth the effort!

  6. These are freaking awesome. I really need to get this version of IA, I love the Badab war storyline.

    Maybe I am slow, but are all the names from Jaws?

  7. Hahaha, someone finally caught on! Yes half the names are from Jaws! The other half are from the Meg novel series about a Megalodon rampaging in the modern seas.

    Good catch!


  8. Wow, I should have caught those too. I have read all of those books too. The names from Jaws are just so...memorable.