Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Killzone: Modeling your 40k skirmish units

Here is the RT era Ogryn I use in my IG Team.

With all these posts about skirmish gaming 40k with Killzone or Kill Team, I would be remiss if I did not cover the topic of modeling your units.

You could very easily just use models from your existing 40k armies, and this is a fine way to get started. I think the true beauty of these small scale games is the opportunity to create unique models to use in the games. It can also be the perfect opportunity to pull out some old minis and put em on the table, like the Ogryn I showed above!

The modeling could be as simple as making each model have a different pose to really complex kit-bashing conversions with dynamic posing.

Giving life to the story element of these mini campaigns with these unique models can make the games that much more memorable!

Making each team member an individual will also help in keeping track of which models have special upgrades. Plus it also will aid in the story driven system even more as the model gains experience and gets more abilities as the campaign progresses.

It might be tough to create a unique force for some armies like Necrons and Nids. With a little creativity even those forces can have character.

So over the next few weeks I will be modeling two Spec Ops Groups for Killzone.

I have started the first for my Space Wolves, which I will be showing on the Space Wolves blog very soon.

For the Second force I have decided to model a Tyranid hunting group. The only two things I know will be going in is for sure are a Warrior with a Bonesword and Lashwhip as the leader and at least 3 or 4 Genestealers. Creating unique models in a Nid force does pose a few challenges which is why I have chosen it as my second force.

Edit for B.smoove, Ogryn "Rain Grenades"


  1. Jim,

    I'm excited about the idea of Killzone, and I'm going to talk to my gaming buddies about maybe trying out the rules. The things that make me most excited about it are the possibility for campaign style "progression" (ala Necromunda/GorkaMorka/Mordheim) and the super awesome potential for modeling each character.

    I've been thinking about maybe doing Dark Eldar, since I was considering doing a DE force when the new codex drops, but I do love my Dark Angels too, and this would be the perfect excuse to try out ActualScale modeling.

  2. I have a question though. I keep seeing in your posts reference to "teams". What does this mean? I thought you purchased each model by itself, am I mistaken about this? Do you have to purchase the whole unit, but you just split them up during deployment/play?

  3. Thanks for the comments and question.

    In Killzone your force is called a Special Operations Group. Within a Group you can have up to two Teams. Each Team consists of models purchased individually from the entries in your armies codex.

    Does that answer your question?


  4. Yes, thanks. Are the only mechanics implications of 2 teams the limits of special wargear/options?

  5. Each team may have a their own selections of those options. So both teams within a Spec Ops Group may have one of each, so for example each team could take a medi-pack.


  6. That Ogryn is incredible -both the painting and the model itself. It took me five minutes just to move down through the rest of the post. wow. just. wow.

  7. Thanks Dude, you like him so much already and have not seen his 'rain grenades'. I added a small pic, they are not perfect, but hey I painted them 15 years ago!