Friday, August 6, 2010

Killzone: Psykers are in, for now

After much consideration my initial ruling of no psykers really hurts the Inquisition forces. So I have decided to allow the few psykers that can be taken outside of the HQ force organization slot.

One model in the whole Special Operations Group may be a psyker, so even if you are using two teams only one member may be a psyker.

If the psyker comes from a squad entry the only the squad leader counts as a psyker and may cast psychic powers. Any other member of the squad counts as a normal non psyker model. For example a Grey Knight terminator squads Brother Captain would be a psyker and be able to cast powers; any other Grey Knight terminators taken could not.

I will be covering the specifics of the Imperial Guard Psychic Battle squad in the IG errata.

I have done this with reservations so if you find psykers to be too powerful let me know and I'll work something out.


  1. quoting my Kid's favorite show ;P..."you make my heart super happy" :)

  2. That's a really nice balanced way to approach it. good thoughts.

  3. That is not bad idea since only a few armies can actually have psykers outside of hqs and that is not going to limit them by not taking them at all.

  4. How about subteranian setting for your killzone and swamps?

  5. If Psykers are still Over powered, what you can do is increase the chance of perils of the warp ... any double causes perils ...

  6. Thanks for the comments and feedack!

    Dee, I will be doing an indoor campaign setting after the main rules and scenarios are done.

    AJ, that's an interesting idea.