Sunday, October 10, 2010

The first Blitz update!

Killzone around the interwebs:

A Gentleman's Ones introduces his Ork Special Operations Group.

Sons of Taurus talks team ideas

All things Fett talks Killzone and promises more updates!

Warpstoneflux is going to do a battle report.

World of Wonder says Everyone needs to start somewhere!

Brent on Strictly Average shows us his Chaos Marine Spec ops Group.

Blood of Kittens interviews me about Killzone.

Bell of Lost Souls Killzone coverage.

I'll be back around 3PM PST with the plans for Spec Ops Group: Red Water; Team Megalodon. So check back then!


  1. I just posted my Killzone Squad update on Strictly Average, and of course there was the Blood of Kittens interview and the Bell of Lost Souls kickoff.

    Exciting stuff! I'm off to check those blogs...


  2. Just so you know, KillZone has been getting a ton of play here at Camp Phoenix in Kabul, Afghanistan. On Saturday we had 4 tables going with games in the campaign I'm running. Great times with a great game.